Omari is a fun and casual game that combines the best of arcade-style puzzle games with the thrill of exploring a new world.

Omari is a game that takes place in the world of Picnic Baskets and other special locations.

There are slight spoilers for some places in the game in this guide, but nothing significant. Mari’s Picnics, Mirrors that float, Telescopes, Jokes, Face Spots with a Twist, Places to hang out (or “uwu”), Tentacles, and Bread Doors are a kind of entrance. are all included in this handbook.


Just a heads up: the accomplishments for visiting all picnic baskets, mirrors, telescopes, and other attractions are only accessible on the Hikikomori path.

If you’re playing the game for the first time, I suggest focusing on having fun rather than stressing about doing everything right the first time.

This guide is largely devoid of spoilers. It will contain things like region names and such, and anything outside of that that might be deemed a spoiler will be suppressed.

There are a few things to keep in mind for this guide:

The Hikikomori path is the only way to see Snowglobe Mountain.

Humphrey’s area will vanish after it’s cleaned, so grab everything there while you still can. If you’re taking the Hikikomori path, you may visit it again on Day 4.

Mari’s Picnics is a company that specializes in picnics.

There are certain picnics when Mari is not there, yet the accomplishment is still counted. [Basket and Refreshment] is what I’ve labeled them.

Vast Forest: -On the playground -Before Basil’s House -In Pinwheel Forest -Up the ladder

-Otherworld Campsite -Halfway through the Junkyard -At the end of the Junkyard -At Frozen Lake Otherworld: -Otherworld Campsite -Halfway through the Junkyard -At the end of the Junkyard -At the end of the Junkyard -At the end of

Orange Oasis: -Inside the shimmering area in the orange lake to the right of Dino’s Dig -Right below the orange lake to the right of Dino’s Dig (Rain Town)

-[Refreshment and Basket] Before facing the Bread Twins, in Breaven.

Sprout Mole Village is located in Pyrefly Forest, in the center of the forest, at the end of the forest, and in the middle of the forest. Sweetheart’s Castle: -on the dungeon’s lowest level -past the kitchen in the dormitories -[Basket and Refreshment] Sweetheart’s show is hidden under the trapdoor.

-[Basket and Refreshment] After reading all of the volumes in the Lost Library, go to the bottom left chamber.

-In front of Last Resort -In Last Resort’s elevator -On the fourth level of Last Resort via the right door -[Basket and Refreshment] At the end of Toll Road, in the elevator to Mr. Jawsum’s office -In Molly’s sector -Midway through Marina’s sector -At the start of Medusa’s sector -[Basket and Refreshment] Humphrey: -In Molly’s sector -Midway through Marina’s sector -At the beginning of Medusa’s sector -[Basket and Refreshment] Humphrey’s lower echelon

Snowglobe Mountain: -North of where you exit the first cave -At the top of the mountain

Floating Mirrors

Vast Forest: -On the playground -In Pinwheel Forest, up the ladder -Otherworld Campsite -Otherworld Campsite -Otherworld Campsite -Other

-At the top of the map, just right of Dino’s Dig, lies Orange Oasis.

Pyrefly Woodland: -In the center of the forest -In the treadmill chamber at the bottom of Sprout Mole Village

Sweetheart’s Castle: -past the kitchen, in the dormitory

Deep Well: -On the first level of Last Resort -On Toll Road, just beyond the first toll

-In Molly’s area, Humphrey (the left path of three)

Snowglobe Mountain: -To the left, before the second cave


Orange Oasis: -At the very top left of the map, above Dino’s DigOtherworld: -At Otherworld’s LakeOrange Oasis: -At the very top left of the map, above Dino’s Dig

Deep Well: -Between Toll Road’s first and second tolls

Snowglobe Mountain: -Right before the second cave


If you want to finish Weeping Willow’s quest, all you have to do is laugh at the construction joke at the first toll booth.

Otherworld: -In the midst of Cattail Field -At the top of the Junkyard

-To the bottom right of Dino’s Dig lies the Orange Oasis.

Sprout Mole Village, above the Christmas Sprout Mole’s chamber, Pyrefly Forest

Deep Well: -At the top of the map on the way past the first toll booth -Next to Last Resort

-In the igloo of Snowglobe Mountain

Peculiar Face Spots

The importance of strange face areas is that you can bash through them with Aubrey and get some wonderful prizes within. I’m quite sure they all have jam packets, which is extremely handy. Unless I’m wrong, I don’t think you can go past them until you speak to the strange-looking man in Orange Oasis on the bottom right.

Otherworld: -The area east of town with all of the traffic cones

-At the very bottom right of the main map lies the Orange Oasis.

Pyrefly Forest: -Near the lake of Weeping Willow

Sweetheart’s Castle is located in the upper right corner of the art museum.

Deep Well: -Before Deeper Well, at the end of the Toll Road.

Deeper Well: -Take the leftmost teleport all the way to the finish at the first bifurcation.

Humphrey: -It’s in Molly’s sector, in the camera room, while completing the medium (green) level problem. -Midpoint in Marina’s section -At Medusa’s section, in the library

Snowglobe Mountain: -Before the summit of the mountain, in the cave

Hangout (“uwu”) Spots

There is no particular accomplishment or purpose to visit all of the hangout places, as far as I know, but I made note of them nonetheless.

There is a lounging place in every bread door.

Room of a Neighbor: -Cards in the center

-Beach north of the playground -Up the staircase in Pinwheel Forest -Vast Forest (after beating Kite Kid)

Otherworld: -At the Junkyard’s summit -At Frozen Lake

Pyrefly Forest is located in the treadmill chamber at the bottom of Sprout Mole Village (after the power is restored after going out)

Sweetheart’s Castle is located in the center of the theater and in the heart of Sweetheart’s garden.

Deep Well: -In the left room on the fourth level of Last Resort -In the café on Toll Road between the second and third toll booths

Snowglobe Mountain is located in the vast snowy area to the igloo’s bottom left.


The importance of the tentacles is that if you spare Abbi after battling her at the bottom of the Abyss, each tentacle throughout the globe will offer you a unique gift. To access the Abyss, you must be following the hikikomori path. On Day 4, speak to the hitchiker at the end of the road to get to the abyss. In addition, beneath the spoiler tags, I’ll detail what each one provides.

The Baseball Bat is given to Aubrey in the Neighbor’s Room.

Vast Forest: -On the railway station side of Pinwheel Forest, just before Foggy Bridge, Kel obtains his ultimate weapon, the Basketball.

-To the region to the left of the staircase where you initially enter the Otherworld The Headband is provided by Otherworld.

Orange Oasis: Gives the Chef’s Hat item to the left of Dino’s Dig.

The Cough Mask is given by Pyrefly Forest, which is located next to Weeping Willow’s lake.

-In the hidden chamber in Sweetheart’s Castle


It’s on the right, down a hidden tunnel. The Red Knife, Omori’s ultimate weapon, is revealed.

Deep Well: -Beyond the third toll, at the end of the Toll Road, gives Hero his ultimate weapon, Ol’ ReliableSnowglobe Mountain: -Beyond the third toll, at the end of the Toll Road, gives Hero his ultimate weapon, Ol’ ReliableSnowglobe Mountain: -Beyond the third toll, at the end The Pretty Bow item is given to the right after the first cave.

Bread Doors

Bread Doors may only be accessed once you have retrieved Hero from Mr. Jawsum. It’s worth noting that the bread door in the Last Resort has an attack boost for Hero. – Otherworld: Inside the trailer at Otherworld Lake

Orange Oasis: -Right next to Dino’s Dig

Pyrefly Forest: -Along the water’s edge, beyond the waterfall, in the Rare Bear’s territory

Deep Well: -In the top right corner of the First Floor of the Last Resort

Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to the game “Omari” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

Omari is a game that takes place in the heart of the mountains. Players can create their own unique world and share it with others. Reference: snowglobe mountain omori.

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