A new game has been released on Steam, and it is called ScourgeBringer. The game is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you are tasked with fighting your way through hordes of monsters, collecting loot, and ascending to the top floor of an ever-changing tower.

The scourgebringer is a tool that will fix games that are stuck at the Press any button screen.

The game still doesn’t react after restarting it, your computer, reinstalling it, putting in a controller, and hitting all buttons on it? Then I think I’ve found a solution to your issue.

The Main Issue

So you open the game after waiting for it to complete downloading, hoping to play something fresh and interesting, only to be greeted with this screen:

Nothing works when you press any of the buttons. You try restarting the game, but it doesn’t work. Nothing works after restarting your computer, reinstalling the game, or connecting in a controller! So, what are your options?

Performing a Check:

Before I go any further, I’d want to state that if this part of the guide does not apply to you, I’m afraid I will be unable to assist you. There is, however, some good news! Because the game’s creator is quite active on the Steam forums, you may ask them directly by posting on the discussion tab.

So, let’s get started. In this part, I use x360ce, which you can get from here[www.x360ce.com] or directly from github.com. Click the “Game controllers” button once it has been opened. Something along these lines should be seen: a “Monect HID device” or two and


whatever controller you’ve got connected.

How to Fix It:

To begin, go to the Control panel and open it. You may accomplish this by searching for it in the Windows search box. After you’ve opened it, go to “Hardware and sound,” then “Device Manager” (it may ask for permission here), and this window should appear:


The next step is to locate the “Monect HID Devices.” They’re under the heading “Human Interface Devices.” There are a number of “HID”s in there, as you can see, and one of them is called “Monect HID Device.” That, however, is not our goal. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to locate the individuals we need. As you can see, I had two of these devices, therefore I’ll demonstrate how I got rid of them. By double-clicking on it to access properties, I first verified that it was a “Monect HID Device” and not anything else:


And we’ve discovered our first one! It’s referred to as a “HID-compliant gaming controller.” After that, we’ll need to turn it off. To do so, right-click on the device’s name and choose “Disable device.” Alternatively, go to the properties and click on the “Driver” tab, then “Disable device”:


And, as you can see, I’m down to one device:


“HID-compliant vendor-defined device” is the next one. By accessing its properties, I check that this is really a “Monect HID Device”:


And now I’m going to do the same thing I did before: I’m going to deactivate it:


There are no active HID devices remaining, as you can see:


The Grand Finale!

And there we have it! The game really works!


R2D2 is the author of this piece. Star Trek: Voyager

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