Supremacy 1914 is a World War 1 strategy game that has been released for PC and Mac. In this guide, we will take you through the basics of how to play as well as some tips on what to do in certain situations.

Supremacy 1914 is a free-to-play war game that has been released by the developers of the popular Supreme Commander franchise. This guide will help you get started with this epic game and how to play it properly.

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Supremacy 1914 is a must-play for anybody who enjoys war games, real-time strategy games, or a combination of the two.

More than 2.5 million gamers from across the globe participate in this epic online fight, with the most famous players being from Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and, of course, America. Every day, over 4,000 new players join, ensuring that there will always be fresh opponents to defeat.

If you don’t have the newest console or a powerful PC, don’t worry. You play this HTML 5 game on your web browser (on a computer or on a mobile device), and it’s completely free, so it’s available to almost anybody.

Play private games with your gaming friends, or take your quest to the next level by challenging the whole globe – up to 500 players may be on a single map at any one moment.

Are you prepared for a worldwide conflict? Probably not, but don’t worry; we’ll take care of it. Before you start taking over the world at the turn of the century, arm yourself with some information.

What Is Supremacy 1914 All About?

Bytro Labs, a German company, developed Supremacy 1914, which was released by Bigpoint Games. Game Genetics named it Browser Game of the Year in 2009.

During World War I, you control one of the nations in Supremacy 1914. Your objective is straightforward: to become the world’s greatest leader. However, getting there is the difficult part.

It’s completely up to you whether you like deft diplomacy or outright violence. Simply put, if you want to survive this free-for-all, you’ll need to manage your resources, improve your provinces, and form alliances.

9 Steps to Playing Supremacy 1914

So you’re ready for full-fledged global warfare? Keep in mind that you are the main strategist while you read this tutorial. You have the option of choosing your own route. There will be difficult choices to make that only you can make.

This book will provide you with useful ideas and guidance, but there may be times when only you know the right course of action.

Supremacy may be played in 9 easy steps:

Step One: Begin Recruiting

Your initial impulse may be to create workshops to improve your technical skills. We advise you to choose an alternative path.

Instead, move your cursor to the right side of the screen to get a foldable menu. Begin by establishing a recruitment office in each province.

It’s a fast procedure, but the end effect is well worth it. This action guarantees that you will have enough soldiers to defend your borders in the coming days.

Step 2: Strengthen Your Defense

It’s very usual for newcomers to launch an assault straight away. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Instead, strengthen your defense immediately to deter them from striking early (and to be ready in case they do).

You’ve already started constructing your army, now it’s time to focus on physical, non-human defense. Your new soldiers should be able to secure your borders, therefore it’s time to focus on protecting the provinces that are landlocked.

Build at least three barracks in each landlocked province to accomplish this. You may wish to construct fortifications for additional defense.

Step 3: Communicate with Your Neighbors

It’s time to establish some partnerships now that you have some basic protection in place. While you may want absolute, unmatched power, you may need to collaborate with other armies in order to achieve it. You can always backstab them later, so don’t worry.

Request an alliance by sending a message to the leaders in your region. If they refuse to cooperate, you may at least attempt to reach an agreement on non-aggression.

Remember, you’re the new kid on the block, so there’s no assurance they’ll bite. Having saying that, having some strong friends never hurts. In fact, for the first week or two of gameplay, it may be essential to your survival.

Step 4: Gather resources.

Another frequent rookie error is neglecting to purchase resources straight away. As the game progresses, prices begin to rise, so now is the time to stock up on essentials.

Fortunately, the game provides you with a large sum of money to work with. Any materials priced at $5 or less are recommended. This allows you to build your nation today while simultaneously saving resources for a time when you may not be able to pay them.

Negative consumption should be used to deplete your resources so that you can generate more of the higher-cost resources. You could, for example, live off of inexpensive fish while growing grain. As a result, you’ll have money pouring in, enabling you to expand your barracks without starving your troops.

It’s a good idea to always have at least 24 hours’ worth of supplies on hand. Because the game continues to play when you’re not online, you’ll want to make sure your troops’ morale remains high and that they’re ready for battle.

Step 5: Decide the country you want to develop.

After you’ve finished all of your basic research, you’ll need to select which province(s) you want to concentrate on expanding. Obviously, this is mainly a question of personal taste.

However, you may pick which regions to concentrate on strategically. Is it possible, for example, for one province to provide double resource protection? Or is there a surplus of iron, wood, or grain? Consider your future ambitions and identify areas where you may achieve your objectives.

Step 6: Make Your Land Work For You

It’s now time to begin building an infrastructure that will enable you to produce additional resources. For the time being, concentrate on one or two provinces; you don’t want to spread your resources too thin.

If your province is located on the shore, you must construct a port. You should construct industries and railways as well. You’ll have an edge over the noobs who attacked before putting their ducks in a row if you get up and moving as quickly as possible.

Your ultimate aim is to build a network of railways and ports that will enable you to travel all over the globe. Start by putting them in strategic locations, and then add more when you’re ready to expand.

Step 7: Plan Your Attacks

You may wish to assault your neighboring opponents now that you’ve established a strong infrastructure. Don’t launch an assault too soon! Declaring war destabilizes the surrounding region, and if you aren’t powerful enough, you may be wiped out.

It’s a good idea to contact your nearby friends and opponents before assaulting. While a surprise assault may be beneficial in certain circumstances, diplomacy may go a long way toward ensuring your long-term victory.

You may also take advantage of spies. You may discover whether an opponent is coming to attack you while you’re not at war, enabling you to prepare. During a battle, your spies may disable your opponents’ resources by destroying critical infrastructure.

You can’t determine how many troops are defending a stronghold level 2 or above if you’re assaulting it. Attacking these strongholds should be approached with caution, as you may be in for a nasty surprise.

Building level 2 or higher strongholds, on the other hand, may deter adversaries from assaulting you, even if you just have a few troops.

This kind of strategic bluffing may be a fantastic method to improve the effectiveness of your assaults, but keep in mind that there’s always the chance that someone will attack regardless, and you’ll almost certainly lose.

Another thing to remember is that you have the option of grouping or separating your troops. Both have their pros and cons.

Your troops suffer less damage when they’re in a big group, but they also inflict less damage. Your troops are more susceptible to attack in smaller groups, but they also deal more damage.

Step 8: Take on the Part

Many players admire individuals who truly get into the game, even if it isn’t necessary. This necessitates the use of official, military-style terminology. While playing as a real army tactitioner may seem ridiculous at first, it makes the game more immersive, interesting, and, well, entertaining.

You may send out propaganda while in war, in addition to communicating with your opponents and allies via military jargon. Subtly mocking your rivals (using official military terminology, of course) in the Daily European is a wonderful way to establish friendships/create rivalries.

To put it another way, simply do it. If you’re going to play the game, give it all you’ve got. Turn out the lights, don your military uniform, and immerse yourself in the game.

Step 9: Consult Our 1914 Supremacy Guide

We’ve only just begun to scrape the surface here. This helpful starting guide will get you started on your road to ultimate success, but it’s up to you to make wise choices that will lead you to the top.

Check out our Supremacy 1914 guide for additional information on how to become a WWI victor. It’s jam-packed with useful knowledge to assist you in your quest for global dominance.

Know the Different Maps in Supremacy 1914 as a Pro Tip

There are ten different maps to choose from. Each one has a different set of nations, player counts, and gaming styles.

Some instances are as follows:

Europe in 1914 (map 1)

This map has a reasonably balanced set of ten players/provinces. It’s a great place to start since it offers you a sense of the game’s vast breadth while yet limiting you to what you can handle.

The Great War (Map 10)

The granddaddy of all world-conquering wars is this map. You may want to start with any of the other maps before diving into this one. It has 500 players and is available all around the globe.

Check out the various Supremacy 1914 combat maps to find one that suits your tastes.

More Exciting Game Options

We’re always excited to share some of our favorite games with other avid players. Here are a few worth looking into:

  1. There Is No Game is a strange puzzle game that you’ll undoubtedly like.
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Have you ever tried your hand at the board game Risk? Supremacy 1914 is a supercharged version of that. It links you to a large gaming community and allows you to play out your dreams of becoming the world’s king.

The beauty of this game is that it may be played indefinitely. Every campaign is different, and there are ten maps to select from, so there’s always something fresh to try.

It may take some time until you reach complete triumph, but that is part of the appeal of this game. You may pick up tips from more experienced players and ultimately become one.

So, what do you have to lose? There’s a world from the turn of the century out there ready to be explored.

Supremacy 1914 is a war game that has an interesting story and unique gameplay. This guide will help you understand the basics of this game and how to enjoy it. Reference: supremacy 1914 embarking.

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