Torchlight 2 is a dungeon crawler game that offers players the chance to explore and battle through randomly generated levels, using an innovative skill-based system. This game allows players to choose between four unique characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, each of which has its own starting area.

Torchlight 2 is an innovative take on a dungeon crawler game. It has been around for 8 years and has had many mods released since then.

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Torchlight 2 is a large-scale action role-playing game created by Runic Games and published in 2012 for Microsoft Windows. It was well-received since it improved on its predecessor in many important areas.

Most significantly, the game now has a multiplayer mode, which was previously unavailable in Torchlight. Interestingly, despite all of its advantages over its predecessor, Torchlight is more of a stop-gap solution to an MMORPG.

But that’s all right. The story is interesting, and the gameplay, although being created in 2012, is still enjoyable. In 2019, Torchlight will be released for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Is it worth your time to invest in a seven-year-old brand in 2019? Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

What is Torchlight 2 all about?

What is torchlight 2

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It’s an action-oriented role-playing game with a storyline based on the original Torchlight game.

The Ember Blight, a product of the Heart of Odrak, has corrupted the alchemist you were allowed to play in the previous game… You’ll remember him as Torchlight’s destroyer.

Three major acts will be interwoven by the players. Each act is situated in a different part of the world, adding much-needed variety to what might otherwise be a monotonous gameplay paradigm.

The storyline is a little jumbled, but that’s to be expected in the action RPG and dungeon crawler genres. Torchlight’s narrative isn’t as good as Diablo’s, but they upped their storytelling game to create a compelling primary story arc.

Torchlight 2: How to Play


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The game offers a refreshing twist on the dungeon crawler genre. It takes certain chances and encourages the player to do so as well. This game has a variety of game types, difficulty levels, and upgrade complexity that make it a must-play.

We’ve got you covered once you’re ready to start exploring some dungeons.

Here’s how to get started with Torchlight 2:

1. Decide on a game mode.

Torchlight 2- Choose a Game Mode

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The game, like most new releases these days, allows players to select between single player and multiplayer modes. Because there isn’t much of a difference between the game types, we recommend playing multiplayer from the start.

In multiplayer mode, you can play by yourself, but you’re also leaving open the option of playing with others.

2. Decide on a character type.

Torchlight 2- Choose a character class

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We’ll go through the character classes in more detail later in the tutorial, but the Engineer is the simplest character to start with, particularly if you’re going to play the game alone. Because they concentrate on defense and can wield almost any weapon, the Engineer is the most well-rounded character type.

If you’re intending on playing with others, you should definitely look at the other character classes, but we suggest having a discussion beforehand to make sure your squad is balanced.

You’ll be able to give a “hardcore” or “softcore” definition to your character when you choose it. As anticipated, a softcore character will respawn. There is only one life for a tough character. It’s gone for good when it dies. As a result, make an informed decision.

3. Become familiar with the controls

Torchlight 2-Learn the Controls

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The mouse and keyboard reign supreme as your input methods, as they do in all dungeon crawlers. The left mouse button is used to transfer your character to the desired location. A left click attacks an opponent, while a right click activates one of the abilities given to you.

Hotkeys, elemental attacks, combos, potions, and other abilities may be set to the keyboard number row.

You may access your different panels by clicking their icon on your control panel or by hitting the letter key that corresponds to that panel. P brings up the pet panel, J brings up your diary, and so on.

Just a short word about the control system. To make fights simpler, the keys may be remapped from their default locations.

4. Set the appropriate level

Torchlight-2 - Level Appropriately

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To level up your character, learn how to allocate your various points. (Discuss the four characteristics as well as passive and active skills.)

Leveling is one of, if not the most essential element of any RPG to master. Because the game is divided into three acts, it’s possible to find oneself at the start of a new chapter at a level where you can’t compete if you hurry through the main narrative arc.

That’s a bummer.

Instead, attempt to complete all of the game’s side quests. They don’t typically progress the plot of the game much, but they do offer additional dungeons where you can earn some much-needed XP.

But keep in mind that you should never enter a dungeon without some cash. You will resurrect in town if you die in a dungeon without cash… Ugh. If you have enough money, you can purchase a respawn spot near where you died.

5. Pets

Torchlight 2-Pets

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You’re never really alone, even when you’re playing by yourself. Your pets will be your constant friend, and they will bring with them certain helpful characteristics. To begin with, your pets will engage in combat with you.

When it comes to combat, your pet may be programmed to one of three behaviors:

  • aggressive – This is a fire-at-will mode that allows them to assault everything in their vicinity.
  • They will attack if you assault or if you are injured.
  • Your pet will not fight or perform any spells while in this state.

Pets may also help you bring your stuff back down and conduct part of your shopping. Every now and then, we like to send our dogs out for a little of mana potion… it saves us a lot of time.

6. Equipment and Loot

Torchlight 2 - Gear and Loot

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Loot is one aspect of the RPG world that questions the value of XP and leveling properly. Free loot that drops from bosses, hides in boxes, helps you complete missions, and generally mystifies with its magical rarity.

Torchlight 2 is no exception. Loot is divided into six categories, each of which is color-coded as follows:

  • White things are ordinary items that haven’t been enhanced.
  • Green objects are magical and may be found in abundance.
  • Blue objects are uncommon.
  • Orange is a unique color. They will create characteristics at random.
  • The red goods are very uncommon and have the most powerful powers.
  • Purple goods are obtained through completing missions. These are the only things that you will get if you complete a mission.

Murdering anything that moves in each dungeon you come across is the quickest method to start collecting treasure. In addition, treasure may be sold and gambled in multiplayer modes. Loot offers a whole fun economy in this manner, in addition to the main and side missions.

7. Item Upgrades and Enchantments

Torchlight 2- Enchantments and Item Upgrades

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Now that you’ve gotten your hands on everything, it’s time to put it all together. I’m not sure what you’re meant to do with it. Upgrade! Enchanting is the name given to Torchlight 2’s upgrade system. This is a feature that elevates the game to a new level in the realm of dungeon crawling.

The same set of enchanters can be found in each town, ready to take your hard-earned money and improve your out-of-date goods. Depending on their status in the enchanting guild… or union… or whatever, each enchanter will be able to improve your goods a different amount of times.

You may also engage with ten roaming enchanters in the Torchlight world. You’ll encounter eight of them at random, and they’ll be able to improve your stuff up to three times each. The Elemental Oasis and the Salt Barrens, respectively, are static locales for Garbahd and Vaneez.

It is imperative that you upgrade your equipment.

8: Follow along with our Torchlight 2 tutorial.

Use our Torchlight 2 walkthrough

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Our tour will go through the various character classes in more depth, as well as how to optimize their skills to get the most out of your investment. Character classes and construct trees distinguish this game, therefore it’s important to understand them well.

1. Become familiar with the Torchlight 2 class characters.

Torchlight 2- know the Character Class

courtesy of Runic Games

The class character system has been greatly extended from the original game. There are now four different character classes to choose from, each with three different skill trees to master. When your player levels up, they only receive one skill point, which you can use anyway you choose.

This means you may either focus on one or two specific trees (as we suggest) or equally distribute your points. Because you won’t want to switch horses in the middle of a race, maxing up a tree or two requires playing the game many times with the same character class. It’s a thoughtful touch.

The following are the different character classes and their trees:

  • The Engineer is a versatile character that can be customized to play almost any role in a squad.
  • Outlander is a long-range attacker who shoots their opponent with weapons while avoiding any harm.
  • Embermage is a traditional magic user that specializes in elemental assaults.
  • Berserkers are a hybrid melee fighter that enhances their raw strength with their ability.

It’s completely up to you where your character goes within his or her class, and it adds to the game’s complexity.

2. Be familiar with the Torchlight 2 class builds.

Know the Torchlight 2 Class Builds

courtesy of Runic Games

The method you distribute points and construct a particular permutation of a character class is referred to as class builds. This is a specific engineer class build if you want to prioritize the Engineer’s building and aegis skills above their blitz ability.

We won’t go into complete build scenarios for each character class on this page, but we’ll do so in future articles since the game’s combinations and permutations of class builds is one area where the dungeon crawler genre is stretched to its limits.

Our complete Torchlight 2 walkthrough will go through each character class’s construction scenarios in more detail.

More Exciting Game Options

Torchlight 2 places a lot of demands on its users. It’s a difficult game that takes a lot of time to master. That isn’t something for everyone. However, we’ve looked at a few more games that you may like.

  1. Is it possible to persuade Plague Inc to irritate that epidemiologist in your circle of friends? If that’s the case, this is the game for you.
  2. Fallout 4 is a video game developed by Bethes This one, however, will not save you any time. This enormous shooter/rpg set in a post-apocalyptic New England is both captivating and eerie.
  3. Supremacy 1914 is a fascinating RISK-style game set during World War I…


Torchlight 2 is a fun addition to what is shaping out to be a fantastic series. The game’s gameplay is both familiar and unique. The main flaws in the original Torchlight have been addressed, and the game is now suitable for the new system ports.

Don’t you want to go out there and start crawling through some dungeons? That treasure isn’t going to appear on its own.

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