I am a competitive Fortnite player who has been playing since Season 3. I have competed in over 100 tournaments and won nearly $10,000. I’m here to help you get started with your settings, keybinds, sensitivity & gear choices.

The myth sensitivity valorant is a website that has all the Fortnite settings, keybinds, and sensitivities for each weapon.

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  • Ali Kabbani’s real name is Ali Kabbani.
  • United States of America
  • Date of Birth: May 24, 1999 (19 Yrs)


  • #1775 in the world
  • Rank #360 in the world

Earnings in Fortnite

  • The total prize pool is $50,775.00. (From 9 Tournaments)
  • $19,025.00 in online prizes (From 8 Tournaments)
  • Prize for Offline/LAN – $31,750.00 (From 1 Tournament)

TSM Myth Video Preferences for Fortnite

  • Fullscreen -> Window Mode
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution (16:9)
  • Frame Rate Capacity -> Infinite
  • 1920×1080 (3D Resolution) (100 percent )
  • Epic -> View Distance
  • Shadows are turned off.
  • High Anti-Aliasing
  • Medium -> Textures
  • Epic -> Effects
  • Low Post-Processing
  • Vsync -> Disable
  • Off -> Motion Blur
  • Show Frames Per Second (FPS) -> Off

Calibration of Brightness

Keybindings for TSM Myth

  • Q –> WALL
  • Mouse Button 5 -> Platform
  • C -> Stairs
  • E -> Roof
  • F5 -> Trap Slot
  • Left Shift -> Harvesting Tool
  • 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 1
  • 2nd Weapon Slot -> 2nd Weapon Slot
  • 3rd Weapon Slot -> 3rd Weapon Slot
  • -> Mouse Wheel Up -> Weapon Slot 4
  • Mouse Wheel Down -> Weapon Slot 5
  • APPLY KEY -> V
  • F -> F -> F -> F -> F -> F -> F
  • Activate the Inventory Key -> Tab
  • Left Ctrl -> Crouch Key
  • Default -> Sprint Key
  • M -> M -> M -> M -> M -> M -> M
  • R is the reload key.
  • ALT+Right ALT+Right ALT+Right ALT+Right
  • R (Rotate Key)
  • H is the emote key.
  • T -> Trap Equip Key
  • U -> U -> U -> U -> U -> U -> U ->

TSM Myth Audio Settings for Fortnite


  • 0 (zero) (zero) (zero) (zero) (
  • Volume of SoundFX -> 0.50
  • 0.75 for voice chat volume
  • Volume of Cinematics -> 0.00


  • On -> Subtitles
  • Exceptional quality
  • On -> Voice Chat
  • On -> Push to Talk
  • Default Input Device for Voice Chat
  • Default Output Device for Voice Chat
  • Off -> Allow Background Audio

Game settings for TSM Myth

  • X -> 0.08 Mouse Sensitivity
  • Y -> 0.08 Mouse Sensitivity
  • Sensitivity of the controller X -> 0.70
  • Sensitivity of the controller Y -> 0.66
  • Sensitivity of Mouse Targeting -> 0.70
  • Sensitivity of Mouse Scope -> 0.50
  • Sensitivity of Controller Targeting -> 0.50
  • Sensitivity of the controller scope -> 0.40
  • Building Sensitivity of the Controller -> 1.66
  • Off -> Invert View
  • On -> Invert Aircraft Keyboard Controls
  • DPI (dots per inch) of mouse -> 700
  • 1000 Hz polling rate

TSM Myth Fortnite Video Settings Video Settings


More on the Myth

In real-life groups, Myth, previously known as Themyth, is known as Ali Kabbani. This YouTube and Twitch streamer from the United States has a Middle Eastern ancestry. He now lives in Michigan, Texas, and rose to fame after playing and broadcasting Epic Games’ renowned battle royale game Fortnite.

Kabbani established a name for himself in the game by using the construction mechanism. While some players excel at shooting opponents from distance, Myth placed a premium on making the most of his surroundings. He is currently the chosen team captain for Squad Solo Mid’s (TSM) Fortnite team as of this writing.

In contrast to the other players of TSM’s Fortnite squad, he currently has the highest prominence incline. His YouTube channel currently has over 4 million followers and has had over 210 million views. He has over 4 million Twitch followers and a total of 35 million views on his channel. Those interested in following Kabbani on his various platforms may do so by visiting his “Myth” YouTube channel or this “TSM Myth” Twitch account.

Kabbani currently has over 458 YouTube videos. He didn’t start establishing a reputation for himself until the 14th of May in 2016, when he began playing games with Twitch viewers. He began by streaming games like “Paragon” before jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon. Since then, his ability in the battle royale game has improved.

Myth was a tiny Twitch broadcaster with just 800 YouTube followers before to the introduction of Fortnite.

Other Professional Players

The tsm myth controller settings is a website that allows users to view and download the settings for their controllers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are myths Keybinds?

Keybinds are a set of actions that you can perform with the keyboard or controller. They are usually used to make your character move faster, jump higher, and attack more quickly.

What is Bugha sensitivity?

Bugha sensitivity is a setting on the Beat Saber PSVR game. It is a slider that determines how sensitive your controller will be to the movement of your hands.

What is Mongraal sense?

Mongraal sense is a type of technology that allows for the user to experience virtual reality without the need for any hardware. Instead, an individual can create their own personal VR experience by utilizing their brainwaves and thoughts.

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