The Visage series is a puzzle game where players are tasked with solving puzzles in order to progress. This guide will provide solutions for all of the puzzles found in Chapter 2, as well as some hints for those who may be stuck.

The visage chapter 2 walkthrough is a guide for the second chapter of the game. It includes puzzle solutions and hints, as well as a list of items to collect in each room.

This guide will walk you through each of the mirror problems in Visage’s chapter 2 (Dolores’ chapter).

Mirror 1 is located on the second floor, near the Boy’s Room.

  1. Break the floorboards and tumble to the ground.
  2. Pick up the poem from the chair and look for the three highlighted phrases: “two-sided moon,” “clouded vision,” and “guilty shadow.”
  3. Look around the room for the bodies with the drawings of an eye, a moon, and a shadow, and keep track of where they are. (One in the front right corner; two in the rear – center and right corner).
  4. Ascend the stairs (to the left).
  5. Go to the light in the center of the room. Take up the crank.
  6. Open the skylights above the apertures above the bodies with the eye, moon, and shadow with the crank.
  7. Go downstairs and jump down the hole in the center of the floor that has opened up.
  8. Continue on down the tunnel until you reach the entrance; exit via the door.

Basement Closet (Mirror 2) (Across from Storage Room)


  1. You should start with the mirror on the second floor, near the boy’s room, if you haven’t already.
  2. Go into the wall’s crawlspace.
  3. Crawl through the pile of crosses, falling through a hole in the floor, after opening the door.
  4. On the opposite side of the tunnel, jump out of the aperture.
  5. If you’re looking for an easter egg, go behind you and grab a cross to take up the stairs.
  6. Once you’ve gotten to the top of the steps, turn left and utilize the lift’s crank.
  7. Remove the knife lodged in Jesus from the front, where he is on the crucifixion.
  8. To get to the hole on the floor, turn around and walk backwards. Lay the crucifix that you carried up the steps over the hole.
  9. Cross the crucifix and open the door (for an easter egg).
  10. You may leap down the hole after the cutscene. Return through the wall’s crawl space and remove the mirror.

Mirror 3: Office on the second floor (across from the parents’ room)


  1. You must finish the mirror in the downstairs closet first if you haven’t already.
  2. In front of George, walk (sitting dead in the chair in the study).
  3. Take the IV bag from the shelf.
  4. Placing the knife in George’s chest is a good idea.
  5. Pick up the key that George has thrown down.
  6. To go to the bookcases on the other side of the room, walk to the far side of the room.
  7. When you “interact” with the wall, a hidden door will open and expose a locked door.
  8. Unlock the door and enter the room using the key.
  9. Open the box on the little table and take out the mobile toy and the adhesive.
  10. Get out of the room.
  11. Return to the room and close the door as George begins approaching toward you. He is going to die.

Mirror 4: TV Room on the First Floor (Near Glass Doors Connecting to Dining Room)


  1. You should start with the mirror in the second-floor office if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to the parents’ room and knock down the painting hanging on the wall near the light switch before heading downstairs to the first floor TV room mirror.
  3. Take a peek via the peephole.


4. Take a photo of the three paintings on the wall, memorize them, or make a mental note of them.

5. Enter the first-floor TV room and go toward the glass doors leading to the dining room; the mirror will be on your right.

6. Descend the stairwell.

7. Look to your right on the wall; one of the paintings there should match one you saw via the peephole. Take a hold of it and carry it with you.

8. Turn left and go inside the larger chamber after walking ahead into the darkness.

9. Hold the picture in your hand and place it on the far wall across from the door, in the same location as the peephole.

10. Once the first painting is in position, spin around and look for the second painting in the far left corner (toward the entrance).

11. The third picture will be placed on the floor, close to the wall where the paintings will be hung.

12. A hidden door will open after you have them in the correct sequence.

13. Enter the room and put the IV fluid on the IV pole (which you obtained from the mirror world study, which is located in the office on the second level).

14. Remove the mobile toy off the bed.

Mirror 5: Next to the Wardrobe in the Basement (Across from Mannequin)


1. Dolores will request that you get her “special tea.”

2. Before departing, make sure you get the key that’s resting on the table’s corner.

3. There is also a tape on the counter.

4. Go to the attic (use the hook to access the attic); the tea box is behind the rocking rocker in the corner, labeled “Sun and Tea.”

5. In the mirror, give the tea to Dolores.

6. Pick up the crowbar and mobile toy after the cutscene (in the teacup).

Basement Hallway (Mirror 6)


1. If you haven’t already done so, go get the crowbar from the mirror in the basement, close to the wardrobe, across from the mannequin.

2. Climb the ladder and use the crowbar to smash the window.

3. Take a look at the compass.

Mirror 7: Stairs from the Basement to the Dining Room


1. If you haven’t already done so, get the compass from the mirror in the basement corridor with the bathroom.

2. Take the compass out of the park and follow it down the road to the left.

3. Enter the cemetery and take the flower from the left-hand bench.

4. Take the route to the statue in the middle, then turn left.

5. As you go down the path, you should see some flowers on the seats.

6. You’ll come to an area that seems to be a dead end, but glance to the right and you’ll find a somewhat open space.


7. Make your way over to the open grave and “interact.”

8. Open the box after the cutscene and kneel to pick up the mobile toy.

9. Return the way you came to the statue in the middle of the walkway.

10. Now take the route to the right, which will take you up.

11. If you want an easter egg, go to the top and look for a little trail to the right. Follow it down to the dead end and you’ll find an easter egg. Return the way you came until you reach the top, where you will find the easter egg.

12. Go through the gate and to the right to the mausoleum door, which you should push open.

Progress Room (mirror 8)


1. As you enter the progress room, look to the right for a mirror.

2. Take the sphere from the infant in the middle of the room.

3. Take the sphere to the garage and use the vice on the workbench to crack it open.


4. You have the option of opening the sheet of paper (when you examine it, right click to read the note). This note is required for another problem.

Mirror 9: Hallway on the First Floor (where Felix clock used to be)


1. If you haven’t yet completed the progress room mirror and shattered the sphere, you must do it first.

2. The letter in the sphere provides the solutions to all four riddles in this area. The image plates, clocks, windows, and candle holders are the four puzzles.

3. You’ll be able to obtain the baby monitor after you get the audible click that indicates each challenge is accomplished.

4. Turn on the baby monitor in the parents’ room and listen to the code. (I suggest writing it down; once you have the code, you may discard the baby monitor and save space in your inventory.)

Bathroom on the Second Floor (Mirror 10)


1. If you haven’t already done so, start with the puzzle with the image plates, clocks, windows, and candles (in a first-floor mirror).

2. Either write down the code or bring the baby monitor into the mirror with you.

3. When you reach the middle, where the four corridors converge, take the audio tape from the little table next to the baby monitor base.

4. Finally, glance up at the clocks that hang over each corridor. The faces of the clocks will inform you which direction to go along the corridors (based on the code). For example, if the first number in the code is “5,” go down the hall with the clock set to “5:00.”

5. When you’ve completed the halls in the correct sequence, walk through the door in front of you and “interact” with the phonograph.

6. Exit the chamber after the cutscene and continue the route below until you reach the phonograph again.

7. Remove the phonograph’s crank.

8. Get out of the room; you’re going to the basement.

9. Make your way to the progress room by following the lengthy umbilical chord on the floor.


10. Walk up to the crib and look in the progress room mirror one again.

11. Take the infant out of the waiting room.

12. Deliver the baby to Dolores in the confessional, in the old-fashioned, crooked, and dilapidated “progress” chamber.

13. Remove the mobile toy from the crucifix after the cutscene.

14. Take the toy to the parents’ room and put it on the phone.

Mirror 11 is located in the basement, next to the Electric Room.


1. You had to travel through all of the other mirrors and solve their riddles, as well as gather all of the mobile toys, in order to open this door.

2. Arrange all of the mobile toys in the parents’ room on the mobile.

3. After the cutscene, grab the key and unlock the music box adjacent to the end table where the audio tape recorder is on the floor (in the parents’ room).


4. Get your hands on a copy of the vinyl record.

5. Go downstairs to the phonograph.

6. Insert the vinyl record into the phonograph, along with the phonograph crank.

7. Begin turning the crank.

8. In the mirror chamber, music should begin to play, and the door should now be opened.

9. Once you’ve passed through the mirror and entered the room, listen to the music. You’re heading the wrong way if you hear growling.

Apart from this guide, please let us know if you’d want us to cover any additional guides connected to the game “Visage” in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

Dannibal is the author of this piece.

The visage clock hallway puzzle is a chapter 2 puzzle of the game Visage. This guide will help you solve the puzzle and progress to the next level of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you solve the visage painting puzzle?

The answer is to use the red paint.

What do you do with a compass in visage?

You can use a compass to find your way around the world.

How do you beat Dolores chapter visage?

Dolores chapter visage is a difficult level in Beat Saber. To beat this level, you need to be able to hit the notes on the green and red blocks. You can also use a sword or a lightsaber if you have one.

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