The Warframe community has been eagerly awaiting the release of a new update for months. Naberus, the latest update to Warframe, finally arrived on March 27th and brought with it a new warframe, 2 new weapon sets, and a host of other changes.

The warframe nightwave is a new event that will take place in the game Warframe. It will be available from October 10th until November 8th.

In honor of Halloween, it seems that Warframe has created its own version dubbed Nights of Naberus, or just Naberus.

The Necralisk has been renamed Nights of Naberus for the time being, and you may notice that several Jack-o’-lanterns have been put about as decorations.

You may commemorate Naberus by going to Kaelli (Daughter), who has altered her look to commemorate the occasion as well.

Apart from the aesthetic changes, Naberus is a time for celebrating life or, as in the tale, mocking death, and to make things even more pleasant, Kaelli is selling Treats from Naberus till the celebration is finished.

The Nights of Naberus began on October 15, 2020, and will end on November 10, 2020.

Treaty of NaberussNONHE20-2

Tokens of Motherhood may be used to buy a variety of “treats,” including goods from previous events such as Operation: Plague Star.

Players can simply harvest Mother Tokens, allowing them to catch up on certain gear and things they may have missed.

The Naberus Mobil whisperse is one of these objects, which may be used as a decoration within the orbiter before being interacted with to tell a narrative.

The following Naberus Treats are available for purchase:

Naberus Treat

Mother Tokens

Ephemera of Naberus

Blueprint of Plague Akwin


Blueprint for the Plague of Keewar

Blueprint of the Plague Bokwin


Blueprint of the Plague Kripath

Day of the Dead Skin Gram


Basmu Skin of Death on the Day of Death

Exodia Infection


Epidemic of Exodia

Glyph of Stinkeye Naberus


Glyph of the Rotting Naberus

Naberus Glyph Grapeskull


Color Palette for Halloween

Day of the Dead Skin Voidrig


Sigil of Naberus Grim Grin

Ephemera from Spinnerets


Whispering Naberus Mobil


Mobile Naberus WhisperingNONHE20-3

The Whispering Naberus Mobile may be bought from Kaelli and put inside the orbiter to initiate a cutscene in which Grandmother recounts a tale.

The Orokin are mentioned in the tale, and their festival is described as a mockery of death, in which they don masks and impersonate the deceased.

Grandmother speaks of three evil Orokin who became tired with the celebrations and chose to disguise themselves as something more sinister, resulting to the capture and mutilation of three Ostron.

The Orokin utilize Blue Kuva, a substance that enables them to transfer into another body and use it as a mask in the masquerade.

Unfortunately for the three Orokin, a servant girl grabbed a flask of Crimson Kuva and poured it down the Orokin’s necks, ensuring that they would remain in the disfigured corpses forever.

The three Orokin were the last to scream the morning after Naberus, but this was not because of celebrations; rather, it was because they had not returned to their bodies and would now eternally stay in the shape of the disfigured corpses they had made.

The servant girl had vanished the night before and was never seen again.


  • All of Kaelli’s goods may be purchased using Mother Tokens, which can be obtained as a prize for completing bounties.
  • It’s a good idea to utilize a Warframe that can conquer vast regions and grind bounties so you can get more Mother Tokens in less time.
  • Joining another team or playing with friends is recommended if you are unable to complete bounties fast or are having difficulty, regardless of whether certain goals have been made more difficult. 


Nights of Naberus is a minor event that enables users to participate in what seems to be Warframe’s Halloween.

Players may observe small changes, enjoy excellent folklore, and, most importantly, buy items that are only accessible for a limited period during events.

Players will spend their time harvesting bounties and buying Naberus Treats from Kaelli during this event, which is mostly focused on Deimos.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The warframe zaw is the first and only Warframe that has been released in the Nights of Naberus event.

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