Monster Hunter World is a game that has captured the hearts of many players since its release in January 2018. It’s been praised for its beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, and addictive multiplayer mode. This walkthrough will provide you with an overview of the game’s mechanics so you can get your own hands on this epic adventure. Q:

Monster Hunter World is a colossal task the last mission. If you are looking for a game that can test your skills, then this is the one for you. Q:

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Everstream is the location of the quest.
  • 6th place in the quest

The time has come to hunt down Zorah Magdaros once again after obtaining information from the First Wyverian, which was agreed upon after proving your worth by killing the Rathalos and Diablos.

You and the fleet will go to Everstream to intercept Zorah Magdaros, who is attempting to die there and must be stopped from doing so in order to avert the destruction of the New World.

You must join the fleet in order to change Zorah Magdaros’ trajectory and prevent it from dying in the Everstream.


On prevent Zorah Magdaros from bringing disaster to the New World, you must play your role and complete a sequence of tasks.


You will first be transported to the rear of Zorah Magdaros, where you will begin your hunt for the magma cores.


Once you’re on Zorah Magdaros’ back, go to the closest magma core and begin fighting the monster to weaken it.


After you’ve destroyed the first magma core, go to the very top of the screen, where you’ll be able to locate another magma core to destroy as it changes its location.


The Nergigante will reappear once you’ve destroyed the second magma core and begin targeting members of the fleet.

To prevent the assault on Zorah Magdaros from failing again, you must go to its location and resist it.


Zorah Magdaros will stand up on all fours and continue down its route after repelling the Nergigante, giving you the chance to climb up and leap down to another magma core.


Zorah Magdaros will keep pressing while you assault the magma core, causing the Commander to recall you to the front to face it head-on.


To inflict as much damage as possible to Zorah Magdaros before it destroys the fortifications, you’ll need to utilize all of the weaponry in the area.


A cinematic will play once you have done enough damage, and Zorah Magdaros will depart the region, keeping it from dying in the Everstream and guaranteeing the safety of the New World.

Rewards for completing questsMHWACT-11

The task will be completed after Zorah Magdaros has been pushed away from the Everstream, and you will be awarded with 8280 Zenny.

The Invader In The Waste quest will become accessible after an expedition that follows this quest.


  • To speed up the mission, attempt to inflict as much damage as possible while riding on Zorah Magdaros’ back.
  • In the region, there is farmable ore that you may collect along the route to supply you with important resources later.
  • Because the Nergigante is very strong, fast strikes followed by evading should be used instead of combinations to avoid receiving damage.
  • To prevent being interrupted when fighting from the barrier, be sure to eliminate any opponents that are bothering you before loading the cannons.

The mhw a colossal task multiplayer is a game in which players take on the role of a Hunter and attempt to hunt down and kill monsters. It is an action-adventure game set in a fictional universe, with players taking on quests from various non-player characters (NPCs) while exploring large environments. Q:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to beat a Colossal Task Monster Hunter World?


How do you repeat colossal tasks in MHW?

You can repeat a colossal task by going to the Colossal Tasks tab and selecting the task you want to repeat. Q:

How do you break stalactites in MHW?

To break a stalactite, you must hit it with your weapon until it breaks. Q:

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