Monster Hunter World is a new game in the series, and one of its most notable features is the ability to play with friends. It’s not just about hunting monsters–it’s about exploring the world together. Q:

The a fiery throne atop the forest location is a location in Monster Hunter World. It’s where you’ll find the first Fiery Throne, and it’s also where you’ll find a lot of monsters to hunt. Q:

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Ancient Forest is the location of the quest.
  • 5th place in the quest

Zorah Magdaros is still on the loose, and it’s up to you to figure out where it went. This won’t be easy, so you’ll have to search for the First Wyverian.

You’ll meet the First Wyverian on an expedition and must subsequently show your worth by killing a Rathalos in the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest quest and a Diablos in the Horned Tyrant Below The Sands quest.

During this quest, you will meet the First Wyverian, and the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest will already be completed, but it is still safe to return to prepare.

This mission is available throughout the trip and, following a cutscene, will be accepted from the quest board alongside Horned Tyrant Below The Sands.


When embarking on your first trip, you must first find the First Wyverian inside the Ancient Forest.

Once you’ve located the First Wyverian, the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest quest will begin, and you’ll have to hunt a Rathalos since it’s one of the targets the First Wyverian has chosen for you.


When you initially begin the trip, you must first find the First Wyverian, which you may accomplish by following the scoutflies or just going to Sector 16.

To complete the task, you’ll need to go to the Ancient Forest’s highest point.


Once you’ve arrived in the region, you’ll see a brief cinematic in which you and The Handler are assaulted by a Ratholos and manage to flee to meet the First Wyverian.

A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest and Horned Tyrant Below The Sands will be accessible from here on out.


If you continue with the mission, you will have to hunt down the Rathalos, which will lead you back to its nest.

If you decide to depart to make preparations, you’ll have to choose a camp to start with later, and Northeast Camp (11) should be accessible by then.


You’ll be able to locate the Rathalos’ footprints and follow it to its nest around Sector 16 whether you’re continuing the adventure or beginning from a camp.


Once you’ve located the Rathalos, begin hitting it and do as much damage as possible before it takes flight.


If you do enough damage to it, it will escape, and you will have to follow it down to whichever location it flees to before it flies away.


You’ll probably have to hunt the monster down twice, once before it returns to its nesting region and again after it returns to its resting location.

You’ll have to pursue it down a specific number of times depending on how much damage you do.


When the Rathalos is on the verge of dying, it will return to Sector 16 and lay down in an effort to recuperate.

Take use of the time to prepare before launching the last assault to ensure that you can finish it as quickly as possible.

Rewards for completing quests MHWFTF-11

You will get 5400 Zenny after completing the A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest task.

After completing the Horned Tyrant Below The Sands quest, a task named A Colossal Task will become accessible.


  • The Ratholos favor higher locations, but if you are in the midst of a battle and decide to move nearby, they will follow you to lower areas.
  • The Rathalos, which can breathe fire and use poison in melee strikes, should be handled with cautiously to prevent abrupt death. This may be accomplished by timing attacks and moving to its side or behind it when it breaths fire or recovers from an attack.
  • Make sure you have some antidotes on hand in case you become poisoned, since it may happen without warning.

The monster hunter world: iceborne walkthrough is a video that offers a detailed explanation of the game’s story, gameplay, and mechanics. Q:

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