Monster Hunter World is a game in which players hunt monsters and collect materials to craft weapons and armor. This article will provide a walkthrough of the first few hours, with screenshots and commentary. Q:

The how to unlock a wound and a thirst is an in-game tutorial that will teach you how to complete the game. Q:

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Elder’s Recess is the location of the quest.
  • Rank in the quest: 8

The older dragons are enraged because the Nergigante has turned its attention to them after you foiled its attempt to feast on Zorah Magdaros.

Because the elder dragons are out of control as a result of the Nergigante’s hunting, they may create a lot of havoc in other regions, making it an excellent excuse to eliminate the predator.

To prevent the older dragons from becoming even more agitated, you must go to Elder’s Recess and hunt the Nergigante.


This mission asks you to go to Elder’s Recess and locate the Nergigante so that you may put it down before it causes any more harm.


Begin by going to Elder’s Recess and following the blue path left behind by scoutflies to Sector 9.


A cutscene will commence while you continue following the scoutflies in Sector 9, and the Nergigante will appear.


Begin fighting the Nergigante and inflict enough damage to drive it back, but be cautious not to overdo it since it has a high damage output.


If you reduce the Nergigante’s health, it will escape to another location, most likely Sector 14, but if you do not pursue it, the monster will return to Sector 9 and attack you again.

Continue battling the Nergigante and pursuing it whenever it flees until its health is critically low and it is about to die.


When the Nergigante’s health begins to deteriorate, it will try to flee to Sector 15, where it will rest.

If you take your time catching up to the monster, it will be asleep, and you will be able to finish it out with the advantage of surprise.

Rewards for completing questsMHWAWA-8

The task will be completed after the Nergigante has been slain, and you will be awarded with 18,000 Zenny.

After conversing with some of the NPCs, three additional tasks will become available, requiring you to track down stragglers who have been stirred up by the Nergigante.

After the cutscenes and excursions that follow the A Wound and a Thirst quest, the following missions will become available:


  • The Nergigante concentrates on delivering damage in front of it and will also assume a posture that makes it seem as if it is about to stomp on you, but it will pause for a time and then follow you, requiring you to conserve your evading until the appropriate moment.
  • Because the Nergigante’s attacks do not readily strike you from all angles, you may inflict a lot of damage by keeping to the side or beneath it.
  • When pursuing the Nergigante to other places, be cautious since it may turn around and rush at you, perhaps killing you in narrow tunnels.

Monster Hunter World is a game that allows players to take on the role of a hunter and hunt monsters. This game has an open world, so players can choose how they want to approach their hunts. Q: Reference: nergigante.

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