The latest installment in the Monster Hunter series is a massive hit, with over 10 million copies sold. It has been lauded for its beautiful graphics and expansive gameplay. Q:

The monster hunter world vespoid location wildspire waste is a walkthrough of the monster hunter world. It includes information on how to kill the vespoid, and what materials you can find in the area. Q:

  • Optional Quest is a kind of quest.
  • Wildspire Waste is the location of the quest.
  • 2nd place in the quest

The Meowscular Chef has told you to go to the Wildspire Waste and slaughter several Vespoids, but he hasn’t explained why.

By referring to them as a “punching bag with wings,” The Meowscular Chef may be implying that he despises them and wants them dead, or that they are a component of one of his recipes.

The Meowscular Chef has asked that you go to the Wildspire Waste and kill a specific amount of Vespoids.

Information about the questMHWOP8-2

  • Slaying Quest is a kind of quest.
  • Slay 14 Vespoid is the goal.
  • Meowscular Chef is the quest giver (Astera)

Other monsters include:

  • Apceros
  • Gajau
  • Kestodon
  • Noios


Northeast Camp (11) is an excellent location to start since it is linked to Sector 12, which has a high supply of Vespoids.

Killing Vespoids in Sector 12 will trigger more to spawn, allowing you to complete the mission in a matter of minutes.

Kill the Vespoids and walk about to find the ones that respawn until you’ve killed 14 Vespoids in total.

Rewards for completing questsMHWOP8-4

The Exterminator Of The Waste task will be completed after you have slain 14 Vespoids, and you will be awarded with 1,080 Zenny.

Upon completion of the task, a new canteen ingredient is unlocked.


  • Because Vespoids like to flutter about and may be difficult to reach at times, using a distant weapon or just turning to your Slinger can help you quickly kill them.
  • Vespoids respawn often after being killed, and there seem to be an endless amount of them in Sector 12, making it simple to complete the mission.
  • If you stand still in front of the Vespoids for too long, they may sting you, rendering you paralyzed for a brief time.

The monster hunter world vespoid shell is a weapon in the game Monster Hunter World. It’s a ranged weapon that shoots poison and can be used to take down large monsters. Q:

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