Valheim is a game that lets players craft their own boats and sail the seas. It’s an open-world, sandbox experience where players can build, explore, and fight pirates. Q:

The how to build longship valheim is a game that requires the player to craft boats. It is set in Valheim, which is an island with no water. Q:

Your island is surrounded by the water in Valheim, and there are more islands to explore beyond that.

You can’t just swim all the way to another island since it would very certainly result in your character dying or worse, getting devoured by Sea Serpents.

A boat is the most convenient method to go from one island to another or to transport things across the oceans.

Boats of many types

In Valheim, there are presently three kinds of boats, each of which is an improvement from the previous one, with the Raft being the first, followed by the Karve, and finally the Longship.

  • Raft– the first kind of water transportation accessible to you at the start of the game.
  • Karve – an improvement to the Raft, the Karve may be obtained by crafting or picking up Bronze Nails, and it gives you greater speed and four storage spaces.
  • Longship – A bigger boat with greater storage (18 slots) than the Karve, the Longship may be unlocked when you smelt Iron and manufacture Iron Nails.

 How Do You Build Valheim Boats?

As you advance through the game, you’ll unlock new boat recipes that need various resources depending on how good they are.



The Raft is the game’s initial mode of water transportation, and it’s sluggish and difficult to maneuver, particularly against the wind.

You’ll need the following items to make the Raft:

  • x6 leather scraps
  • ten times the resin
  • Wood x20



The Karve is a speedier boat that, unlike the Raft, is really constructed like a boat and offers a considerable amount of speed, allowing you to safely escape Sea Serpents.

In the Karve, you have access to four storage spaces, which is better than nothing and yet helpful if you need to transport large goods across the river throughout your journey.

To make the Karve, you’ll need the following items:

  • x80 bronze nails
  • ten times the amount of deer hide
  • x30 fine wood
  • x20 resin



The Longboat is the quickest and most durable of all the boats, with faster speeds and 18 storage spaces.

The Longship is ideal for transporting goods across the sea because of its size and plenty of storage spaces. You can even bring a Cart aboard without taking up too much room.

Control of the boat

You must choose your pace and direction to control the boat, which you may accomplish by hitting the forward or backward key.

The sail has three settings that control how quickly your boat will travel depending on the direction of the wind.

If the wind is on your side, you may go full speed ahead and travel quicker, but if the wind is against you, it is better to keep your pace moderate.

You may stop the boat from traveling by lowering the speed by one level, which will bring the boat to a halt and cause it to stop moving after a time since there is no boat anchor.

If you want to build a boat dock, it will be useful for docking and storing your boat while also making it more accessible in the future.

Boats can travel backwards, but it is sluggish, and you may alter the direction by turning the rudder to the left or right.

Storage for Boats

The Raft has no storage, but the Karve has four spaces and the Longship has eight, so you’ll want to acquire a Longship eventually since it’s the best of both boats.

The boat weight limit allows you to carry a lot of heavy things with you, making it an excellent method to transport metals and other heavier resources from one island to another.

How do you fix a boat?

To repair a boat, just pull it close to shore and begin building a Workbench, which you can quickly cultivate by gathering Stone and Wood to create a hammer.

If you place your Workbench near the boat, you may repair it just like any other building in the game.


Boats in Valheim may be quite useful for transportation, and they can also be used to explore other areas of the globe.

Some players have reported that their boat has vanished, although this is most likely due to an opponent destroying it, or it may be a bug.

There are currently no boat improvements available, however it is expected that certain modifications will be made in future versions to enable them.

Valheim is a game where you have to craft boats to sail across the sea. The valheim boat disappeared problem happens when your boat sinks and your progress will be lost. Q:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a boat in Valheim?


How do you build a longship in Valheim?

You need to find a longboat, then you need to build a frame around it. Q:

What boats can you make in Valheim?

The boats in Valheim are made from wood and metal. Q:

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