The world of Monster Hunter World is filled with amazing creatures to hunt, and the game’s bow is one of its most powerful weapons. Learn how to use it in this walkthrough for Into the Bowels of the Vale. Q:

The how to get into the bowels of the vale is a guide that will take you through all the steps required to complete the Vale. Q:

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Rotten Vale is the location of the quest.
  • 5th place in the quest

After arriving at the Rotten Vale by airship, you must continue on foot further into the valley to look for evidence of Zorah Magdaros.

As you go through the Rotten Vale, you’ll need to look for signs of Zorah Magdaros’ presence, which will be left behind by its departure.

Continuing the quest will lead you to the Odogaron, who will attack you and The Handler, but luckily the two of you will be able to escape with a little assistance.

This mission begins after you and The Handler have been rescued, and you must return to assist your savior.


The mission begins as an exploration quest, however it is subsequently presented after encountering the Odogaron.


Begin by descending from the camp and looking to the right for tracks that your scoutflies will have marked in blue.


Continue further down the cave until you reach water, when The Handler will join you in your hunt for additional traces.


As you go, you’ll come across a huge trail, and a cutscene with the Odogaron will begin to play.


You and The Handler will be rescued from the Odogaron and will flee to get The Handler out of danger.

The Into The Bowels OF The Vale quest will be accessible after this sequence and may be continued from there.


If you’ve abandoned the quest to equip up or for any other reason, you’ll start in the camp and follow the scoutflies to the Odogaron.


When you approach the Odogaron, start battling it until you can reduce its health enough to have it flee, at which point you must follow it.


When the Odogaron’s health is low, it will let out a loud scream that will temporarily disable you as it tries to flee.


Repeat the act of wounding and chasing after the Odogaron until it is near death, at which point it will flee and rest.

If you can continually inflict damage to the Odogaron before it can make its last escape, you will be able to kill it and accomplish the mission.

Rewards for completing questsMHWBOV-11

You will get 5400 Zenny as a prize for completing the Into The Bowels Of The Vale quest, as well as two more major missions later on.

The quests A Fiery Throne Atop The Forest and The Horned Tyrant Below The Sands will be available later.


  • Because the Odogaron is very strong and may quickly kill you if you’re not careful, it’s best to stick to short combos until it’s stunned.
  • The Odogaron may induce bleeding, which causes you to lose health while moving or fighting. This effect will wear off if you remain crouched for a long time or eat foods like Astera Jerky, Sunfish Scale, or a Well-Done Steak.
  • Wait for the Odogaron to rush and dodge to the side, then strike it with a couple hits before it strikes again.

The rotten vale monster hunter world walkthrough is a guide to the bowels of the Vale. It includes information on how to defeat all the monsters in the area, as well as some lore about it. Q:

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