The newest Monster Hunter World monster, Kushala Daora, is a wyvern with the power to control lightning. For this guide, we’ll cover how to defeat him in both solo and multiplayer modes. Q:

The monster hunter world kushala daora weakness is a monster from the Monster Hunter World. In this walkthrough, we will learn how to defeat this beast. Q:

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Elder’s Recess is the location of the quest.
  • Rank in the quest: 8

The monster known as Kushala Daora, Dragon Of Steel also known as the Tempest The Tempest Of The Wind was believed to be patrolling the region, according to tracks that accompany the patrolling of a particular older dragon.

The Ecological Research team has worked out that it has departed and made its way to Elder’s Recess, which is most likely where it nests, according to the Field Team Leader.

To keep the Kushala Daora from wreaking further havoc in the Ancient Forest, you must locate it and put it down.

Walkthrough for the Other Main Quests

Click here to learn about the other major missions.


Your goal is to locate and kill the Kushala Daora so that it does not return to the Ancient Forest.


Begin by following the blue trail left by the scoutflies, which will take you to Sector 3, or just go straight to the sector.


A cutscene will begin when you reach in Sector 3, and the Kushala Daora will emerge and assault you on the spot.

Begin fighting back and continue assaulting the monster until it is sufficiently damaged or it moves to another location.


Regardless matter how much damage you inflict, the Kushala Daora may fly off to Sector 9, where you may decrease its health to let it escape one to three times.

Continue to battle the creature and hunt it down each time it flees, injuring and monitoring it until its health is compromised.


Kushala Daora will try to flee many times, eventually making its way to Sector 8 and then to Sector 2 or Sector 3.

When you’ve dealt enough damage to the Kushala Daora and reduced its health to zero, it’ll return to its roost.


After your battle, go to the upper section of Elder’s Recess to locate the Kushala Daora resting, and from there, you may deliver the final blows.

Rewards for completing questsMHWKDD-8

The quest will finish after you have killed Kushala Daora, and you will be awarded with 18,000 Zenny.

After finishing Kushala Daora, Dragon Of Steel, and the subsequent tasks, a quest named Land Of Convergence will become accessible.

  • The Infernal Teostra
  • Vaal Hazak, the Hellish Fiend


  • Kushala Daora seems to constantly strike forward as well as release a projectile, thus anticipating its movement and recovery from assaults will enable you to approach it easily while it recovers.
  • Never approach the Kushala Daora in a direct line because it may rush forward or release a blast of wind to knock you down; instead, approach it in a diagonal path to easily avoid it.
  • Avoid approaching the Kushala Daora while it has channeled wind about itself, since this will knock you down and allow it to attack you while you are defenseless.

Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel is a walkthrough for the Monster Hunter World. The guide includes information on how to fight and capture this monster. Q: Reference: kushala daora sword and shield.

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