In this Monster Hunter World Legiana walkthrough, we’ll take a look at the Embodiment of Elegance monster and how to take it down. Q:

The legiana: embodiment of elegance location is a monster that will be introduced in Monster Hunter World. It has an elegant design and is said to be the most graceful of all monsters. Q:

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Coral Highlands is the location of the quest.
  • 5th place in the quest

Your fall is stopped while following down Zorah Magdaros by a monster known as the Legiana, and trying to fly while it is around will very definitely result in catastrophe.

The Legiana is still roaming the Coral Highlands and has to be dealt with, or it will continue to wreak havoc.

You’ll be charged with tracking down the monster and putting an end to its reign of terror in the sky so that the fall can continue.


To complete this task, you must locate the Legiana and hunt it down to kill it before it can interrupt the airship’s course.


Begin by choosing Northeast Camp (12) as your starting location and exploring the region for signs of the Legiana.

Starting at Northeast Camp (12), you may be certain that you will be able to locate its tracks and follow them to its position, which is most likely in the same sector.

If you haven’t already, go to Sector 12 to locate the monster if you haven’t unlocked the Northeast Camp (12).


Once you’ve located the Legiana, continue fighting it until it’s weakened by a specific percentage before it tries to flee.

To minimize the amount of chase you will have to provide later on, try to inflict as much damage as possible.


When you’ve done enough damage to the Legiana, it’ll fly off to a nearby location, which is most likely Sector 8.

Look for Legiana trails or go straight for Sector 8, which is one of the first places it will try to flee to.


Continue battling the creature until its health is reduced even more, then hunt it down if it flees to repeat the procedure.

The Legiana may try to flee two or three times, with the last pursuit leading to its resting place.


If the Legiana manages to flee when near death, pursue it to its resting place in Sector 15.

Once you’ve caught the monster in its resting place, assault it while it’s distracted until you’ve killed it.

Rewards for completing questsMHWEFE-8

You will get 5400 Zenny after finishing the Legiana: Embodiment Of Elegance quest, and the Into The Bowels Of The Vale quest will become accessible later.


  • The Legiana may inflict Iceblight, which slows your mobility and reduces your stamina, although it can be healed by using a Nulbery that can be found in the region.
  • When the Legiana starts to fly while attacking, it may breathe ice or strike you with close range attacks, therefore it’s a good idea to go behind it or squat to get behind it.
  • Take the opportunity to cure yourself or use Nulberries to eliminate Iceblight if you have been infected with it if the Legiana is still in the air.

The monster hunter world 100 walkthrough is a walkthrough for the game, Monster Hunter World. This guide will provide you with useful information about how to complete the game. Q:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Legiana embodiment of elegance?


What is the Legiana weak to?

The Legiana is weak to the Great Sword and the Lance. Q:

Where do you find Legiana in Monster Hunter world?

You can find Legiana in the Ancient Forest. Q:

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