The MapleStory 2 team has released a new house design guide for players to follow when building their houses. This guide provides information on how to build each of the four available house designs and offers tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your home. Q:

MapleStory 2 is a game that takes place in the world of Maple World. The game has over 15 different classes, and each class has its own unique skills. Q: Read more in detail here: maplestory 2.

One of the numerous features and activities available in MapleStory 2 is the ability to construct your own house.

Your home may be constructed block by block and contain a variety of objects like as furniture, decorations, and even interactive stuff.

You may even build your own farm to practice your life skills while you’re not doing anything or waiting for anything to happen.

Aside from the advantages of owning a house, you will be rewarded for your construction expertise and will be able to win prizes for your interior design life talent.

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Household Essentials

What Is the Best Way to Get a House?


You will get a notice when you achieve level 10 and will be given the option to visit your house for the first time to complete a simple lesson.

Because the house is shared, completing the lesson will provide you access to your home anytime you want. This also applies to your alternative characters.

You may visit your house at any time by clicking the “My House” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen or by hitting the hotkey (default N), which will bring up a confirmation box where you can choose yes to visit your house.

Design of the Interior


You may construct your home anyway you like and are only limited by your creativity and, of course, the building bricks.

Interior Design is one of your life talents, and it advances in level when you collect the daily reward, which you may get if you achieve the decorating score.

You must check what is on the decorating score checklist to get points for your d├ęcor score, which will include things like having a bed, table, couch, and other items within your home.

Simply put items on the list in your house to get points, and after you’ve earned the prize, your Interior Design experience will increase.

Constructing Your Home


You may customize your house by selecting blocks from the Furnishings menu and arranging them in whatever manner you like.

If the space seems to be insufficient, you may always expand the size and height of your property to meet your construction requirements.

The majority of the blocks are free, but some may need Merets to purchase, but there are many to pick from if you want to create your own structure and design.

Placement of Furniture


You may look for furniture and other decorations to decorate your house in the same way that you did with the basic blocks.

Some of them will increase your decorating score, and you can use the toolbar at the bottom of the page to search for things as well as filter the ones that are shown.

Not all things cost Merets, which is handy and enables you to add some flair to your house without breaking the bank.

Take your time looking through the many types of furniture and decorations available to you, and then decide what you want to place in your house.

You may take the bricks and furnishings you’ve built out and put them back in at any time.



You may encounter missions or earn prizes that give you Souvenirs as you advance through the game.

These may be used as decorations in your house, and they also come with a bonus that you can utilize.

Each Souvenir has an effect that can be triggered, which gives you a boost for a certain amount of time, usually an hour, which may be quite useful while playing.

Simply choose a Souvenir and put it anywhere you wish to activate it later when you need its benefit.

At any one moment, only one Souvenir buff may be active, and utilizing another will replace the one that is now active.



You have the option of hiring helpers if your house seems lonely without anybody else in it apart from friends who come to visit you.

You may recruit helpers by navigating to the assistants area of the toolbar below while constructing and selecting from a broad range of characters.

Before they may be hired to remain at your house, you must pay a fee in Mesos or Merets, which is renewed every 30 days.


You may have your helpers make things for you, and each assistant has a different expertise when it comes to crafting.

More things will be accessible for your helpers to create based on your proximity.

The rarity of the item that your helpers create may be greater than the basic item on occasion.


Chatting with your helpers on a regular basis may help you get closer since they have a lot to say and have a lot to offer.

Creating a Farm


MapleStory 2 allows you to establish your own farm on your own land, and you don’t have to worry about space since you can always expand it for free.

You start with simple agricultural supplies like a Chicken Pen for ranching and a Rice Paddy for growing.

A meteorite tree may also be planted, providing you with a plentiful supply of earth pieces for later use.

Farming Resources at Home


You may farm the goods by approaching the resource blocks and interacting with them, which will provide you with a particular resource as well as experience for the life skill to which they are connected.

This provides you with some experience as well as materials that you may use to create life skills.

The more you farm your ranching and farming type blocks, the better your living style will be, allowing you to acquire additional blocks with various resources.

You can only farm a specific quantity of each kind of resource each day, thus this is an optional daily job for you.


Having more than one block allows you to harvest several resources at once, allowing you to make considerably faster progress.

You can harvest the same amount in a day regardless of how many blocks you have, but having many blocks makes things go lot faster than completing one block again and over.


With each resource collected, your life skill experience will grow, and as you progress in rank, you will have more resources to put and cultivate.



Building your own house is a lot of fun and a wonderful way to pass the time, and many gamers have praised this feature.

Being able to farm resources from the comfort of your own home is a fantastic method to get experience as well as a good way to obtain certain resources, which may be utilized to create things you’ll need later.

There is a lot that can be constructed in your house, so experimenting and trying new things is a smart approach to create a home that is not only attractive but also functional.

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