MapleStory 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Nexon. The game features music from Kurry, and its sequel to the original MapleStory. Q:

MapleStory 2 Instruments Guide is a guide that includes the best instruments to use in the game. Q:

MapleStory 2 has a feature that enables players to perform music on a variety of instruments.

This instrument may be bought using Mesos from a music stores (Music Academy Head) or Blue Merets or Red Merets from the Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand. is a market in Meret, Thailand..

When players are waiting, they may pass the time by playing music. It also gives a significant amount of experience.

For some players, this is one of the ways to level up, since they may earn experience by playing music and even utilize Auto-Perform coupons to do AFK (away from keyboard) performances.

Instruments may be performed virtually anyplace, and you can choose to perform alone or in a group.

Each instrument has its own distinct tone and playing technique, making them one-of-a-kind and enjoyable to collect.

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In MapleStory 2, there is a list of instruments.


The following instruments, as well as their costs, may be bought in MapleStory 2.

Head of the Music Academy (Mesos)


Mesos may be used to buy instruments at the Music Academy Heads.

Music Shop

The cost (Mesos)

Playing Piano on a Computer

Learn to play acoustic guitar


Practice your bass drumming.

Snare Drum Practice


Cymbals for Practice

Clarinet practice


Grand Harp Practice

Timpani practice


Meret Market


Blue or red Merets are required to purchase instruments at the Meret Market.

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Premium and Red Market)

The cost (Merets)

Gold Star Cymbals are a brand of cymbals that are

Snare Drum with Gold Star


Bass Drum with a Gold Star

Celesta Arlano Classic


Classic Arlano Recorder

Xylophone Arlano Classic


Arlano Harmonica (Classic)

Harpsichord Arlano Classic


Pizzicato Arlano Classic

Oboe Arlano Classic


Steel Drum Purio

Picked Purio Bass


Electric Piano Purio

Vibraphone Arlano Classic


Acoustic Bass Arlano

Ocarina Arlano Classic


Trumpet Arlano Classic

Trombone Arlano Classic


Saxophone Arlano Classic

Arlano Pan Flute Classic


Cello Arlano Classic

Violin Arlano Classic


Tom-toms Purio

Purio is a bass guitarist.


Electric Guitar Purio

Timpani Arlano Classic


Harpsichord Arlano Classic

Clarinet Arlano Classic


Classic Guitar by Arlano

Classic Piano by Arlano


Where Can I Purchase Instruments?

a music store (Music Academy Head)


Instruments may be purchased in one of two ways: using Mesos, Blue Merets, or Red Merets.

You can easily locate the Music Shops, which are referred to as Music Academy Heads in the game.

Stefan, who can be found in Tria, and Kluperizak, who can be found in Ludari City, are the current Music Academy Heads.

Meret Market


The Meret Market offers a large number of instruments to select from, all of which can be purchased with either Blue Merets or Red Merets.

These instruments cannot be purchased using Mesos; instead, they must be purchased with blue or red Merets.

The Meret Market is located in the bottom right corner of your screen and features a shopping cart symbol with a Meret on the front.

What Is The Best Way To Purchase Instruments?

Purchasing Instruments from the Director of a Music Academy


Basic instruments may be bought for Mesos in Music Academy Heads, commonly known as Music Shops.


To purchase an instrument from a Music Academy Head, speak with either Stefan (in Tria) or Kluperizak (in Ludari City) and choose “Trade” from the store menu.


Hover your cursor over the instrument you want to buy and click it. A confirmation box will pop up asking you to confirm your purchase.

Click “Yes” to buy the instrument, or “No” if you change your mind and want to buy it later or with a different instrument.


Keep in mind that by clicking on the instrument, you can see how it will seem when you play it.

Investing in Meret Market Instruments


To buy instruments from the Meret Market, go to the bottom right of the screen and click on the Meret Market icon, then click on the price of the instrument you want to buy.

When you make a purchase from the Musical Academy Head, a confirmation window will appear, identical to when you make a purchase from the Musical Academy Head.

You may preview your character playing the instrument by clicking on it, much as you can while buying from the Musical Academy Head.

What Instruments Do You Play?


You may start playing an instrument after buying it by going to the “Fishing/Music” tab in the inventory.


To use an instrument, double-click it, or assign it to a hotkey by dragging it into the hotkey you want to use.


Once you’ve started playing the instrument, a “Play Instrument” window will appear, prompting you to equip either a Music Score (a music sheet purchased from the Music Academy Head) or a homemade music score.


When you choose “Start Playing,” your character will begin playing the Music Score that you have equipped until the conclusion of the game or until you choose to stop.

Playing music improves your performance skill, which in turn improves your visual performance style.

Where Can I Get Music Sheets (Scores)?


Music Scores may be purchased from Music Academy Heads, who can be found scrolling down their store beneath the Mesos-only instruments.

These can only be played a limited number of times, but you may buy more anytime you want.

There are two kinds of Music Scores available for purchase: MapleStory 2 Music Scores and Blank Sheets, which enable you to play a custom Music Score that has been created.

Experimenting with Music


After playing music, you will earn experience depending on the length of time you spent playing the Music Score.

When you don’t have much to do or just want to unwind, playing instruments is a great method to acquire expertise.

The majority of gamers will utilize playing instruments as one of their methods of leveling up from level 50 to level 60, and will sometimes use Auto Performance coupons to do so.


Auto Performance Voucher allows you to play music constantly while you’re doing anything else, enabling you to go AFK or level up.

Using an Auto Performance coupon and having your character perform music is one of the most conventional methods to level up.



Playing music in MapleStory 2 is both practical and enjoyable, particularly when you start composing your own sheets.

It’s also a fantastic method to level up, and if you have Auto Performance Vouchers, you can do it while AFK.

Playing with friends makes it much more enjoyable since you can form your own small band while passing the time.

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