MapleStory 2 is a sequel to the popular MMORPG MapleStory. It was released for PC on October 10, 2018 and has been met with mixed reviews from players. The game features a new content update called the “Music Update,” which introduces a new music system that allows players to share their own custom songs with others in-game. Q:

The MapleStory 2 Music Sheets Guide is a guide for players who want to find the music sheets for MapleStory 2. Q:

If you’ve seen others playing instruments and want to join in the fun, you’ve probably already purchased an instrument but aren’t quite sure how it works.

To perform music in MapleStory 2, you’ll need a music sheet, also known as a music score in-game.

When playing music, you may utilize one of two types of music scores: those given in-game or those bought from the Music Academy Head or a music store.

You may also buy a blank piece of paper and write your own song, which is a lot of fun and impressive for most people.

Where Can I Purchase Music Sheets?


You may buy music scores to play or blank music sheets to create your own music scores at any music store.

If you’re not sure where to purchase music scores, you may seek for them by entering “music” into the map search area and go to their locations.


Simply choose the music score you want to perform and utilize it once your instrument is turned on to begin playing it.

Each music sheet has a certain number of uses (usually ten), after which it will no longer be playable and you will need to purchase more.

Music Scores in Blank Form


Blank music sheets, also known as Blank Music Scores, are available for purchase at a music store so that you may write your own tunes.

These are available in a variety of formats, including basic, intermediate, and advanced blank music scores.

This controls the maximum number of characters in your music score, thus the higher the rank of the music sheet, the longer the produced music score may be.

Other MapleStory 2 guides may be found here.

What Is The Best Way To Compose?


There are many various methods to create music, and determining which one is best for you is simple.

To begin, all you’ll need is a blank music sheet, and you may go from there to create your song.


You can create music after purchasing a blank music score by double clicking on it, which will open a window where you may do so.


You may start writing your music by entering the characters that will show the keys to be performed.

Simply hit the play button to listen to your song, and if you like it, click create score to finish it.

After that, you may perform the song using the personalized music score and your instrument.

Macro Language in Music (MML)


Music Macro Language is a kind of input that may be used to construct music compositions using code.

This may be used to compose music using the music sheets, allowing you to quickly build your own unique music scores to perform.


You may find them online at sites like and choose tracks that you want to include in your music score.

There are numerous other websites that offer MML that may be utilized for in-game material, but Musical Nexus is a popular choice among gamers.


For Musical Nexus, go to Maple Beats and choose whatever performance you want to do; most of the time, solo is the best option.

Whether you want to use the composition for group play, you may choose how many people will be performing the music to check if there are any MML files available.


You may search for music by looking at what is shown or by selecting a category; you can also put in a song to check whether it is available in search.

Because they are mainly created by other individuals, they cover a broad range of interests, resulting in a diverse set of compositions.


After you’ve chosen a song, you’ll be sent to its page, where you’ll find either a download link for the file that may be utilized in the composition or a code.


Return to your game and choose open file when composing to choose a piece of music to import after downloading the music macro language file.

Open the file to import the music media language onto your blank sheet after selecting the music you want to create.


You may then give the music score a name and click “Compose Score” to complete creating it, or you can listen to it first to ensure that you are happy with it.


You now have your own unique music score to play and for everyone to hear; all you have to do now is play it.


When your music score is complete and you’re ready to perform, double-click on your instrument to pull it out and open the Play Instrument window.

Right-click or drag your music score, whatever is more convenient for you, and then click “Start Performing” to have your character start playing the custom music score.



Many players like playing instruments as a component of the game since it offers them something to do while they wait as well as some experience.

There are many other MML files that have been freely posted by internet groups that may be of interest to you.

Composing a lengthier song is beneficial if you want to play for an extended period of time, since experience is dependent on the amount of time spent playing, and this will enable you to perform for longer periods of time, allowing you to get more experience.

It’s fun to try out your tunes with friends, and who knows, you and your pals could even travel to Queenstown and put on a show for everyone to enjoy.

MapleStory 2 is a popular game that has been around for quite some time. The maple story is the sequel to the first game. Q:

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