MapleStory 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Nexon. In this guide, we’ll be going over the best outfits for each class in the game. Q:

maplestory 2 is a mobile game that was released in January 2018. The maplestory 2 Outfits Guide is an online guide that provides information on all of the outfits in the game. Q:

Outfits, which come in a variety of various styles, are one method to alter the look of your character.

Some things may be bought, while others must be earned as you advance through the game.

Once donned, they alter the look of the gear you’re wearing, and they’re stored in a separate area.

When equipped, outfits may alter the look of your helmet, chest, trousers, gloves, boots, and cape.

How Do You Put Outfits Together?


When you initially start off, you are given a costume that is selected by customisation; you should be wearing it by now, but here is how you can change clothes if you take it off or have new ones.

Simply right-click on the costume from the clothes tab in your inventory to open it up in your inventory.

You may see what additional clothing pieces you’re wearing or delete them by opening the character window and selecting the outfits tab.

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List of Outfits

Clothes may be acquired in a variety of ways, including via prizes, purchases, and participation in events. Below is a list of some of the outfits available and where they can be obtained.

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Headgear)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Headgear) The cost (Merets)
Ears of a White Kitty 320
Fox Ears 320
Headphones MS-022 450
Horns of the Little Devil 450
Sunfish Hairpin by Sage Cat 280
Ears of a Squirrel 320
Hairband with a Raccoon and a Black Bunny 320
Hat made with bananas 320
Apple Hat 320
Kiwi Hat 320
Hat in orange 320
Cap on the Equalizer 280
Hat made with brown paper bags 250
Watermelon is a delicious fruit. 320
Halo of the Cherub 320
Bunny Bandana 320

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Tops)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Tops) The cost (Merets)
Shirt with Long Sleeves 250
T-shirt with a collar and long sleeves 250
T-Shirt with Collar and Short Sleeves 250
Hoodie with Long Sleeves 250
Hoodie with Short Sleeves 250
V-Neck Long-Sleeved 250
V-Neck T-Shirt with Short Sleeves 250
T-shirt with long sleeves and a crew neck 250
Tee with a crew neck and short sleeves 250
T-shirt with stripes 320
T-shirt with layers 320
Denim Shirt with Checks 320
Shirt in Cobalt Blue 320
White Shirt (Basic) 320
Sweater with a Collar 320
Wool Jacket with a Slim Fit 320
Mustang Jacket with Buckles 450
Jumper with Goose Padding 450
Safari Raccoon Jumper 450
Duffel Coat (Classic) 450
Tie and a white short-sleeved shirt 450

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Pants)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Bottoms) The cost (Merets)
Shorts made of cotton 250
Skinny Pants made of cotton 250
Cotton Pants 250
Iced Jeans are cool and refreshing. 320
Jeans with Chains 320
Pants in black, short 450
Skinny Denim Pants in Pale Denim 450

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Gloves)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Gloves) The cost (Merets)
Gloves that are half-sized 200
Gloves with no fingers 200
Gloves of distinction 200
Gloves with a Simple Design 200
Gloves removed 200
Nails with a lot of color 200
Nails with a Medium Color 250
Gloves made of leather with Studs 250
Half-gloves made of leather 250
Leather Gloves with No Fingers 250
Leather Gloves with a Difference 250
Leather Gloves 250
Gloves made of leather that are open 250
Ring with Layers 310
Ring of Candy 310
Mittens made of yarn 310

Market of Merit (Shoes)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Shoes) The cost (Merets)
Slippers with a Triple Line 200
Loafers in Suede 200
Socks & Shoes with Raindrops 250
Socks and shoes in black 250
Hiking Boots & Fishnet Socks 320
Socks and Sneakers with a Red Line 320
Hiking Boots with Leopard Print Socks 320
Sneakers & Camo Socks 320

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Capes)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Capes) The cost (Merets)
Tail of a Black Bunny 340
Tail of the White Bunny 340
Tail of the Squirrel 340
Fox Tail 340
Tail of a Yellow Cat 340
Sunfish Float by Sage Cat 390
Rocket Wings are a kind of aircraft that flies 390
Backpack that is square 390
Bag for a Baby Chicken 450
Kitty Tail with White Ribbon 450

Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Accessories)


Meret Market is a market in Meret, Thailand (Accessories) The cost (Merets)
Earrings of Thunder 220
Earrings with a Heart 220
Earrings with Twinkling Stars 220
Glasses with a Half-Rim 220
Glasses with a Half-Rim 220
Glasses with a square frame 220
Glasses with a round shape 220
Glasses with no frames 220
Goggles for Racing 220
Goggles with a Shade 220
Mustache with a toothbrush 250
Beard Thickness 250
Mustache, Curly 250
Scholarship’s Beard 250
Mask of the Phantom 250
Mustache with a Twist 250
Eye Patch with a Skull 310
Earrings with Donuts 310
Automatic Goggles with Cute Carrot Earrings 310
Medical Eye Patch, Black 310
Shades of Safety 310
Glasses with a Stylish Tiger Print 310
Whistle 320
Duck Beak 320
Yummy Lollipop 320

Coin Shop in Fashion (Crate Items)


Coin Shop in Fashion (Crate Items) The cost (Style Coin)
Hat with Plump Pink Beans 9
Bean Gloves in Plump Pink 6
Bean Shoes in Plump Pink 6
Suit of Plump Pink Beans 18
Pink Bean Tail Plump 6
Mask of a Horned Mushroom 9
Mask of Slime 9
Clogs for Summer 6
Mosquito Repellent Cape for Pigs 6
Authentic Summer Outfits 18
Orbiter of Angelic Pink Beans 9
Pink Bean Balloon that floats 6
Hat for a Baby Dinosaur 9
Gloves for Baby Dinosaurs 6
Dinosaur Baby Shoes 6
Clothes for Baby Dinosaurs 18
Tail of a Baby Dinosaur 6
Summer Starfish Ankle Bracelet in Aqua 6
Summer Crab Bracelet in Aqua 6
Summer Beachwear in Aqua 18
Summer Seahorse in Aqua 9
Tropical Fish in the Summer 6
Summer’s Bright Star 9
Rash Guard Top for Summer 9
Bottoms with Rash Guards for Summer 9
Ear Patch for Cats 6
Cat Mask 6
Headphones with a Kitty Paw 9
Balloon Flamingo Cape 6
Tube for Posters 6

Coin Shop in Fashion (Packages)


Coin of Fashion (Packages) The cost (Style Coin)
Outfit for a Kitten Maid 50
Outfit for an Astronaut 50
Outfit Package for Maple Alliance 25
Outfit for the Green Hoods 25
Outfit Package for the Royal Guard 25
Outfit Package for Lumiknights 25
Outfit Package for Dark Wind 25

Coin Shop in Fashion (Outfits)


Coin of Fashion (Outfits)

The cost (Style Coin)

Earrings with Kitten Bells

Kitten Maid Headband with Studs


Gloves for Kitten Maids

Hiking Boots for Kitten Maids


Ribbon Bell Tail for Kittens

Kitten Maid Suit (Classic)


Earrings in the Shape of a Planet for Astronauts

Helmet for Astronauts


Gloves for astronauts

Shoes for Astronauts


Mini UFO

Suit for an Astronaut


Various Outfits that may be obtained


It’s possible that certain things will simply appear in your inventory as a consequence of your progress in the game.

Other Outfits


Herb Beret Alkimi

Gain a 9th place ranking in foraging
Mushroom of the Angels

The Surprise Gift from Sleepy Shroom (Mushiking Weekend Event)

Mask of a Bat Swarm Jack-o-Lantern

Event for Halloween 2018
Flat Berg Mole Cap

Obtain Rank 9 in the Mining Industry

Hood of the Blood Cult

Treva (15:00)
Cerbe Hat

Dungeon Reward for Operation Hen Rescue

Horns of Chaos

Reward from the Forest of Chaos Dungeon
Horns, Commander

Reward from the Van Corta Dungeon

Flower in Motion

During the 2018 Maple Harvest Festival, this item was sold.
Horns of Devorak

Reward from the Shadow Altar Dungeon

Hat for Expert Adventurers

For Exploration Goals, you may earn a total of 100 stars.
The Last Helmet

The Vayar Dungeon Reward is the last of the Vayar Dungeon rewards.

Helmet of the Gatekeeper

Reward from the Poison Cave Dungeon
Griffin Helm is a fictional character created by Griffin Helm

Reward from the Toxic Garden Dungeon

Griffina Helm is a fictional character.

7F Reward in the Golden Tower
Pumpkin Hat for Halloween

Event for Halloween 2018

Slime with a Happy Head

Evening of Maple Spin 2018
Helm of Horus

Reward from Horus’s Nest Dungeon

Onion Hat with Leatherbow

Obtain a Farming Rank of 9
Moomoo’s Hat and Lo

Reward from the Moonlight Fortress Dungeon

Lycao Hat

Reward from the Cherry Blossom Forest Dungeon
Hat made of Mackerel

Fishing is a good way to get it.

Laurel Crown Meister

Obtain a Prestige Rank of 40.

Cow Hat Milkids

Obtain Rank 9 in the Ranching Industry
Horns of Rage

Dungeon of Katramus’ Depths Reward

Toh’s Hat and Googoo’s

Dungeon Reward from Muros Studio
Horns of a Warrior

Reward from the Ignicore Dungeon

Badge of Transparency


You may buy a transparency badge to wear if you want to conceal your armor instead than covering it up with clothes.

The transparency badge enables you to conceal equipment that is still attached. For example, if you wanted to conceal your helmet while keeping it equipped, you might use the transparency badge.



There are many costumes available in the game that can be bought from various stores inside the game, and they may help your character stand out in a crowd while also providing enjoyable personalization for everyone.

You may mix and combine any clothes you have on hand to create your own appearance, and you can even utilize bespoke apparel created in the workshop.

Nothing beats doing it in style when it comes to conquering evil people.

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