MapleStory 2 is a game that has an interesting concept of farming. The idea is to farm for Treva, which are used as currency in the game. This guide will go over everything you need to know about how to farm effectively and efficiently. Q:

MapleStory 2 is a free-to-play, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Nexon. The game was released on November 15th, 2018 and has been wildly popular since its release. Q: Read more in detail here: maplestory 2.

If you’ve been playing MapleStory 2 for a while, you may have spotted certain shadow shops selling Treva-related items.

Treva is a currency that can be effectively farmed if you know where to farm it and are capable of doing it quickly.


You can buy a variety of items with Treva that you can use later, but the most important thing is that you stock up on Treva so you can buy it when you need it.


There are numerous shadow shops scattered around the city, most of which are concealed, where you may spend your Treva; Queenstown has some of the simplest to locate.

The Shadow Supply Shop, Shadow Gear Shop, and Shadow Mount Shop are the three shadow shops presently available.

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What Is The Best Way To Farm Treva?


When others attempt to describe Treva farming, it may seem complex, and figuring it out for the first time can be even more difficult, but the reality is that it’s quite simple if you’re well prepared and have a good understanding of how to do it.


The first step is to go to one of the PVP maps above level 50, since they are the only ones that will enable you to farm Treva.

When you’re on a PVP map that’s higher than level 50 (52 and above), you’ll see red dots on your minimap.


These red spots indicate the presence of elite creatures, who must be defeated in order to create a gateway to the Twisted Pocket Realm.

It’s worth noting that they only have a small chance of spawning the portal, but it’s a good one, and after a few mobs, you should be able to get one up and running.


Once a portal has been created, enter it to be transported to the Twisted Pocket Realm, where you will be placed in a random scenario where you will get Treva and other materials.


Some instances may require you to kill a boss in a certain period of time before the timer runs out, since failing to do so will transport you out of the portal.


Other times, you’ll have to defend yourself against waves of opponents in a limited space, with three waves to contend with.


There’s also a job that requires you to demolish a watchtower, which is comparable to fighting a monster but much simpler.


After completing the goal, you will be given four boxes to open, each containing Treva as well as many other materials that you may need later.


Other instances will put you on a map where you may travel freely for a short period of time in order to hunt creatures like Rainbow Slime, who drop Mesos and other goodies when hit.

Killing them fast will net you a lot of Treva, and concentrating on taking out as many as possible will ensure you get a lot of excellent stuff in a short period of time.

Other comparable events occur when you enter a pocket world, and they are all random, independent of whatever map you are farming Treva on.

To put it simply, you kill elite opponents in PVP maps that are greater than level 50 in the hopes of spawning a gateway.

Treva’s Farming Locations


Treva farming may be accomplished by going to PVP maps above level 50 that include elite opponents to be hunted.

There are essentially five maps where you may start farming Treva, ranging in level from 52 to 60, and each of them will allow you to harvest a good quantity of Treva.

Forest that has been sealed (Level 52)


The Sealed Forest is the lowest of all the PVP maps where you may farm Treva, with opponents that are level 52, and may be the ideal option for people who are new to the game and have difficulty dealing with higher level monsters.

You’ll be looking for elite creatures like Frillerlia and Shadowmander, which will spawn all over the place.

The Barkback Stalker, Shadowshroom, Cursed Tree Spirit, and Abandoned Wood Figure monsters are all plant-type foes found on this map.

Forest of Doom (Level 54)


The Gloomy Forest is the second map on the list, and it has level 54 monsters that spawn across the region.

Oniobu and Tick Tock Rabbits, which may be found among various mobs, are your best bet for exceptional monsters.

Panda Trainee, Oniodavi, Red Onionling, and Rotpigs, which are either beast or humanoid opponents, may also be found on the map.

Mount Obsidian (Level 56)


Obsidian Mount is our third map, and it sits in the center of the five, with opponent spawns at level 56.

When farming Treva here, keep a look out for exceptional monsters like Heck Hog and Spear Beetles.

Other opponents in the region include the Black Birk, Black Mountain Golem, Crowdog, Corvid, and Dark Matter Pim, who are a combination of beast, spirit, divine, and fairfolk in one map.

Graveyard of Cozalita (Level 58)


Cozalita Graveyard is our fourth map, and all of the monsters in the map have a spawn level of 58, making it a little difficult for those who aren’t adequately prepared.

Proto Constructor and Forgotten Anu opponents are the elite spawns in this map, therefore you’ll have to hunt them down and kill them.

Black Master King, Black Master Queen, Black Master Rook, Black Master Bishop, and Black Master Pawn will be among the inanimate creatures wandering the area.

Melta Dam (Melta Dam) is a (Level 60)


Melta Dam is the highest level of all the PVP missions, and it is here that you may farm Treva, which is sometimes a better location to farm experience and take use of the map’s layout since it is easier to navigate.

The Forgotten Monus and Ancient Gate Keeper, which appear in random locations with monsters, will be your primary targets.

Giant Sprite, Void Golem, Forgotten Winged Beetle, Ancient Speedy Beetle, and Shadow Simian, which are a mix of fairfolk, spirit, bug, and animals on one map, are some of the monsters that may be found in this map.

Equipment to Consider


Because you’ll be fighting opponents ranging in level from 52 to 60, depending on the map you choose, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared.

Keep in mind that you will be timed while within the Twisted Pocket Realm, and you must be able to kill foes quickly or you may lose out on valuable treasure.

If you can easily beat opponents in the maps, there’s a high possibility you’ll be able to overcome adversaries in the Twisted Pocket Realm as well.

It’s ideal to be level 60 to 70, and you should have have a bag from the navigator rewards, which contains amazing +10 gear and other goodies.

This enables you to hunt more effectively, increase your damage output, and increase your survivability.



  • Make sure your equipment is up to par in order to withstand the many opponents you may encounter, and being between levels 60 and 70 will ensure a better farming experience.
  • If you’d rather remain on one map but don’t want to wait for the elite monsters to respawn, switch channels and battle the elites on the other channel.
  • Test your damage on creatures higher than level 50 on the PVP maps to see if you can kill them easily; if you can, the Twisted Pocket Realm should be no problem.
  • Check the timer to see how much time you have to complete your goal, and try not to waste time since every second counts.



Treva farming is more simpler than most people believe, and if you are properly prepared, you may easily earn 5,000 per hour or more.

Using navigator awards or higher-rated gear you may have farmed can substantially enhance your ability to harvest Treva since all you need is speed while completing maps.

There is no one-size-fits-all class to choose, and as long as you can kill the opponents on the battlefield and in the Twisted Pocket Realm, you’ll be able to harvest a lot of Treva.

Treva farming may be done alone or in a group, although most players prefer solo since they claim to want all of the treasure.

If you farm Treva, you’ll almost certainly end up with a lot of Mesos and other resources that you’ll need later.

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