The Elder Scrolls Online has a new update, and with it comes the Iron Demon. This is a new set of armor that will be available to players who have completed the main story quest in Cyrodiil. Players can also get their hands on the Iron Demon by crafting it themselves, but they’ll need some special materials to do so. Here’s everything you need to know about the Iron Demon. Q:

The mhw hammer guide is a detailed article that covers the MHW Iron Demon. This article includes information on how to craft the weapon, what the requirements are for upgrading it, and where players can find more information about it. Q:

The Iron Demon is a Second Tier craftable weapon from the Hammer family’s (Ore) Tree.

Before advancing to the Iron Archdemon or branching out into the Workshop Weapon Tree, this weapon may be improved up to three times.

Information about the equipment


Attack Sharpness Affinity Element Rarity Slot

Damage from Elementals

I am an Iron Demon. 572 Mid Range 0% None 3 0


I am an Iron Demon.I is the sequel to Iron Demon.

676 Mid Range 0% None 4 0 0
Iron Demon II is the sequel to Iron Demon.I is a third-person shooter. 728 Mid Range 0% Blast 5 1


Requirements for CraftingMHWHID-2

Iron Demon I

  • x2 Dragonite Ore
  • x5 Machalite Ore
  • x2 Monster Bone M
  • Zenny 2000

Iron Demon II

  • x2 Monster Bone
  • x5 Dragonite Ore
  • x2 Coral Crystal
  • x10 Machalite Ore
  • Zenny 4000

Iron Demon III is a third-person shooter.

  • x5 Dragonite Ore
  • x8 Carbalite Ore
  • Crystal Dragonvein x2
  • Zenny 6000


Upgrades for Iron Demon I

  • Iron Demon II is the sequel to Iron Demon (Ore)
  • I’ve got a frozen core (Workshop Weapons)

Upgrades for Iron Demon II

Upgrades for Iron Demon III

The mhw jet hammer is a weapon in Monster Hunter World. It is the first weapon to be introduced into the game and it has a unique look. Q:

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