The Monster Hunter series has been a mainstay in the gaming industry for decades. With its latest iteration, Monster Hunter World, released on January 26th, 2018, players are finally able to take on the role of a hunter rather than just a mere spectator. Q:

The monster hunter world beginner’s guide 2020 is a guide that will help new players to get started with the game. Q:

Despite the fact that Monster Hunter World has been available for a while, new players and veterans of prior games are still flocking to the vast new frontier of Monster Hunter World.

This is a quick overview of the fundamentals for new players, as well as a demonstration of some of the new quality of life enhancements for veterans of the previous Monster Hunter games.

A lot of information in Monster Hunter World may be intimidating, but this tutorial aims to break down some of that knowledge into digestible chunks.

The Beginning of the GameMHWIBG-2

Monster Hunter isn’t your normal game, and it doesn’t have a difficulty level that determines how simple or tough each task is.

It’s as if you’re the hunter who’s just arrived in this strange new planet, creating an immersive experience.

The game itself teaches any player the fundamentals of how to behave and move in this new environment, and it goes even further by including a plethora of interactive menus with easily understandable short snippets.

This may be quite useful for both newcomers and experienced who want to acquire knowledge fast and get back into the action.

The attraction of Monster Hunter World is the sense of freedom to pick your path. The Avatar you design has no stats or abilities to speak of.

Simply seek and battle Monsters, then manufacture goods from the resources collected, as well as the different objects found in the frontier, such as bugs, ores, and even bones.

Getting ReadyMHWIBG-3

To hunt larger and more difficult creatures in Monster Hunter World, you’ll need to hunt, create, and collect resources.

So, here’s a quick rundown of the arsenal of things that may be new to most players, or to see if you’re missing out on anything in the game.

The further you advance in the game, the more gear you’ll find, and you’ll ultimately work your way up to creating and upgrading the most powerful gear.


There are now 14 weapons in Monster Hunter World, including 11 Melee Weapons and 3 Ranged Weapons. Each weapon is distinct and strong, and mastering them may change the way you play the game.

Each weapon may be customized with various stats and attributes, as well as varied looks, to offer the player a more immersive experience.

To get the upper hand in your hunt, you may utilize the terrain to your advantage by performing aerial assaults and maneuvers.

The various weapons each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, but here are some short, easy-to-understand explanations of each.

Melee weapons come in a variety of designs and movesets, but the good news is that they don’t need ammo. However, you will need to sharpen them when they get too worn down.

Ranged weapons are simple to use since all you have to do is aim and fire, but the wonderful thing about them is that they can be loaded with a variety of status ammo and even tranq ammunition for capturing immobilized creatures.

1) Weapons of Melee


  • Greatsword – A hefty slashing weapon with a sluggish movement speed.
  • Long Sword — Makes wide arching strokes that enhance your strike strength.
  • Insect Glaive – Aerial attacks that rely on Kinsects to obtain monster bonuses.
  • Hammer – A powerful weapon that can knock enemies down with its fast and heavy blunt blows.
  • Horn – Heavy blunt smashes while playing music that may boost both the player and the squad.
  • Lance – Heavy precise strikes with excellent defense and the ability to charge creatures.
  • Gunlance — Medium-precision assaults with spear points that explode.
  • Switch Axe – Quick combinations with medium to heavy strikes and low defense.
  • Charge Blade — Short-range strikes that transform into powerful elemental assaults.
  • Sword and Shield — Short-range strikes that allow for the use of utility and gear.
  • Dual Blades — High mobility and short-range burst damage.

2) Weapons with a long range


  • Bow – Mid-ranged assaults with a limitless supply of ammo
  • Light Bowgun — Bullets of various kinds that may be used with rapid-fire ammo.
  • Slow mobility with heavier weaponry and the ability to equip shields.

Sets of ArmorMHWIBG-7

Are craftable items that need resources to manufacture, and unlike prior games, any armor created may now be utilized with both melee and ranged weapons.

There are many levels of armor that may be constructed, with the quality of materials required varying from Monster to Monster.

The following are some examples of armor that may be worn:

  • Armor for the Head
  • Armor for the Chest
  • Arms and Armour
  • Armor for the Waist
  • Armor for the legs

Armor components will have slots on them that will enable you to personalize the armor by adding decorations that will change the stats and tailor the armor to your desire.

When it comes to armor sets, there are three factors to keep in mind:


Armors constructed of a particular creature will acquire some of its characteristics, such as elemental defense or powers like hunger suppression or cold resistance.

These may let you customize your character to fit your playing style and make it more enjoyable to use.


Different types of armor have different effects on how you play; some contain attributes that assist your character deal with your playstyle or the weapon you’re using, while others offer bonuses that enhance your character’s skills.


Nothing beats battling monsters in style since there are many components that you can mix and combine to help you feel more in tune with your character and, not to mention, look like a complete badass.

Charms MHWIBG-8

Charms are unique trinkets that are acquired as you advance through the game’s instructive narrative mode.

They may provide or even increase the powers of the armor sets you wear, improve particular buffs, and even boost protection so that your armor parts don’t get in the way.


So mix and combine whatever works best for you or the task you’re about to go on.

Palico MHWIBG-10

These are your essential felyne friends, they have been around forever and they are extremely loyal and helpful.

They level up as you complete tasks that improve their health and other attributes. Every Palico is unique in some manner due to the fact that they may be modified with various armor parts and weaponry.

They may either assist you in attacking or divert the monster’s attention away from you, allowing you to fight. They can also heal you or utilize explosives and traps that they carry into missions, which can make a significant impact from time to time.


Also, when on the field, if you notice another palico roaming about, your Palico will engage with them and ask for their help. You may also acquire your friends’ Palico by obtaining their Guild Cards, which will allow you to see them on missions.

Palico’s will get a number of new features when you complete quests in the field. As a Monster Hunter, as you advance in your profession.

Monster Hunter World MissionsMHWIBG-11

There are numerous quests you can do in Monster Hunter World that aren’t restricted to simply killing Big Monsters, which isn’t always a negative thing. However, there are a few tasks that you may be overlooking.

Types of Quests

  • Assigned Quests – This is your primary narrative mission, which allows you to explore more of the global map and exposes you to the many sights to see in Monster Hunter World.
  • Resource Center Quests – these are optional quests that you may undertake in addition to your objective. Which may be exchanged for Research Points to spend in the cultivation farm or to pay for a meal in the canteen.
  • Optional Quest – These are repeated quests that are tasks you’ve already completed as assignments or killing a captive Big Monster in the arena so you may finish them and earn a little more of that monster’s resource.

Quests for Delivery – they may be found in the resource center. These missions may be obtained from any random NPC with a gold exclamation mark above their head. They will have a delivery mission for you, which will be for upgrading your Headquarters and/or constructing Camps in various parts of the global map, but not limited to.

Ranks in Hunting MHWIBG-12

Hunting Ranks, or HR for short, is your gaming level as you advance through your Handler Assignments and join other players in their quests. which may reach the highest rating of HR999.

This also determines which Monsters you may hunt for materials and which parts of the game you have access to.

Hunting for Monsters MHWIBG-13

This is the most important thing you do in this game, and there are two ways to accomplish it: the fun way and the simple way. Both are viable choices, but one may provide better results than the other.

Taking Out a Monster


Gear up and go hunting for monsters to kill them, which is usually done when a mission demands it or if you aren’t in the mood to capture them.

You may take your time breaking and shattering pieces or cutting tails to collect them before killing them, then carve out the remainder for yourself using this technique.

Monsters Captured


This technique requires you to take your time battling the monster and wait until it begins to hobble away or seems to be weak.

You can set up a pitfall trap and then use tranq bombs or tranq ammunition to knock the monster unconscious and catch it while it’s in this condition.

This technique may produce more things, but it is more likely to be a mixed bag than obtaining tails or other parts straight from the Monster.


They will then be offered as an Optional Quest to complete in order to earn additional resources. Your caught monster may also be seen napping near the research deck.

Depending on your playstyle and abilities, any of these two methods may be a simple or enjoyable approach to deal with the monsters, so there’s no need to worry about the best way to deal with them until a particular goal is established.

Buffs of MealsMHWIBG-16

Always remember to eat in the canteen before starting your missions; these meals may provide you and your palico special benefits that won’t wear off while you’re out on the field.

You may eat another meal out in the field at the base camps to recover your buffs so you can go back to fighting monsters without having to return to your headquarters.


These are one of the basic equipment in Monster Hunter World, and they will always be at your side no matter what your loadout or gear is.

When you’re out hunting monsters or looking for supplies, they may help you navigate by illuminating the path.

Scoutflies will glow and swarm over anything you may interact with, making it simpler to locate items or gatherable resources.


When you first open the map on the field, it may be confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be checking it all the time.

Basically, the map is automatically marked with all of the things you may discover; each tiny symbol represents an item or a gatherable resource that you can get.

You may use your mouse to highlight each item to see what you’re looking at, making some of the resource collecting missions a snap to complete.

One of the greatest features of the map is that you can use it to communicate with your Scoutflies by marking your goal and having them lead you there.


Poogie is a tiny pig who roams about your Headquarters and may be interacted with. It’s been believed that Poogie might bring you luck before missions.

The game creators have verified that this is not the case, and that Poogie’s animation is for learning how to prepare well done steaks in the field, although if you’re a superstitious hunter, it wouldn’t hurt to massage the pig for good luck.


Monster Hunter is a game in which you, as a Hunter of the Fifth Fleet, must hunt down enormous monsters as you advance through the Hunter Ranks and uncover a compelling and well-crafted narrative.

In the game, you’ll encounter a variety of creatures that will put your abilities to the test as you adapt to various surroundings, alter your combat techniques, and even mix and match your gear to best fit your goal.

You will feel strong with a vast armory of weapons, armor, and equipment that you can create. The more monsters you hunt and the more equipment you create and equip, the more fun the game becomes.

So, what do you have to lose? Prepare yourself for a new journey in Monster Hunter World, as a whole new world of action and adventure awaits you.

The monster hunter world beginner weapon is a weapon that players can start with in the game. It has an elemental attribute and is used for hunting monsters. Q:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get into Monster Hunter world?

It can be difficult to get into Monster Hunter World, but the rewards are worth the effort. Q:

What is the monster at the beginning of Monster Hunter world?

The monster at the beginning of Monster Hunter World is called a Zinogre. Its a large, four-legged dinosaur with scales that are very tough and sharp. Q:

What is the best starting weapon in Monster Hunter world?

The best starting weapon in Monster Hunter World is the bow. Q:

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