Monster Hunter World is a game that has been met with widespread acclaim, and has brought in over $8 billion dollars since its release. The game’s success has led to the creation of new builds for players looking to take on tougher challenges. Q:

The best heavy bowgun mhw iceborne is a weapon that’s only in the game for a limited time. This build will allow you to take down any monster in the game without too much effort. Q:

The Heavy Bowgun has made a reputation for itself when it comes to doing tremendous damage while maintaining a safe distance.

The Heavy Bowgun is the ranged category’s most powerful damage dealer, trading mobility for combat supremacy because to its tremendous damage and devastating Firepower.

You’ll discover a few excellent builds in this tutorial that you can use as an endgame build or even make your own to effortlessly blast enemies to smithereens while staying out of harm’s path.

Other Heavy Bowgun Guides may be found below.

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1) Heavy Bowgun Cluster Bomb Build1631479812_369_Monster-Hunter-World-Heavy-Bowgun-Builds-2020

This build is intended to maximize the damage of Cluster Bomb 3 and Sticky Bomb 3 ammo while still providing a little of survivability.

Armor Set

Info Head Torso Arms Waist Legs
Name Yeno’Jiiva Headgear Xeno’Jiiva Headgear Xeno’Jiiva Headgear Hide Y Xeno’Jiiva Long Arms Y Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin Xeno’Jiiva Spine Y Xeno’Jiiva Spine Y Xeno’Ji Leg Guards B by Kirin
Slot machine with jewels 2-1-1 1-1-0 2-2-0 3-1-0 1-1-0
Vs. Fire -3 -3 -3 -3 -3
Vs. Water 2 2 -2 2 -2
Thunder vs. 2 2 4 2 4
Vs. Ice 2 2 -2 2 -2
Dragon vs. -4 -4 2 -4 2
Defense of the Base 72 72 64 72 64
Skills Xeno’Jiiva Divinity 1/3, Blight Resistance 2, Power Prolonger 1. Xeno’Jiiva Divinity 1/3, Flinch Free 2 Capture Monster 1/3, Blight Resistance 1, Free/Ammo Up Xeno’Jiiva Divinity 1/3, 1st critical boost Kirin Favor 1/3, Free Elem/Ammo Up 2


Charms that are Protective

  • Primary Blessing Charm III
  • Charms of Resistance III
  • Charm of the Bulwark

Charms of Assault

  • Charm III KO
  • Charm of Artillery III
  • Critical Appeal II


  • 7x Jewel of Attack
  • 1 x Bracelet 3 x Bracelet
  • 2x Flawless Jewel 3x Flawless Jewel


  • Armor 3/3 – Blight Resistance

                       Protection from all elemental blights is granted by this skill.

When utilizing this build against creatures with elemental blights, there is a chance that you will be in the line of fire of the monster’s elemental attacks.

  • Free Flinch 3/3 – Armor/Jewels

                     Skill Effect: Prevents knockbacks and other minor damage responses.

To cut down on attack times, being tripped and pushed back by basic monster strikes or careless friendly fire may cost you valuable bombing chances.

While you wait for your Rocksteady or Temporal Mantels to replenish, this talent may help you alleviate such problems.

  • 3/3 Free Elem/Ammo – Armor

                     Level 3 Skill Effect: Extends magazine size for most ammunition and draws out 100% of hidden element.

This ability works well with Spare Shot since having an additional bullet in your loaded magazine improves cluster bomb firing rate while decreasing reload times. You also have a chance to have a refilled bullet in your magazine at any moment, allowing you to keep raining down cluster bombs.

  • Xeno’Jiiva Divinity 3/3 – Armor Skill 1/1 – Razor Sharp/Spare Shot

                     Sharpness loss is reduced by half while using this skill. Bows and bowguns offer an opportunity to save money on coatings and ammunition.

With the possibility of not eating ammunition, you may increase the clip’s total damage output while avoiding the hassle of manufacturing and reloading while battling, minimizing downtime.

  • Decoration – Attack Boost 7/7

                     Level 7 Skill Effect: Attack +21, Affinity +5%

This ability improves the damage of your Cluster Bombs and Sticky Bombs by increasing your attack by a certain amount.

  • Charm 3/3 – Divine Blessing

                      Skill Effect: Level 3: Has a 25% chance of reducing damage received by 50%.

Whilst using the Flinch Free skill and your Rocksteady Mantle when being attacked in solo play, this charm may increase survivability by reducing incoming damage.

  • Armor/Decoration – Peak Performance 3/3

                     Effect of Skill: When your health is at its best, you’ll be able to do whatever you want. Level 3: gives a 20% increase in attack.

Just an extra damage ability that you may use at the outset of a battle or after you’ve topped yourself up with a potion to ensure that your bombs are delivering the most damage possible.

Stat Stick Expertise

These are inherent abilities of the armor components needed to complete the construction, however they are useless in the Heavy Bomber Build.

  • Armor 1 / 3 – Power Prolonger   

                      Long swords, dual blades, bug glaives, switch axes, and charge blades all benefit from this skill. Level 1: Bonus duration is increased by 10%.

  Only melee weapons are affected by this ability.

  • 1 / 3 Critical Boost – Armor

                     Level 1 Skill Effect: Increases critical hit damage by 130 percent.

Heavy ammunition, such as Cluster Bombs and Sticky Bombs, are not impacted by affinity, although standard and element munitions may benefit from it if used in the battle.

Weapon Options Suggestions

Devourer of the Dark (Deviljho Tree)

Although it has negative affinity, the primary ammunition type, Cluster and Sticky bomb damage, is unaffected.

Flames of Teostra (Black Steel Tree)

This heavy bowgun can utilize a variety of ammunition types to compete with the Darkdevourer in terms of overall dps, but it does less damage with Cluster and Sticky Bombs since they are solely impacted by the weapon’s raw damage scaling.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Can do a lot of damage in a short period of time, making it ideal for speed runs or repeated farming runs.
  • Due to the many ammunition types you may carry with you, you can maintain a constant DPS.
  • Flexible construct that can adjust to a variety of situations by simply swapping charms without changing armor.
  • Large AOE for dealing damage to numerous opponents or in a turf battle when striking two monsters.


  • Friendly fire from Cluster Bombs may knock melee allies out of position.
  • Vulnerability to the elements of fire and dragon.
  • Arcing bullets fired slowly.

How to Build a Heavy Bowgun with Cluster Bombs1631479813_786_Monster-Hunter-World-Heavy-Bowgun-Builds-2020

Before donning the Rocksteady Mantle, you should position yourself within the maximum range of your cluster bombs to allow yourself enough time to fire off your next shot in your clip or from a Spare Shot.

Due to the scarcity of Cluster ammunition and Sticky Bombs, it is preferable to manufacture your III ammo rather than switching to weaker ammo to optimize damage output.

It is strongly advised that you place your ammo crafting on your radial menu for easier access during more difficult battles.

When battling fast-moving foes like the Nergigante, always remember to fire your Cluster Bomb after they move to improve the odds of it hitting your target.

2) Heavy Bowgun Tank Build1631479814_588_Monster-Hunter-World-Heavy-Bowgun-Builds-2020

This build focuses on long-term health and defense, taking use of the Heavy Bowguns Shield Mod’s Auto-Guard function, which can deflect even the most powerful assaults with little to no impact on the wielder when maxed up.

Armor Set

Info Head Torso Arms Waist Legs
Name Helm of Damascus A Y Nergigante Nergigante Nergigante Nergigante Nergig Vambraces Y Nergigante Coil Y Nergigante Nergigante Nergigante Nergigante Nergig Greaves, Empress A
Slot machine with jewels 1-0-0 3-2-1 2-1-1 3-1-0 2-1-0
Vs. Fire 4 1 1 1 3
Vs. Water -2 1 1 1 1
Thunder vs. 0 -3 -3 -3 1
Vs. Ice 0 1 1 1 -3
Dragon vs. 0 -3 -3 -3 -2
Defense of the Base 60 72 72 72 70
Skills Speed Sharpening 1, Defense Boost 2 Nergigante Hunger 1, Maximum Might 1 Nergigante Hunger 1 (Pathbreaker 1, Attack Boost 1) Nergigante Hunger 1, Maximum Might 1, Agitator 1 Lunastra Favor 1 (Health Boost 2), Wide-Range 2 (Wide-Range 2), Health Boost 2 (Wide-Range


Charms that are Protective

  • Primary Recovery Charm III
  • Charm of the Bulwark
  • Charm of Friendship III
  • Resistance to Blight III

Charms that are offensive

  • Breaker of Parts III
  • III Offensive Guard
  • Special Ammo Boost II is a sequel to the popular Special Ammo Boost.


  • 5x Jewel of Defense 1
  • Ironwall Jewel 1 x 5
  • 2x Shield Jewel 1x Shield Jewel 1x Shield Jewel 2x Shield
  • 1 x Vitality Jewel 1 x Vitality Jewel 1 x Vitality Jewel 1

Note: To fit all of the decorations, you’ll need a weapon with at least 2-0-0, preferably one that can carry the Shield Jewel 2.


  • 7/7 Defense Boost – Armor/Decorations

                    Level 7: +10 percent defense, +35 percent bonus, and +5 to all elemental resistances

 This guarantees that, despite your shield’s inability to prevent assaults, you may still tank and absorb damage when you’re exposed, such as while reloading or being assaulted while on the offensive with your Heavy Bowgun.

  • Recover as quickly as possible 1/1 – Hunger of the Nergigante 3 out of 3 – Armor

                   If you strike the monster at least 5 times in 5 seconds, the skill regenerates a specified amount of life.

This impacts several occurrences damage from piercing ammunition, which works in combination with the weapon augment life regen. Objectively better on the Heavy Bowgun or from ranged assaults in general since they may activate the skill from a safe distance.

  • 3/3 Health Boost – Armor/Decorations

                   Level 3 Skill Effect: Health Increased by 50%

Because you’ll be drawing eneminity and all of the aoe strikes from monsters, this is a staple for all tanks: more health, greater insurance for surviving heavy blows.

  • 3/3 Recoveries – Decorations – Charm

                  Level 3 Skill Effect: Health Restoring effects are 30% more effective.

This increases the effectiveness of all current therapeutic techniques, including hastening recovery.

  • Decorations 5/5 – Guard

                 Level 5 Skill Effect: Significantly lowers the effect of assaults and stamina loss by 50%.

This lowers heavy strikes and works in conjunction with guard up to minimize incoming damage from even unblockable attacks that do little to no damage.

  • 1/1 – Guard Up – Decorations

                Level 1 Skill Effect: Allows you to defend against strikes that are normally unblockable.

This ability enables the user to block all assaults with the exception of the Behemoth’s Cataclysmic Meteor, making it a must-have for any tank with a shield.

Stat Stick Expertise

                        Level 1 Skill Effect: While active, gives +4 Attack and boosts Affinity by 5%.

Because this talent is often triggered by aggressive creatures like the Deviljho or Nergigante, it is effective against them.

  • Sharpening speed 1/3         

                       Level 1 Skill Effect: Removes one sharpening cycle from the procedure.

Because the emphasis is on Heavy Bowguns, this feature is unnecessary in this version, but it may be useful in future releases.

  • 2/3 Maximum Might         

                      Level 2 Skill Effect: Increases Affinity by 20% when active.

Because you won’t be spending stamina very frequently and just a little amount while deflecting strikes, you’ll have this up a lot to help inflict more damage and keep the monster’s attention on you while your team assaults.

  • 2/5 Wide-Range          

                    Level 2 Skill Effect: Items have a 33 percent chance of affecting adjacent teammates in a larger radius.

If your squad doesn’t have one, you may enhance this ability even more by using a charm to offer assistance.

  • 1/3 partbreaker          

                  Level 1: Part damage is increased by 10%.

When you’re on the attack or attempting to get eneminity from monsters, this adds a little more utility.

  • 1/7 Attack Boost           

                 Level 1: Attack +3; Level 2: Attack +3; Level 3: Attack +3; Level 4: Attack +3

It may be modest as is, but with Attack Charm III, it can be upgraded to a level 4 attack boost with +12 and +5% affinity.

Weapon Options Suggestions

“Ruin” Empress Cannon (Lunastra Tree)

Due to its high damage and inherent Hasten Recovery skill, this is an excellent fit for this build. Additionally, the normal ammo it carries has a +2 recoil, enabling the heavy bowgun to be equipped with three shield modifications without worrying about fire-rate.

Chrome Assault II is a sequel to the first (Iron Ore Tree)

If you wish to alter this construct, upgrading this weapon 2x with a gem slot creates 1-1-2, enabling it to carry the Shield Decoration and 2 additional Decorations for greater versatility.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Survivability is very high.
  • Self-sustainability is high in combat, with minimal rest between attacks.
  • Super Attacks that are normally unblockable may be blocked.
  • The Auto-Guard function allows you to block and move regardless of the attack’s angle.
  • Reduces incoming damage to practically nothing, making it almost impossible to kill with a single blow.


  • The Heavy Bowgun is sluggish to move and sheath, leaving the user exposed.
  • Dragon Damage is a weakness.
  • There is no defense against blight.
  • Damage is moderate.

How to Build a Tank Heavy BowgunMHWHBB-5

When fighting, you should position yourself between the monster and your friends to earn eneminity from the creature.

To make the most of your shield, timing your reloads and attack patterns. Only reload after the monster complete its combo strikes, and remember that your shield cannot block while you are on the offensive or reloading.

Use healing goods or consumable buffs near friends to help them benefit from Widerange, which will increase the mission’s odds of success. As an additional bonus in solo missions, your palico will benefit as well.

Always keep track of opponent and ally locations so that you may utilize your attacks to free them from stuns or fire them with Recovery, Demon, and Armor ammunition to serve as a support tank.

3) Heavy Bowgun Build Wyvernheart/WyvernsnipeMHWHBB-6

This build improves the Heavy Bowguns’ Recharge rate, overall Damage, and effectiveness in combat by maximizing the efficacy of the Wyvernsnipe and Wyvernheart special ammunition.

Armor Set

Info Head Torso Arms Waist Legs
Name Nero Helm is a Diablos Diablos Diablos Diablos Diablos Diablos B. Rathalos Mail Nergigante Vambrace Y Nergigante Vambrace Y Nergigante Vambrace Xeno’Jiiva Spine Y Xeno’Jiiva Spine Y Xeno’Ji Grieves, Nergigante Y
Slot machine with jewels 1-0-0 1-0-0 2-1-1 3-1-0 2-2-0
Vs. Fire 3 3 1 -3 1
Vs. Water -3 1 1 2 1
Thunder vs. 0 -2 -3 2 -3
Vs. Ice -4 1 1 2 1
Dragon vs. 2 -3 -3 -4 -3
Defense of the Base 56 64 72 72 72
Skills Focus x2 2nd Weakness Exploitation 1st Partbreaker 1st Attack Boost 1st Partbreaker 1st Attack Critical Boost 1 3rd Attack Boost



  • Primary Breaker Charm II
  • Unscathed Charm III is the third installment of the Unscathed Charm series.
  • III Master’s Charm


  • Charm of Resistance III
  • Resistance to Blight III
  • III Health Boost


  • 3x Jewel of Attack 1
  • Critical Jewel 2 2x
  • 1 x Charger 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2
  • 1 x Trueshot Jewel 2 x Trueshot Jewel 2 x Trueshot Jewel 1
  • 1 x Tenderizer Jewel 2 x Tenderizer Jewel 2 x Tenderizer Jewel


  • 7/7 Attack Boost – Armor/Decoration

               Level 7 Skill Effect: Attack +21, Affinity +5%

Increases damage by a fixed percentage and adds affinity chance to increase total damage, boosting Special Ammo Types’ offensive potential.

  • Decoration/Charm – Partbreaker 3/3

              Level 3: Part damage is increased by 30%.

Adds some synergy with the weakness exploit skill, but it is not required to be maxed out. It may be changed with any other charm to enhance defense or attack, leaving the Partbreaker at 10%, which is still useful.

  • Armor/Decoration Weakness Exploit 3/3

              Attacks that strike weak areas have a 30% boost in Affinity, with an additional 20% on injured parts. Skill Effect: Level 3: Attacks that hit weak locations have a 30% increase in Affinity, with an extra 20% on wounded parts.

This ability may be used with any weapon, but it’s especially helpful for boosting the total damage potential of the unique ammunition types.

  • Armor/Decoration Critical Boost 3/3

              Level 3 Skill Effect: Increases critical hit damage by 140 percent.

Increases critical hit damage output and works well with Weakness Exploit.

  • Armor/Decoration 2/2 Special Ammo Boost

              Level 2: Increases the strength of special ammunition for bowguns and the Dragon Piercer by 20%.

The Wyvernheart Barrage and Wyvernsnipe’s Piercing and Explosive damage are directly improved by this talent.

  • 3rd Focus: Armor/Decoration

              Level 3 skill effect: Increases gauge fill rate by 20% and decreases charge times by 15%.

Reduces the unique ammunition type’s downtime, making it more useful in combat.

Weapon Options Suggestions


Fusillade of Destruction (Nergigante Tree)

Because of its low deviation and great damage, it’s an excellent weapon for Wyvernheart. You may use Spread III while your Wyvernheart is recharging.

Xeno Jiiqa (Xeno’Jiiva Tree) is a kind of Xeno Jiiqa tree.

If you want your builds to have a little more versatility, the Xeno Jiiqa is an excellent choice. It has a 3-3-0 decorating slot that can accommodate two of the ammunition enhancing gems like Normal and Piercing shot up.


“Styx” Empress Cannon (Lunastra Tree)

With its good affinity rating and low recoil for piercing ammunition 3 that acts like a lesser version of the Wyvernsnipe, this weapon is a great match for this design.

Blazooka Griffon (Diablos Tree)

Although this weapon has the lowest affinity of all wyvernsnipe weapons, it may be upgraded to reduce the negative affinity and therefore be effective for critical damage.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • DPS is high.
  • The unique ammunition never runs out and just has to be recharged.
  • Can simply break components to degrade monster attacks and abilities.
  • Apart from the Special Ammo, it may synergize with any other ammo you’ll be utilizing.


  • Before attacking, the Wyvernheart takes a long time to spool up.
  • When fighting tiny creatures, Wyvernheart is less effective.
  • Attacking leaves you vulnerable to monster assaults.

How to Build a Heavy Bowgun with Wyvernheart/WyvernsnipeMHWHBB-7

To take advantage of the build’s fast recharge period, it’s advisable to stock up on special ammunition and utilize it to launch your assaults.

When utilizing the Wyvernheart, remember to obtain an open vantage point on big portions like the wings or body.

When using the Wyvernsnipe, aim to concentrate all of your shots on the vulnerable areas, and always fire from Head to Tail or vice versa to maximum damage.

Always remember to utilize your standard ammunition in rotation with your Wyverntype ammo rather than depending on Wyverntype ammo as your sole source of damage.


These builds have all been tried and tested and have proved to be very successful in battle, whether fighting with friends or alone.

The builds in this guide concentrate on the Heavy Bowgun’s distinctiveness and potential, using those characteristics to the best of their abilities or suggesting ways to improve them.

Any build is excellent if it fits the user’s playstyle, so feel free to experiment with any of these builds and see how they work for you.

These builds were deliberately built with customizability in mind to offer versatility, so you have a lot of choices to mix and combine to suit your playstyle.

The best heavy bowgun mhw iceborne 2021 is a build that focuses on the Heavy Bowgun and its benefits. It has high damage, mobility, and can be used in both PvE and PvP. Q:

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