Bone fragments are the only way to farm Valheim, a new game in which players must fight off hordes of enemies. Players can collect bone fragments by fighting enemies and completing quests.

In the game Valheim, players can use bone fragments to farm materials. Players can find these fragments in the Valheim dungeons, and they are used to create weapons and armor.

Bone pieces are shards of bone that may be used to create and enhance objects in Valheim, and they become important as the game progresses.

They’ll come in handy most often while crafting Troll and Deer goods, as well as upgrading them to higher levels to enhance their quality.

In Valheim, there are a variety of methods to get Bone Fragments, some of which are simple to obtain while others are more difficult but more lucrative.

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What Is The Best Way To Grow Bone Fragments?

If you’re looking for Bone Fragments, the greatest areas to look are those where you’ll find Skeletons.

Getting Rid of Skeletons


Bone Fragments may be obtained through killing skeleton opponents or as treasure in dungeons such as the Burial Chambers.

Skeletons may be found in modest quantities in the Black Forest, as well as in larger numbers in the Swamp.

Skeletons may start to spawn closer to your base later in the game, particularly at night, as the game continues.

Bone Piles are being demolished.


Bone Piles produce skeletons in a short period of time and may be destroyed to obtain bone pieces.

Waiting for Bone Piles to produce skeletons and killing them each time they spawn is a farming technique that may be repeated as many times as needed until you acquire enough Bone Fragments.

Excavation of Graves

You may see certain stones that look to be grave marks strewn around Valheim, and they may be dug up to uncover bones and chests.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Location of Skeleton Spawn

A significant amount of skeletons may be found and farmed mostly in the Black Forest, Burial Chambers, and Swamp.

The Black Forest contains the fewest skeletons, however the Burial Chambers inside it have many skeletons.

Aside from Draugrs, you may note that there are a number of skeletons that appear as you go through the Swamp environment.

Location of the Evil Bone Pile Spawn

The Burial Chambers include Evil Bone Piles, although not all of them have these skeleton spawners.

The Swamp is the same, but you’ll also come across Draugr spawns, which have a greater spawn rate, as well as Evil Bone Piles.

Use of Bone Fragments

Bone Fragments are mostly used in Valheim for the following purposes:


  • Cape made with deer skin
  • Cape made of troll hide
  • Leather Troll Helmet


  • Club
  • Pants made of leather
  • tunic made of leather
  • Stagbreaker
  • Set of Trolls

The Most Effective Method for Growing Bone FragmentsVALBFG017-4

Finding an Evil Bone Pile and waiting for it to produce skeletons is the greatest method to harvest a lot of Bone Fragments.

While you wait, you may kill a number of skeletons and then leave without destroying the Evil Bone Pile so that you can return later if you need additional Bone Fragments.

If you can’t locate any Evil Bone Piles, you may want to look in the Black Forest’s many Burial Grounds.

You may still travel to the Swamp biome and fight skeletons there, but be cautious since there are Drauger, Leeches, Blobs, and other creatures that can kill younger players.


Skeletons are very simple to kill, and since they are vulnerable to blunt damage, you may attack them early with clubs.

Bows do less damage to skeletons since they are resistant to piercing strikes, so if you’re just starting off, you’ll probably want to stick with a club or an axe.

It’s a good idea to have a supply of Bone Fragments on hand in case you need them for creating or upgrading things later on.

The valheim easy bone fragments is a game that allows players to farm bone fragments. They can be used to create new weapons and armor, or just for decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm bone fragments in Valheim?

In Valheim, you can find bone fragments in the following areas:

How do you get bone fragments in Valheim?

You can find bone fragments in Valheim by killing monsters.

What drops bone fragments in Valheim?


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