Valheim is one of the most popular games in the world, and many players are looking for a way to get into it. Bronze farming has been an incredibly effective way for players to enter this game without spending any money.

Valheim is a game that allows players to farm bronze tools. The valheim how to unlock bronze tools guide will show you how to get the bronze tools without having to spend any money.

Reaching the Bronze tier in Valheim is a significant achievement since it enables you to battle more powerful creatures, gather more resources, and endure more difficult circumstances.

Bronze goods may be quite useful and enable you to accomplish more activities in the game, such as farming with the Cultivator or cutting down strong trees like the Oak and Birch for Fine Wood.

You will be able to go to the Bronze tier in Valheim as soon as you are able to mine Copper and Tin.

For those wondering how to obtain Bronze in Valheim, it is made from other metals rather than mined.

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Copper and Iron SmeltingVALBFG012-2

To get Bronze in Valheim, you must first smelt Copper ore and Tin ore to produce bars, which involves smelting Copper ore and Tin ore.

To convert wood into coal, you’ll need a Charcoal Kiln, which you’ll use to smelt the ores into bars using Smelters.

You can create Bronze bars and use them to craft Bronze things in Valheim after you have Copper and Tin bars.

What are the best places to get copper and tin?

To begin producing Bronze, you’ll need Copper and Tin, which you may mine and process from their respective ores.

Both Copper and Tin may be found in the Black Forest, which is accessible early on for new players but requires a pickaxe, which requires defeating Eikthyr, the first monster.

Copper deposits may be found in both the inner and outer sections of the Black Forest, while tin can be mined from tin deposits along the Black Forest’s shores and rivers.

Check out our instructions on how to acquire Copper and Tin for additional information:

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

How do you make bronze?VALBFG012-3

You’ll need a Forge to make Bronze goods, which you may make using Copper and other easy-to-farm materials.

Once you’ve constructed a Forge, you may bring the Copper and Tin bars in and manufacture Bronze or 5x Bronze, both of which cost the same and take the same amount of time to craft.

To make 1 Bronze bar, you’ll need 2 Copper bars and 1 Tin bar, which means you’ll need 10 Copper bars and 5 Tin bars to make 5x Bronze bars. 

What Kinds of Things Can You Make Using Bronze?

When you pick up a bar of bronze, you’ll be introduced to a slew of new things, all of which will be immediately learnt and ready for making if you have all of the necessary materials.

The following are some of the most common uses for bronze:

Weapons made of bronze

  • Atgeir of Bronze
  • Axe of Bronze
  • Mace of Bronze
  • Pickaxe made of bronze
  • Spear of Bronze
  • Sword of Bronze
  • Arrow with a Bronzehead

Tools made of bronze

Armor made of bronze

  • Buckler in Bronze
  • Helmet made of bronze
  • Cuirass Bronze Plate
  • Leggings with Bronze Plates


Station for Crafting


Crafting Supplies


Upgrading to the Bronze tier is a significant achievement in Valheim and is required to go farther in the game.

Bronze tools will let you harvest more resources and Bronze weaponry will help you fight the tougher opponents you’ll face.

When you want to improve your Forge, you’ll need a lot of Bronze, and you should do it immediately away to get better upgrade levels for your goods.

A Cultivator is a farming instrument that you may make using Bronze. It will enable you to start planting seeds, trees, and start your vegetable farming in Valheim.

The valheim first bronze tool is a new farming method for Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get bronze gear in Valheim?

To get bronze gear, you need to play the game for a certain amount of time and collect enough stars.

How do you mine bronze in Valheim?

Bronze is a resource in Valheim. You can mine it by going to the surface and digging for it with your hands.

Whats the best bronze weapon in Valheim?

The best bronze weapon in Valheim is the Sword of Purity.

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