The game has a unique economy, where players can mine for copper in the mines of Valheim. This is the only way to get enough money to buy anything in the game. There are many different ways to farm copper, but this guide will focus on how to farm copper in Valheim.

The valheim copper mining trick is a technique that allows players to farm copper in the game Valheim.

Copper is one of the first metals you’ll find in Valheim, but you won’t be able to harvest it without a pickaxe.

To get a pickaxe, you must first go a little farther in the game, which requires dealing with the game’s first boss, Eikthyr.

Once you have enough copper, you may pretty much begin your journey into Valheim’s bronze era, unlocking a plethora of new things to create.

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What is the best way to farm copper?VALCFG008-2

Once you have a pickaxe, you may begin farming Copper Ore, which can be done at Copper Deposits.

Searching for Copper Deposits

Copper Deposits may be found in the Black Forest, although they can be difficult to detect for novice players and may require some practice.

Begin by going into the Black Forest and looking for big boulders with gleaming golden-brown fissures.

These markings indicate that the big rock contains Copper Ore and is a Copper Vein that may be broken with your pickaxe to produce Copper Ore.

Copper Deposits Mining

Begin mining a Copper Deposit with your pickaxe, which you should have obtained after fighting Eikthyr and constructing an Antler Pickaxe from its Hard Antler drops.

As you mine the Copper node, stone, and Copper Ore will fall, so keep an eye out if they start to roll away from where you are standing.

Check your weight, since Copper Ore is heavy, and carrying only a few may cause you to get encumbered, causing you to miss the fact that some have fallen to the ground and rolled away.

Pickaxe Expertise

The more you mine with your pickaxe, the better your Pickaxe Skill becomes, making it easier for you to do damage with it.

As you continue to mine ore or dig into the earth, your level will rise, and as you reach higher levels, a few strikes with a pickaxe should be enough to demolish various things.

Dig around the Copper Deposit to see how deep it extends, which will also help you level up your Pickaxe Skill. 

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The Most Effective Copper Ore Farming Method

The most efficient method to harvest Copper Ore is to use a better pickaxe, but if you start with the Antler Pickaxe, you may need to spend some time farming Copper Ore to convert into Copper ingots before you can build a better pickaxe.

Because there is no Copper respawn and you may need to expand or harvest ore on another area later, you should concentrate on farming the whole deposit to obtain the most Copper Ore.

You may dig around the whole deposit to expose the entire Ore node and then mine it to be efficient and level up your pickaxe skill.

It is possible to dig all the way around the Copper Vein and ultimately cause it to collapse by mining the Copper Ore underneath it.


When you initially start farming Copper Ore, it takes a long time, but you may quickly make a new pickaxe by farming Copper and Tin to make Bronze ingots and, subsequently, a Bronze Pickaxe.

To advance in the game and find additional metals later on, you must begin mining straight immediately and modify your equipment to fit the bronze era in Valheim.

Copper is intended to be cultivated with Tin in order to produce Bronze goods in the future, which are a significant improvement above stone and flint products.

There aren’t many Copper tools and weapons, such as a Copper sword, but after you combine Copper and Tin ingots to become Bronze, you can start creating stronger things.

There are presently no Copper weapons available, with the exception of the Copper Knife, which may still be useful in the early game due to its low weight and suitability for novices.

Valheim is a location in the world of Minecraft that has a copper deposit. However, it is not giving out copper like it should be. Reference: valheim copper deposit not giving copper.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get copper fast in Valheim?

Copper is not a very common item in Valheim, so it is difficult to acquire.

Where can I farm copper ore in Valheim?

Copper ore can be found in the Valheim Mines.

Where can you find copper in Valheim?

Copper can be found in Valheim.

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