Valheim is a game I’m working on with my friend. It’s a medieval fantasy world where players must mine stone to build their own home and farm crops for food. The game has been in development for two years, but we’re just now getting to the point where it’s ready for release.

Valheim is a new world in Minecraft. It features stone, which can be used to make tools and weapons. The destroy stone valheim command will destroy all the stone in the area.

Stone is one of the first materials you’ll find in Valheim, and you’ll be able to acquire it along with wood during the first hour.

Because you will ultimately improve your wooden foundation into a sturdier one built of stone, stone is required for many goods, upgrades, and structures.

To harvest Stone in Valheim, you must first find out the best methods to get them, which includes getting a pickaxe so you don’t have to go about looking for rocks to pick up.

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How Do You Grow Stone?VALSFG014-2

You can acquire stone in Valheim in a variety of ways, but you won’t have a pickaxe at first, so you’ll have to rely on slower methods.

Stone Retrieval

Stone may be found nearly everywhere and appears as a spherical black rock on the ground that you can pick up.

When you pick up a Stone, it will initially pop off the ground and then be gathered once you are within close range of it.

You may go about collecting Stones as you make your way to a certain area, but this is inefficient late in the game and should only be done when you first begin making your basic things.

Pickaxe for Stone Mining

When it gets to a later period in Valheim, you’ll need a lot of stone for construction and other gaming requirements.

After fighting Eikthyr, the first boss, who drops Hard Antler when slain, you’ll receive your first pickaxe, which you’ll utilize to build an Antler Pickaxe.

You may begin mining big boulders, rocks, tombstones, and other rock items once you have a pickaxe.

Hitting the ground with your pickaxe will demolish it, and there will ultimately be a limit to how many blocks you can go down, after which each hit will no longer damage the ground but continue to drop stone.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Metal smelting

Metal isn’t the only thing that drops when you harvest from nodes like the Copper Deposit; Stone may also drop.

You may earn a lot of Stone by farming specific metal deposits, such as the Copper one, which other players typically discard.

Because most objects on the ground do not despawn, you may return to get the Stones you left behind later in the game when you need them.

Prefabs are being repurposed.VALSFG014-3

Destroying prefabricated stone structures, which are mainly found in the Black Forest, is a good method to acquire stone, particularly early in the game.

You may start striking the structure’s walls with a weapon like a Flint Axe until both sides have been demolished, forcing the remainder of the structure to collapse and dump a pile of stone.

This is also an excellent method to level up your weapon abilities early in Valheim, which may be beneficial in the long term.

If you have the Stonecutter unlocked, you may set it up with a Workbench and simply destroy sections of the structure, returning the resources needed to make the stone blocks. 


Most players are unaware of the importance of Stone in Valheim until they are forced to improve their base and manufacture upgrades.

While wood is a wonderful choice for a foundation, a base constructed of stone is the greatest option in the end since it provides good protection and is a much stronger support for the structure itself.

The easiest method to harvest Stone is to use a pickaxe on a lot of rocks you discover, and having a cart to transport them is also a good idea.

Valheim is a small town that has been overrun by monsters. You can farm stone in the area and sell it to buy weapons and armor. Reference: valheim farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to mine stone in Valheim?

The fastest way to mine stone in Valheim is to use a pickaxe.

How do I start building stone in Valheim?

You can start building stone by tapping on the ground in Valheim.

Can you mine rocks in Valheim?

No, you cannot mine rocks in Valheim.

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