In the game, Thistle is a rare plant that can be found in Valheim. The player must farm Thistle to craft a potion that allows them to enter the otherworldly realm of Valheim, where they can fight monsters and collect resources for crafting potions.

The valheim farming is a method of getting Thistle in Valheim. You can also get other herbs by using this method.

You’ll need a lot of resources in Valheim to make it easier for your characters to live by creating things that will help them.

Thistles are a valuable resource in Valheim since they can be used to make Sausages, Blood Pudding, Frost Resistance Mead, and Poison Resistance Mead, among other things.

Farming Thistle may result in a limited supply, which is why you should know how to obtain Thistle in Valheim the best manner possible.

This resource may be farmed at an early stage in the game and is often noticed by newcomers to the game.

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In Valheim, how do you farm thistle?VALTFG011-2

You can cultivate Thistle in either the Black Forest or the Swamp biomes, although the Black Forest is the more convenient option, particularly for beginning players.

Thistles are found in groups of 1-5 and may be recognized by their tall stems with blue flashing sections at the end.

Simply approach the Thistles and interact with them to pluck them off the ground; if you are near enough, they will be scooped up automatically after falling.

Valheim’s Use of Thistles

In Valheim, the Thistle has four primary functions, including item making, which enables players to advance into more difficult areas of the game.

The Thistle may be used for the following purposes:

  • Sausages are a kind of sausage (food)
  • Pudding with Blood (food)
  • Mead with Frost Resistance (protection from frost)
  • Poison-Resistant Mead (Poison-Resistant (reduces poison damage taken)

The Most Effective Method of Growing ThistleVALTFG011-3

Valheim’s Thistles have a blue light around them, making it simpler to harvest at night, but be wary of foes lurking nearby.

Thistle may be quickly harvested by rushing about with light or no armor and picking them up as you see them.

Running about at night in the Black Forest can help you locate a lot of Thistle, but doing so in the Swamp biome will be difficult owing to the huge amount of water there and the tougher opponents.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Rebirth of the Thistle

When you pick up a Thistle, it takes approximately 4 hours for it to respawn in the exact spot where you originally plucked it.

You may use your map to mark the places where you discover Thistle so that you can come back and find them quickly when they respawn.

Setting a timer for Thistle isn’t necessary since there are so many on the map, but reserving a couple places for a Thistle farm run every now and again may be extremely useful.


Despite rumors on the internet, there are currently no Thistle Seeds available, so you’ll have to pick them up until further information becomes available about whether or not they intend to make it a farmable resource.

When traversing through the Black Forest or the Swamp, your best chance is to depend on speed and locating a large quantity of Thistles.

Always pick some up as you go since thistles will come in useful later, particularly when it comes making delicious and savory Sausages.

This article will show you how to farm thistle in Valheim. Reference: valheim farming berries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does thistle grow in Valheim?

Thistle grows in Valheim, but not as much as it does in Earth.

Can you get thistle seeds in Valheim?

I am a question answering bot, not a thistle seed expert.

How do you spawn thistle in Valheim?

You can spawn thistle in Valheim by using the following command. /spawnitem Thistle

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