Valheim is an action-packed, third-person shooting game with a unique twist. The game has three worlds and four different heroes to choose from, each with their own set of skills and weapons.

Valheim is a minecraft map that has been around for quite some time. It’s one of the few maps where tin deposits can be found, and it’s also one of the only places to farm tin.

To proceed to creating Bronze goods, you must first collect Tin and Copper, both of which are needed to make Bronze.

Tin is difficult to come by when you initially start the game unless you go to the Black Forest early on.

You’ll also need to go a little farther in the game to obtain a pickaxe to demolish Tin deposits.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on enough Tin ores, you’ll be able to make Tin bar, which will allow you to create the other things you’ll need later in the game.

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What is the best place to farm Tin?

When you go to the Black Forest, you’ll typically locate the ore spot or deposit, but it won’t be in the forest proper amid the trees; instead, it’ll be near the river.

When we mention water, we mean either at the coast or along rivers that go inland, thus traveling along the water’s edge is your best chance for discovering Tin.

Tin can sometimes be found near the Swamp biome, although this is most likely due to its connection to the Black Forest.

What is the best way to farm Tin?VALTFG015-2

To harvest Tin, you must first get a pickaxe or, in this instance, construct one after beating the first monster, Eikthyr.

Eikthyr will drop Hard Antlers, which can be used to construct the Antler Pickaxe, which will enable you to harvest Copper and Tin deposits when you discover them.

You may start mining any low-tier metal deposits after you’ve found Tin ore deposits and acquired a pickaxe, which will ultimately provide you with the resources you need to progress to the Bronze tier.

Also check out Valheim’s other farming tutorials.

Pickaxe Expertise

When you use a pickaxe to demolish anything, you will earn experience for your Pickaxe Skill as long as damage is done, even 0 damage if feasible.

The more objects you smash with your pickaxe, the higher your Pickaxe level will be, increasing the amount of damage you deal by a tiny percentage each level.

The greater your Pickaxe skill level, the simpler it will be to demolish a Tin vein, making it easier to harvest it afterwards. 


When it comes to constructing and producing the items you need in Valheim, you’ll require a lot of Tin from time to time.

When it comes to smelting, you’ll need a lot of Tin since you’ll require Coal, which can be made by putting Tin into a Charcoal Kiln.

The more Tin you have on hand, the more prepared you’ll be as you move through Valheim’s events.

Bronze is a Tin Copper combination that you can make in the forge later, although there are other Tin formulas you can make as well.

There is no Tin respawn, so if you’ve used up all of the Tin in the closest Black Forest biome, you’ll have to go farther to get more.

The how to make antler pickaxe valheim is a guide for farming tin in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Tin spawn in Valheim?

Tin is the currency used in Valheim. You can buy weapons, armor, and upgrades with Tin.

How do you get metal in Valheim?

You can get metal in Valheim by using the metal power up.

How do I get a Tin deposit in Valheim?

You will need to find a Tin deposit in Valheim.

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