Valheim is a medieval fantasy world, where you can heal your wounds and fight dragons. The game is free to play, but the developers are currently trying to raise funds for an expansion pack that will include new quests and gameplay features.

The how to eat in valheim is a guide for players on how to heal in Valheim. This includes tips and tricks for healing, as well as information on the different types of food that can be eaten in Valheim.

Any game’s health system is fairly straightforward; lose it all and your character is dead, plain and simple.

Valheim features a somewhat different survival mechanism that makes your character weak rather than murdering them when they are hungry.

To live longer, you must ensure that your health is maintained, which includes eating food.

System of Health

Your health in Vailheim is determined by the food you consume, therefore you’ll need to cultivate various types of food to keep your character healthy.

When your character eats, they will get a boost that will briefly enhance their health and stamina, as well as provide health regeneration.

The increase is determined on the kind of food consumed by your character, which can be viewed in the item’s characteristics.

In Valheim, how do you heal?VALHEG001-2

As previously said, you must consume a lot of food from time to time since the boosts only last a limited amount of time until you get hungry again.

Eating a variety of foods will not only improve your health and stamina, but each meal will also regenerate your character’s health.

Regeneration varies, and all of your food benefits stack, meaning that the better the meal, the more health you get and the better you regenerate it.

Combinations of foods

Some of the finest meal combinations will help your character go farther in the game by increasing their chances of survival.

It’s important to make the most of the food you have until you have a big supply, and the best way to make the most of your food at particular times is to combine it in the correct ways.

The following are some of Valheim’s finest culinary pairings:

  • Various Berries and Vegetable Varieties — There are a lot of berries that can be foraged and eaten throughout the early game, which is a nice start for novice players.
  • Cooked Meat, Neck Tails, and Berries – You’ll eventually start farming meat from boars, deer, and Neck tails, which you can prepare and eat with berries for a nice boost.
  • Meat that has been cooked, neck tail, and sausage – You substitute berries with Sausages, like you did with the last batch of foods, for a greater gain in health and regeneration.
  • Cooked Meat, Sausage, and Turnip Stew – As you advance, you’ll be able to gather materials for Turnip Stew and Sausages from the same region (swamp), which you may depend on as a healthy source of food.
  • Blood Pudding, Serpent Stew, and Lox Meat Pie — These foods are not easy to come across, but once you do, you may anticipate a significant improvement in your health.

Potion for Good Health

Later in the game, as you advance, you will be able to construct a fermenter that will enable you to make various potions known as mead.

There are two types of healing meads presently available: minor healing mead and medium healing mead, both of which are helpful later in the game.

To use the fermenter, you must first build a forge, which you may do after you have copper, refined copper ore.

Bonus that has been refunded

When your character takes a short break and remains inside their shelter, they receive the Rested Bonus.

This gives them with additional health and stamina regeneration, which stacks with food-based regeneration.

If you have already constructed your shelter, you will be eligible for the rested bonus, which is based on your level of comfort.

You may customize your shelter by adding furniture and other random things, which will improve comfort and prolong the duration of the Rested buff.


You should constantly maintain your health with food buffs to improve your chances of survival.

Stocking up on food and cultivating it as soon as possible is a smart option if you want to ensure a steady supply of food.

Hunting, foraging, and farming are all necessary for your character’s existence in Valheim, and if you have a sufficient quantity of food, your character will be in excellent health.

In Valheim, the quickest method to heal is to have three distinct meal buffs active at all times, as well as an active rested boost, which may make you almost unkillable at times.

Valheim is a game with a lot of healing mechanics. This article will teach you how to heal in the game. Reference: valheim health bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does food last in Valheim?

The food in Valheim will last for about a day.

How do potions work in Valheim?

Potions are a type of item that can be used to restore health, increase your maximum health, or even give you extra lives.

How do you get food in Valheim?

I am not sure what you mean by this.

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