Valheim is a game that will test your skills and knowledge of the game. The more you play, the better you get at it.

The Valheim level up skills command is a command-line tool that allows users to level up their skills in Valheim.

Certain activities in Valheim will provide you experience in specific abilities, such as chopping down trees, attacking with weapons, swimming, sprinting, and so on.

The more you do an activity, the higher its level becomes, and the more effective you get at executing it.

As the level continues, using weapons will improve your proficiency with them, while executing various types of movement will make it simpler for you to do so.

How do you improve your skills?

Depending on whatever talent you’re working on, there are a variety of methods to level up, although most abilities just need one action, which you must repeat often.

When it comes to weapons, you may level up your skill levels depending on which kind you use; for example, if you use sword-type weapons, your Sword skill gets experience, and if you use knife-type weapons, your Knives skill rises.

Simple movement abilities will level up depending on how often you execute various types of movement, such as your Sneak skill rising if you sneak about or your Leap skill increasing if you jump all the time.

Valheim’s Adventure System

In Valheim, leveling up mostly relies on you gaining your skill levels by doing activities that involve them.

When you spend stamina to perform an action, the skill gains experience and ultimately levels up depending on how often you do the action.

The more you do an action, the quicker it will level up, allowing you to earn a large number of levels by repeating it while you have a lot of stamina.

All of Valheim’s abilities

The following is a list of all of Valheim’s abilities, as well as what they do when you level them up.

Weapons Expertise

Attacking with these weapons will improve their particular skill depending on whatever kind you use, allowing you to do greater damage with that weapon dependent on its level.

  • Axes
  • Bows
  • Clubs
  • Knives
  • Pickaxes
  • Polearms
  • Spears
  • Swords
  • Unarmed

Each level increases the amount of damage you can do with a certain weapon.

Ability to Move

The following are movement abilities that include activities that you do while you move about and that become better with practice.

  • Leap – Increases the height of your jump.
  • Run – When running, it improves speed and stamina drain.
  • Sneak – Increases stealth efficiency and reduces stamina depletion.
  • Swim – Swimming reduces the loss of stamina.


  • Blocking – Increases the amount of damage you can withstand while using a shield or weapon to block.


Woodcutting – Increases the amount of damage you can do with an axe while cutting down trees.

How Can You Improve Your Movement Skills?VALSLG006-2

Movement abilities may be readily ramped up by executing them and burning up stamina in the process.

Swimming entails just swimming about in the water, which you may perform and then return to shore to restore your endurance before repeating.

Jumping about is all it takes to level up your jump skill, but if you are out of stamina, this will only assist a little.

Sneak will level up anytime you are sneaking, regardless of whether or not there are opponents around, and you may level it up while doing other tasks.

Running will usually level up on its own, but you may speed things up by running until your stamina is depleted, then resting and repeating.

How can you improve your weapon skills?

The more you use your weapons, the more they will level up. This will happen when you battle monsters and even if you swing and strike things like trees and rocks.

Your weapons skills will earn experience and level up as long as you do damage (even no damage).

Many players believe that striking trees that need bronze and better axes would give experience; however, this does not function and is not recommended.

If you’re concentrating on a particular set of weapons, it’s better to use them all equally or to concentrate on one weapon to maximize the amount of damage you can deal with it.

How can you improve your blocking skills?

Blocking may be improved by blocking opponent strikes with your weapon or shield, but this requires you to actually block or parry the assault, which consumes stamina.

When you successfully block an attack, you get experience, which means the more attacks you block, the quicker you level up your blocking skill.

Going to numerous weak opponents, such as Greydwarfs, and having them attack you while you hold up your shield is an excellent method to level up blocking.

Trick for Leveling Up with No DamageVALSLG006-3

If you only want to concentrate on leveling up your primary weapons, you may do it without encountering any opponents since you earn experience when you strike trees or rocks.

Simply approach a rock or a tree and begin swinging your weapon to demolish it; however, if you’re using a tree, avoid using an axe since this would, of course, chop the tree down.

If you wish to level up your axe without having to move around, you may use a stone instead. It will not shatter and you will be able to level up your axe without having to move.


It is fairly simple to level up your abilities, although it may take some time as you go to higher levels, and it may get tiresome if you attempt to max out a single skill too soon.

Having a place where you can level up your abilities is a smart technique for getting the most out of them, and mending your weapons before you head out is a fantastic method to ensure you get to utilize them.

Keep in mind that your character gets stronger not just as a result of the things you equip, but also as a result of your skill levels.

The valheim skills list is a website that lists the skills you can level up in Valheim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you raise skills in Valheim cheat?

You can raise skills by leveling up.

What does leveling skills do in Valheim?

When leveling skills, you can increase the power and duration of your skills. This allows you to use more powerful and longer lasting skills.

How high do skills go in Valheim?

Valheim is a game with no levels, so skills do not go up.

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