Valheim is a fantasy world in which you can choose to be an adventurer or a cook. In this article, I will teach you how to make cooked fish in Valheim.

valheim cooked meat is a cooking recipe that can be found in the game Valheim.

Cooked Fish is a basic marine meal that is straightforward to prepare, particularly if you have access to open ocean.

If your base is near the water, you may gather a large quantity of raw fish and cook it later to provide health and status bonuses to your characters.

To produce Cooked Fish, you must first go Fishing, which may be very difficult; fortunately, our Valheim Fishing Guide can help you out.

Cooked Fish comes in stacks of 20 and weighs 1.0, making a full stack in your inventory weigh up to a somewhat hefty 20.

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Effects of Cooked Fish

Cooked Fish may not be ideal for late-game buffs, but it is ideal for early-game Valheimers since it gives a significant quantity of health and stamina and lasts a long time.

  • 45 years old
  • Stamina: 25
  • 2 Ticks of Health Regeneration
  • 1200 second duration (20 Minutes)

Ingredients for Cooked Fish

To prepare cooked fish, all you need is raw fish, which can be obtained by fishing in virtually any body of water.

Fishing near the beach and casting your fishing rod up to 20 to 25 meters in length ensures that fish will bite.

Fishing may take up a lot of your time, but it’ll pay off in the end if you preserve some fish for Fish Wraps in the late game.

How Do You Cook Cooked Fish?

You may go over to your Cooking Station with the Raw Fish you gathered after fishing and interact with it to begin cooking.

The Cooked Fish will complete in approximately 25 seconds, and this is true for each Fish you put, so their timings will vary depending on when you began cooking them.


Most players will not be able to produce Cooked Fish unless they get a Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait from the Merchant early in the game.

If you go near enough or wind up on the beach, you can pick up Fish, although this is unlikely.

Fishing is the greatest method to get raw fish, and it is preferable to storing the fish for later use in Fish Wraps.

Check out our article on How To Make Fish Wraps in Valheim to learn more about them.

Valheim is a place in the game of Dragon Quest VIII where one can cook fish. Cooking fish allows for more variety and better tasting food, which is why it’s important to learn how to make cooked fish. Reference: valheim raw fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fish in ocean Valheim?

Yes, you can fish in the ocean of Valheim.

What can you make with fish in Valheim?

You can make a fish soup, a fish stew, or a fish pie.

What is raw fish used for in Valheim?

Raw fish is used as a dietary supplement in Valheim.

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