In Monster Hunter World, you can craft a variety of weapons and armor that you can use to take down monsters. This guide will help you understand the crafting requirements for these items, as well as how they can be upgraded.

The mhw proto commission axe is a weapon that can be crafted in the Monster Hunter World game. There are different crafting requirements and upgrades for this weapon.

The Proto Iron Axe is a First Tier craftable weapon from the Switch Axe family’s Ore Tree.

Before advancing to the Improved Steel Axe, this weapon may be improved up to three times before branching out into the Thunder Element or Great Jagras Tree.

The Power Phial is the Switch Axe Phial Type.

Information about the equipment


Attack Sharpness Affinity Element Rarity Slot

Damage from Elementals

Iron Axe Prototype I

280 Low Range 0% None 1 0 0
Iron Axe Prototype II 315 Mid Range 0% None 1 0


Iron Axe III (Prototype)

350 Mid Range 0% None 2 0


Requirements for CraftingMHWSAP-2

Iron Axe Prototype I

Iron Axe Prototype II

Iron Axe III (Prototype)

  • x2 Earth Crystal
  • x5 Machalite Ore
  • x5 Iron Ore
  • Zenny 1000

Upgrade MHWSAP-3

Upgrades to the Proto Iron Axe I

Upgrades for the Proto Iron Axe II

  • Axe Prototype III (Ore)
  • Axe Jagras I (Great Jagras Tree)

Upgrades for the Proto Iron Axe III

  • Great Axe I has been improved (Ore)
  • I am Thunder Axe (Switch Axe)

The great jagras switch axe is a weapon that can be upgraded with gems. It has the highest raw damage of any weapon in Monster Hunter World and is great for beginners.

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