This guide will cover the MHW Steel Knife, an upgraded version of the knife that is found in Monster Hunter World. It’s a great weapon with high attack power and many upgrade options.

The mhw weapon tree is a website that provides information on the crafting requirements and upgrades for weapons in Monster Hunter World.

The Steel Knife is a Second Tier craftable weapon from the Sword and Shield family’s Ore Tree.

Before advancing to the Chrome Slicer or branching out onto the Rathalos or Workshop Weapon tree, this weapon may be improved up to three times.

Information about the equipment


Attack Sharpness Affinity Element Rarity Slot

Damage from Elementals

I have a steel knife.

168 Mid Range 0% None 3 0 0
Steel Knife, Part 2 182 Mid Range 0% None 4 0


Steel Knife, Third Edition

196 Mid Range 0% Sleep 5 1


Requirements for CraftingMHWSSK-2

I have a steel knife.

  • x2 Dragonite Ore
  • x5 Machalite Ore
  • x2 Monster Bone M
  • Zenny 2000

Steel Knife, Part 2

  • x5 Dragonite Ore
  • x10 Machalite Ore
  • x2 Monster Bone
  • Zenny 4000

Steel Knife, Third Edition

  • x5 Dragonite Ore
  • x8 Carbalite Ore
  • Crystal Dragonvein x2
  • Zenny 6000


Upgrades to the Steel Knife I

  • Steel Knife, Part 2 (Ore)
  • I am the Flame Knife (Rathalos)
  • I’m going to make a big splash (Workshop Weapon)

Upgrades for the Steel Knife II

Upgrades for Steel Knife III

The chrome slicer mhw is a weapon in Monster Hunter World. It has the highest raw damage output of any other weapon in the game, but it’s also the heaviest.

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