Monster Hunter World is a new game in the Monster Hunter series that has players take on the role of an aspiring hunter, tasked with taking down some of the deadliest monsters ever known. With new weapons, armor and quests, this title is sure to please fans of the franchise while also making it accessible for newcomers.

Camp Crasher Walkthrough is a video walkthrough of Monster Hunter World. The monster hunter world vespoid location wildspire waste is the first boss that the player will encounter in the game.

  • Optional Quest is a kind of quest.
  • Ancient Forest is the location of the quest.
  • 2nd place in the quest

One of the Chief Ecologist’s researchers awoke to find his tent had been trashed by an obnoxious Kulu-Ya-Ku.

Before it goes out to raid another camp, the Chief Ecologist wants you to deal with the Kulu-Ya-Ku.

You’ll need to track down the Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Ancient Forest and destroy it before it can do any more damage.

Information about the questMHWOP5-2

  • Hunting Quest is a kind of quest.
  • The goal is to find a Kulu-Ya-Ku.
  • Chief Ecologist (Quest Giver) (Quest Board)

Other monsters include:


The ideal location to begin would be Northeast Camp (11) since the Kulu-Ya-Ku would be wandering about immediately below and to the right of the camp entrance.

Find the Kulu-Ya-Ku, who will be beginning in Sector 5, and fight it until its health is reduced.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku may try to flee a few times, either to Sector 2 to rest or Sector 7 to eat eggs, and you’ll have to track it down and kill it when it’s weak.

Rewards for completing questsMHWOP5-4

The Camp Crasher task will be completed after you have killed the Kulu-Ya-Ku, and you will be awarded with 1,800 Zenny.


  • The Kulu-Ya-Ku has a tendency of digging out a rock and utilizing it as a weapon, which you should be aware of since it not only increases damage but also has the ability to block some strikes.
  • If you do enough damage on the Kulu-Ya-Ku, it will drop the rock it wields as a weapon.
  • This monster may run away quickly, but if you do enough damage at the appropriate moment, it will be stunned, enabling you to kill it before it flees when its health is low.

The mhw optional quests is a series of quests that are not required to complete the game. These quests are available after completing the main story and can be done at any time.

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