A steel axe with a higher attack power and durability, but slower swing speed.

The mhw fire switch axe is a weapon that can be upgraded, requiring materials and skill points. This article will provide information on the crafting requirements, stats, and upgrades for the weapon.

The Improved Steel Axe is a Second Tier craftable weapon from the Switch Axe family’s Ore Tree.

Before advancing to the Perfected Alloy Axe or branching off into the Legiana Tree, this weapon may be improved up to three times.

The Poison Phial, with a value of 300 Poison, is the Phial type of this Switch Axe.

Information about the equipment


Attack Sharpness Affinity Element Rarity Slot

Damage from Elementals

Steel Axe (Improved)

385 Mid Range 0% None 3 0 0
Steel Axe II (Improved) 455 Mid Range 0% None 4 0


Steel Axe III (Improved)

490 Mid Range 0% Poison 5 1


Requirements for CraftingMHWSAI-2

Steel Axe (Improved)

  • x2 Dragonite Ore
  • x5 Machalite Ore
  • x2 Monster Bone M
  • Zenny 2000

Steel Axe II (Improved)

  • x5 Dragonite Ore
  • x10 Machalite Ore
  • x2 Monster Bone
  • x2 Coral Crystal
  • Zenny 4000

Steel Axe III (Improved)

  • x5 Dragonite Ore
  • x8 Carbalite Ore
  • Crystal Dragonvein x2
  • Zenny 6000


Upgrades to the Steel Axe I

  • Steel Axe II (Improved) (Ore)
  • I, the Glacial Axe (Legiana)

Upgrades to the Steel Axe II

  • Steel Axe III (Improved) (Ore)

Upgrades to the Steel Axe III

  • I’ve perfected my Aloy Axe (Ore)

all switch axes is a new weapon type in Monster Hunter World. It has the same stats as the steel axe but with a different look and feel.

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