Ash Build 2021 Guide is the best Warframe build for beginners. It features a fast-paced playstyle, high damage output, and low resource costs.

Ash is a stealthy assassin Warframe that specializes at assassinating opponents while remaining undetected and destroying groups with fast mobility and dark techniques.

Due to the massive damage of his abilities and the opportunity he has while performing them, he is regarded one of the deadliest mixes of stealth and damage.




Manics, who may be discovered in different Grineer missions when alarms are activated and adversaries are notified of the player’s presence, such as excavation and survival missions, might drop parts for Ash.

His blueprint may be bought with 35,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Ash may be purchased for 375 Platinum in the Ingame market instead than farming his components from Manics and buying his blueprint.

Ash Prime

Ash Prime

Ash Prime, like the Prime version of the Ash Warframe, has more armor, shield, and movement speed.

Ash Prime-containing relics include:

  • Blueprint: Meso C1, Meso S3 Vaulted: Lith S3, Meso C1 Vaulted: Meso S3 Vaulted: Meso S3 Vaulted None are available.
  • Meso N2, Meso V4, Neo N3, Neo V4, Axi N2 Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso N2, Meso V4, Neo N3, Neo V4, Axi N2 Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso N2, Meso V None are available.
  • Meso V2, Neo N4, Axi B1 Vaulted Chassis None are available.
  • Systems: Neo N5, Axi N1 have been vaulted. None are available.



(Abilities of Ash)

Ash can hurl deadly Shuriken that cause opponents to bleed, teleport to an adversary he intends to murder at command, and utilize his lethal method to assassinate adversaries with duplicates of himself by making himself vanish from enemy sight while crippling them.

His passive ability enables bleeding damage he causes to inflict 25% more damage and linger 50% longer than it would otherwise.

Read also Abilities of

Shuriken is a Japanese weapon.

Shuriken Ash

Ash hurls Shuriken at two of the closest opponents he is pursuing, inflicting damage and causing enemies to bleed.

If Ash is not facing any opponents, the Shuriken will seek them out and can reach a range of 50-60 meters while penetrating walls and other things.

This may be used to take down opponents from distance or inflict bleeding damage on them, which can be utilized in a variety of builds and strategies.

Even if the opponent has full shields, using this move may be an effective method to inflict health damage.


(Ash attacks opponents with Shuriken)


Seeking Shuriken is an augment mod that enables the Shuriken thrown by Ash to significantly weaken opponent armor over a period of time.

2) Smoke Filter


To stun opponents and make himself invisible for a short period of time, Ash throws a smoke bomb on the ground.

When Ash is in a tight position, like as being overwhelmed by opponents, taking lethal damage, or needing to revive an ally, this comes in useful.

The stun can be very helpful since it enables him to manage crowds and become invisible, which not only improves his survivability but also gives him more time to utilize his other abilities safely.

Being undetectable would enable Ash to utilize abilities on opponents as well as kill them, allowing him to complete missions unnoticed.


(Ash kills an opponent with a finisher while remaining undetectable)


Smoke Shadow is an augment mod that enables teammates to be impacted by the Smoke Screen ability.

3) Teleportation

Teleport Ash

Ash may teleport to an opponent in quick instant, stun them, and then strike them with a finisher.

This is excellent for setting up an opponent for severe finisher damage from Ash or an ally, as well as traversing long distances and reducing the gap between enemies.

When Ash uses this ability on a marked opponent during Blade Storm, he will enter the fight and attack all of the marked foes.


(Ash teleports to an opponent and stuns him)


Fatal Teleport is an augment mod that causes Ash to perform a finisher on the victim he teleports to.

Blade Storm (#4)

Blade Storm Ash

When triggered, Ash enters a state in which he may start locking on to opponents by targeting them and marking them.

Enemies may be marked by passing them or hovering your reticle over them.

When the ability is used again, shadow clones will attack any opponents who have been marked three times.

If Ash teleports on a designated opponent, he will immediately teleport to them and fight each enemy personally in a cinematic-like manner in which he is also invulnerable.


(Shadow clones assassinate enemies)


Rising Storm extends the duration of the melee multiplier by 100 percent before it refreshes.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


With this build, Ash should be able to utilize all of his abilities with reasonable stats while still having a high level of durability thanks to the high health and shields.

This ensures that all of his skills have a balanced distribution of stats and will be useful in a variety of circumstances.

This build is ideal for those who are just getting started with Ash or who are still learning how to master his skills since it enhances all of them.

All abilities will use less energy, damage will be somewhat enhanced, range will be improved, and the duration of the Smoke Screen ability will be enough.


(During a mission, Ash uses various powers)

Build based on your abilities


This build focuses on enabling Ash to perform his abilities at a lesser cost of energy while also allowing him to have a larger energy pool.

Shuriken’s damage will be enhanced, and it will be possible to cast it many times owing to the lower energy cost.

Smoke Screen will last somewhat longer and cost less than usual, enabling you to remain unseen and safe from enemy sight more often.

Teleporting will consume less energy and may be performed many times, making it easier to catch up to opponents or travel fast.

Due to the high base energy and cheap cost of energy, Blade Storm will be able to target many opponents, making executing a large number of enemies simpler and more frequent.

This build is excellent for all of Ash’s abilities and may be utilized to take out opponents while remaining safe in the shadows.


(Ash employs his Blade Storm power)

Build timeframe


This build relies mostly on Smoke Screen, which allows Ash to remain unseen for longer, enabling him to pull opponents out of hiding.

Ash will be able to utilize Shuriken and Blade Storm to a greater degree now that his ability strength has been increased.

Although the range has been reduced by a little amount, this construct is still capable of utilizing all of Ash’s skills.

This build is ideal for individuals who wish to remain undetectable while killing opponents with weapons, but it also works well with abilities.


(While under the influence of Smoke Screen, Ash kills an opponent.)



Ash is a sneaky and lethal Warframe that can flash about the battlefield, hitting enemies one by one.

He has a number of abilities that trigger finishers, enabling him to do massive damage to opponents.

Due to the tremendous damage that his Blade Storm ability can provide, he can easily wipe out many opponents with it.

Ash can be a lot of fun to use as well as extremely strong and strategic when one wants to attack from the shadows and wipe off opponents quickly.

The ash prime nuke build is a guide for Warframe. It has been updated to the newest Ash Prime update.

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