Monster Hunter World is a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Capcom. The game was released worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018.

Monster Hunter World is a game that has been highly anticipated and was finally released. It’s an action RPG and the protagonist is a hunter named Wendigo. The player will need to hunt monsters in order to gather materials, craft weapons, armor, and more.

  • Optional Quest is a kind of quest.
  • Coral Highlands is the location of the quest.
  • 6th place in the quest

The Ancient Forest has been rumored to be home to an exceptionally strong Great Jagras, which must be dealt with.

The Commander has sent you to examine the issue and resolve it in order to avoid further complications.

Your mission is to go to the Ancient Forest in search of a Great Jagras.

Information about the questMHWOP49-2

  • Hunting Quest is a kind of quest.
  • The goal is to find a Great Jagras.
  • The Commander is the one who gives the quests (Quest Board)

Other monsters include:

  • Aptonoth
  • Gajalaka
  • Jagras
  • Mernos


You may start at Southwest Camp (1) and work your way to the Great Jagra’s nest, although the quest may start with you being thrown into the middle of the battle.

When you are dumped in Sector 2, the Great Jagras will either be coming to Sector 1 from its nest or will emerge through a narrow entryway.

Attack the Great Jagras until its health is low, then chase it down and attack until its health is critical, forcing it to withdraw and rest.

Deal the last blow and put an end to the Great Jagras’ existence when it tries to rest.

Rewards for completing questsMHWOP49-4

The Hard To Swallow task will be completed after the Great Jagras has been slain, and you will get 5,400 Zenny as a prize.


  • When the mission starts, the Great Jagras will typically appear on its own, and you’ll need to remain in Sector 1 or Sector 2 to face it.
  • Wait for the monster to charge and then deliver brief strikes against it until it falls down, enabling you to finish combinations afterwards.
  • When battling the Great Jagras, surrounding Jagras don’t appear to get in the way and may be ignored throughout the mission.

Monster Hunter World is a game that has been highly anticipated. It finally released on January 26th, 2018 and was met with mixed reviews. Reference: monster hunter world bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock hard to swallow MHW?

You need to complete the game on any difficulty.

How long does it take to 100% Monster Hunter world?

It takes approximately 100 hours to complete the main story.

What is the fastest way to make money in MHW?

The fastest way to make money in Monster Hunter World is through the use of crafting.

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