Monster Hunter World is a fantastic game. It has been praised by critics and fans alike for its stunning visuals, engaging story, and smooth gameplay. One of the most interesting aspects of MHW is how it uses a unique skill tree system that allows players to customize their character as they progress through the game.

The monster hunter world sword and shield tree is a build that is currently being tested on the Monster Hunter World test server.

In Monster Hunter World, you’ll go up against fierce and merciless creatures that will bite and claw anyone that trespasses on their domain.

The Sword and Shield stands out from other weapons because it strikes an excellent balance between protection, attack, and mobility. Using this weapon against any monster is a real test of ability and expertise in combat.

The Sword and Shield allows for a broad variety of motions while incorporating elements from other weapons, like guarding, airborne, slashing, and blunt strikes, as well as basic ranged assaults with the Slinger.

These builds are based on Gladiators who hunt and battle strong animals for the sake of sport and survival. The Sword and Shield is a great match for these designs, since it tests the weapon’s strength as well as the wielder’s fighting abilities.

Other Sword & Shield Guides may be found below.

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1) Sword & Shield Build for ProvocatoresMHWSSB-2

The Provocatores build is a defensive-focused fighter that utilizes several abilities to increase defense while also utilizing the shield to block even large strikes, all while remaining fearless in the face of monster roars and maintaining balance in the face of tremors that can shake most fighters.

With an emphasis on strong defense and guarding, the offensive capabilities of this build are largely reliant on the weapon, with the necessity to utilize the appropriate kind of Sword and Shield against your target.

Armor Set

Info Head Torso Arms Waist



B Bazel Helm Hide Y, Zorah Y Zorah Claws Coil B of the Guild Cross Greaves, Ingot B
Slot machine with jewels 3-1-0 1-1-1 3-1-0 2-1-1


Vs. Fire

3 4 4 -4 2
Vs. Water 1 -3 -3 4


Thunder vs.

-4 -1 -1 1 0
Vs. Ice -2 -2 -2 -1


Dragon vs.

-2 -3 -3 -3 0
Defense of the Base 58 72 72 64



2 pairs of earplugs Resistance to Tremors x2 2 pairs of earplugs +1 fortification

x2 Defense Boost


Charms that are Protective

  • Primary Charm of Surprise III
  • Charm of Vitality III
  • III Blessing Charm

Charms of Assault

  • Slugger III is the third installment of Slugger.
  • Venom Charm III is the third installment of Venom Charm.
  • Demolition Charm III is the third installment in the series.


  • 5x Jewel of Defense 1
  • 3 earplugs 1 earplug
  • Ironwall Jewel 1 x 5
  • 2x Shield Jewel 1x Shield Jewel 2x Shield Jewel 1x Shield Jewel 1x Shield Jewel 2x Shieldx Shield
  • 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2


                           Level 5: Neutralizes both mild and powerful monster roars. Blocking monster roars is more of an offensive talent than a defensive one, since monster roars may provide a fantastic opportunity to strike creatures.

                           Level 3 Skill Effect: Eliminates mild and severe earth tremors

Because it takes a lot of energy to stagger you, never being staggered will keep you on the offensive. It will tire them out as they strive in vain to smash you to the ground and stagger you.

                         Level 1: Increases attack and defense by 10% and 15% respectively with each usage.

Being deep in a battle, you may be knocked out once or twice throughout a hunt, which is more of a utility and efficiency skill that makes fainting and replenishing with buffs and health a good thing.

                         Level 7: +10 percent defense, +35 percent bonus, and +5 to all elemental resistances

In battle, taking hits is your strategy, therefore you’ll need to be very tough.

                        Level 3 Skill Effect: Prevents Stun

Any hunter who gets ragdolled and thrown about when they aren’t expecting it may die, so make sure you have insurance so being struck and receiving hits won’t leave you dazed and dead.

                      Level 1: Allows you to defend against strikes that are normally unblockable.

If you can block, this is a very useful ability to have since it may save you from being in the direct line of enemies’ powerful blows.

                 Level 5 Skill Effect: Significantly lowers the effect of assaults and stamina loss by 50%.

Using the basic ability to block is very important and may be the difference between life and death in a hunt, and this talent enhances that blocking posture to be much more successful in absorbing and surviving blows.

Weapon Options Suggestions

Poisonous Datura Blossom III (Pukei – Pukei Tree)

With a handful of Decoration slots and three augmentation slots, the construct may offer much-needed upgrades to the damage output of the build itself.

Not only is it effective owing to its high poison status, but it also offers 2-1-0 spaces for decorations, which are necessary to ensure that all of the build’s decorations are in place.

Blast Empress Edge “Styx” (Lunastra Tree)

This weapon is excellent for some affinity and blast, and it has two high slots for decorations that meet the slot requirements; but, since it has an inherent talent, it isn’t as useful for this build.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Defense is very strong.
  • With the exception of Cataclysmic Meteor, every assault may be blocked.
  • Blocked strikes do little to no harm to him.


  • There are no attack-boosting abilities.
  • Health Issues
  • To function with the build, a weapon must have two 2-1-0 slots.

What is the best way to use the Provocatores Sword and Shield Build?MHWSSB-3

This build focuses on your weapon’s strength for damage while still being able to withstand most incoming strikes.

Concentrate on being beneath the feet or tails of monsters to ensure that every swing of your sword hits with flesh, causing damage and status effects.

If the creature is angry, use a charged slash to mount and ground them, then strike vulnerable areas like the skull.

Remember to block incoming strikes, wear out your opponent, and hold your position; once the monster is exhausted, go on the attack.

2) Build a Bestiarius Sword and ShieldMHWSSB-4

The Bestiarius is an offensive-oriented build, similar to beast fighters. It allows you to be extremely aggressive against monsters and force them to surrender to your might.

Punishing Draw and Crucial Draw abilities offer burst damage, while status effect weapons are used to dominate the battlefield in this critical build for the Sword and Shield.

Armor Set


Head Torso Arms Waist



Helm B Odogaron Odogaron Odogaron Odogaron Od a Drechen e-mail Drechen Vambraces is a character in the game Drechen Vambraces. Coil B of Odogaron Spurs Y Xeno’Jiiva
Slot machine with jewels 3-0-0 3-0-0 2-2-0 2-0-0


Vs. Fire

2 -2 -2 2 -3
Vs. Water 2 -2 -2 2


Thunder vs.

-2 3 3 -2 2
Vs. Ice -3 -2 -2 -3


Dragon vs.

2 4 4 2 -4
Defense of the Base 54 72 72 54



Odogaron Mastery 1/4, Bleeding Resistance x2. Critical Eye x2, Critical Boost 1, Soul of the Dragoon 1/4 Critical Eye x2, Attack Boost x1, Soul of the Dragoon 1/4 Odogaron Mastery 1/4, Critical Eye x2

x1 Critical Boost


Charms that are Protective

  • Charm of Vitality III
  • III Blessing Charm
  • Stun Charm III

Charms of Assault

  • Primary KO charm III
  • 3rd Attack Charm
  • The Charm of the Rider


  • 1x Shield Jewel 2
  • Draw 3x Jewel 2
  • 1 x Mind’s Eye 2 x Mind’s Eye 2 x Mind’s Eye 2
  • 2 Critical Jewels 1x
  • 1x Professional Jewel 1
  • 1 x Suture Jewel 1 x Suture Jewel 1 x Suture Jewel 1


  • Armor/Decoration Critical Eye 7/7

                     Level 7 has a 40 percent affinity bonus.

Critical overpowers direct damage increase skills when it comes to damage builds.

  • Armor/Decoration Critical Boost 3/3

                    Level 3 Skill Effect: Critical strikes deliver 140 percent more damage.

Synergizes nicely with critical builds, greatly boosting damage.

  • 3/3 – Critical Draw – Decoration

                  Level 3 Skill Effect: Draw attack affinity +100%

Assisting drawn assaults with a massive blast of damage.

  • Odogaron Armor – Punishing Draw 2/2

                 Level 1: Adds a stun effect to draw attacks and boosts attack power somewhat.

For this build, drawn attacks offer a burst damage mechanism.

  • Drachen Armor 2/2 Elemental Airborne

               Level 1: Elemental damage for leaping attacks is enhanced.

Allows you to inflict maximum damage on re-entry from charged slashes or by falling from ledges and sliding down, then performing arial slashes as part of your combo setups.

              Level 3: Stun power is increased by 40%.

When you hit your target with your shield, you may stun them, which is a direct enhancement to this ability.

  • 1/1 – Decoration/Eye/Ballistics Mind’s

              Level 1 Skill Effect: Prevents strikes from being deflected.

With this ability, undetected attacks may stagger and do little damage to monsters, ensuring that the majority of your strikes deliver maximum damage without the danger of flinching.

  • 1/1 – Guard Up – Decoration

             Level 1: Allows you to defend against strikes that are normally unblockable.

Just a defensive talent to ensure that if you are stuck in the middle of a strong assault, you have a chance of surviving it with this ability.

Stat Stick Expertise

Although they cannot be deleted from the armor set, they may be adjusted to your own taste with the construct if you want to alter and integrate them into it.

                         Level 1: Attack +3; Level 2: Attack +3; Level 3: Attack +3; Level 4: Attack +3

Mostly a stat stick talent that can be upgraded by swapping out the charm on the build with a level 4 version. With the attack charm III, you may increase your attack by 12 percent and increase your affinity by 5%.

  • Armor/Decoration 3/3 – Bleeding Resistance

                      Level 3 Skill Effect: Prevents Bleeding

Although not often utilized in combat, it is helpful when dealing with monsters that may bleed you out.

Weapon Options Suggestions

Tabar of Malady (Great Girros)

Its passive Affinity and Paralysis work well with damage and control in battles, and it’s also excellent in a team to get in close and administer the status effect.

Vanguard of Eradication (Nergigante)

This weapon is an excellent suggestion to use for elder dragon battles because of its great damage and some Elderseal.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Affinity is high for burst damage.
  • Build a control and status impact.
  • Can withstand the majority of assaults.


  • Weakness against harm from fire and ice.
  • Defensive Capabilities that aren’t very strong.

What is the best way to use the Bestiarious Sword and Shield Build?MHWSSB-5

To open your combos, inflict burst damage, and get the edge in battles, you’ll need to use draw attacks with this setup.

Your shield is mostly utilized to inflict KO status or even stun enemies, and although it can block all kinds of blows, it absorbs a lot more damage than other shield designs.

Make passing attacks that start with a drawn slash and a brief combination, then run and repeat until you can knock them out or lead them into a trap to hack at them.

To make the most of your skills, utilize the environment to your advantage, making drew slashing attacks after wall running and leaping from small platforms.

3) Lanista’s Sword and ShieldMHWSSB-6

The Lanista is a support role that focuses on keeping friends healthy and buffing them while still being able to take damage like any other fighter on the battlefield who may go on the offensive when monsters are furious.

High health and stamina to keep oneself alive so that your heals and buffs may be used to help your teammates rather than restoring yourself.

Armor Set


Head Torso Arms Waist



B Guild Cross Suit B of the Brigade Empress Vambraces Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Empress Coil Empress Coil Y Empress Coil Y Em Wrath of Kulve Taroth Y
Slot machine with jewels 1-1-1 2-2-0 0-0-0 3-0-0


Vs. Fire

0 1 3 3 4
Vs. Water 0 0 1 1


Thunder vs.

0 2 1 1 3
Vs. Ice 0 0 -3 -3


Dragon vs.

0 2 -2 -2 -2
Defense of the Base 68 52 70 70



x2 Divine Blessing x1 Divine Blessing Lunastras Favor 1/4, Evade Extender 1x, Agitator x2 Lunastras Favor 1/4, Evade Window x2, Health Boost x2.

Heat Guard x1, Agitator x2


Charms that are Protective

  • Primary Glutton Charm III
  • Charm of the Bulwark
  • Charm of Evasion III

Charms of Assault

  • Charm III KO
  • The Charm of the Rider
  • Any Element or Status Up Charm


  • 1x Jewel of the Challenger 2
  • 1 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5
  • 1 x Vitality Jewel 1 x Vitality Jewel 1 x Vitality Jewel 1
  • 1 piece of protection jewelry
  • 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2x 2


  • Armor/Decoration 5/5 – Agitator

                          Level 5 Skill Effect: While active, gives Attack +20 and boosts Affinity by 10%.

If you don’t need to support, this is your sole offensive ability that allows you a chance to do damage.

  • Lunastra Armor – Stamina Cap Up 2/2

                      Level 1: Increases the stamina limit, allowing you to reach a maximum of 200 stamina.

In most battles, dodging and rolling then dashing about may be exhausting, especially when you need to concentrate on healing your team rather than yourself.

  • Decorative 5/5 – Wide-Range

                     Level 5: Items have a considerably larger radius of effect on adjacent teammates, with full effectiveness.

There isn’t much to say about this talent when it comes to support, but if you’re playing a position that requires a broad variety of abilities, it’s a necessity.

  • Armor/Decoration – Divine Blessing 3/3

                     Level 3 Skill Effect: While active, lowers damage received by 50%.

This build prioritizes survivability, and it provides a statistically significant damage reduction of 50%.

  • Armor/Decoration 3/3 – Health Boost

                    Level 3 Skill Effect: Health +50

Survivability is ensured in battles that inflict huge quantities of damage with a larger health pool.

  • 3/3 Evasion Extender – Armor/Decoration

                  Level 3 skill effect: greatly increases evasion distance

In hunts, evading assaults significantly increases your survival.

  • Charm 3/3 – Speed Eating

                 Level 3 Skill Effect: Eat and drink Items move 64% faster, while quick-use items move 38% quicker.

The success of the hunt hinges on your ability to heal your squad at key moments and ensure their survival.

  • 2/5 Evade Window – Armor

               Level 2 Skill Effect: Increases the invulnerability window somewhat.

This works with the Sword and Shield’s back step movement.

              Level 1 Skill Effect: Removes Heat damage.

Only a few hunters get this ability, yet it is an absolute must-have for battles in the elder’s recess or hunting most of the creatures with fire blight.

Weapon Options Suggestions

“Blaze” Empress Edge (Lunastra)

Due to its passive skill Guts, which stops you from fainting from an assault that would otherwise kill you, this weapon is an excellent support weapon.

Baan Claw III is the third installment in the Baan Claw series (Radobaan)

When your squad has to take a break from the action to sharpen their tools or craft, or to pick up supplies from base camp, this is the tool for the job.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • High-quality health
  • Stamina is a quality that may be found in those who have a lot of energy.
  • Quick Recovery


  • Some assaults are unable to be blocked.
  • Elemental Defense is low.

How Do I Use Lanista’s Sword and Shield Build?MHWSSB-7

You should concentrate on your team’s health bars and maintain them topped up with health to guarantee that everyone gets the maximum reward provided.

When you don’t need to replenish your team’s health, you may use your Agitator talent to fight the monster while it’s furious.

Wait for an assault with your shield, then counterattack when they get near to you.

Once you’ve gained enmity, your squad may use this time to reposition, sharpen, or even reload their weapons while you keep the monster occupied.


The constructions were designed with a gladiator concept in mind, since gladiators are known for fighting massive monsters with a Sword and Shield, which is where these designs get their inspiration.

When learning how to position yourself in battles and time your blows against your target, the Sword and Shield is a fantastic weapon to master. It’s also an excellent introduction to melee weapons in general.

The builds concentrate on the greatest kinds of abilities for the Sword and Shield, and they may be combined and blended to suit various play styles and skill levels.

May these weapons lead you out to glory in your quest if you have mastered the Sword and Shield or find yourself in a situation where you wish to feel strong like the gladiators who fought terrible creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sword in Monster Hunter world?

The best sword in Monster Hunter World is the Muramasa.

Is Monster Hunter a world weapon?

Monster Hunter is not a world weapon.

Is the great sword good in MHW?

The great sword is a good weapon in Monster Hunter World.

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