In Monster Hunter World, the player takes on the role of a hunter who is tasked with taking down a variety of monsters. The game features an open world where players can explore and hunt in a number of different biomes.

The old world monster in the new world walkthrough is a guide that contains information on how to complete the main story missions in Monster Hunter World. This guide will also include information about all of the monsters you can find and collect, as well as what quests are available. Read more in detail here: monster hunter world old world.

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Coral Highlands is the location of the quest.
  • 7th place in the quest

The monster’s trail was discovered in the Coral Highlands after additional examination of Rathian footprints during excursions.

Because this odd creature has wreaked havoc on sections of the new planet, you’ll have to track it down and find out what it is.

The location of this unusual kind of Rathian has been revealed, and you must now go there and kill it.


The goal of this assignment is for you to hunt down a Pink Rathian who has appeared in the Coral Highlands.


A cutscene will begin as soon as you begin the task, and you will be confronted by the Pink Rathian.

You’ll always start with a cutscene and battle the Pink Rather in Sector 12 regardless of where you start.


Attack the Pink Rathian as quickly as can, attempting to do as much damage as possible before being stopped by a Legiana.

Both you and the Pink Rathalos will be attacked by the Legiana, disrupting your battle and forcing you to choose between focusing on one of them, fighting both monsters, or letting them harm each other first.


If you do enough damage, the Pink Rathian will flee to a different location, which is most likely in Sector 8.

Track down the Pink Rathian and continue to assault it to deplete its health even further, forcing it to escape once again.


If you can inflict enough damage on the monster to bring its health to a critical level, it will try to fly to a nesting location in Sector 10.

Finish the creature after it has rested, and the mission will be completed.

Rewards for completing questsMHWOWM-7

Slaying the Pink Rathian will finish the Old World Monster In The New World quest, granting you 12,600 Zenny.

After exploring the Everstream and following the main story’s development, the mission A Wound And A Thirst will become accessible.


  • A Legiana may emerge in Sector 12 and try to attack you or the Pink Rathian, which you may use for extra damage or to distract the Pink Rathian.
  • A Tzitzi-Ya-Ku will be present when the Pink Rathian returns to Sector 8, and it may assault the monster, stunning it and enabling you to take advantage of its crippled condition.
  • Antidotes will help you recover from the Pink Rathian’s poison assaults, which are produced by its close ranged strikes.
  • If you can’t manage several monsters, wait for them to split up, or inflict damage to the Pink Rathian to push it out of the area, or harm the other monster to force it out.

The pink rathian guide is a walkthrough for Monster Hunter World. It will help players complete the pink Rathian quest in the game.

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