Monster Hunter World is the latest addition to the long-running series of games that have captivated millions of players with their unique blend of medieval fantasy and Japanese folklore. The game has been praised for its engaging story, striking visuals, and deep combat experience.

The mhw one for the history books stuck is a problem that has been present for a while. Capcom has released 9 fixes to fix the issue.

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Great Ravine is the location of the quest.
  • 4th place in the quest

Preparations are being prepared as Zorah Magdaros approaches the Great Ravine, and an effort to capture the monster is imminent.

The Commander has instructed everyone to gather their belongings and go to the location where Zorah Magdaros will be captured, which you will also be a part of.

This task requires you and many teams to work together to weaken the monster and capture it, since this may be your last opportunity.


You must participate in this task by assisting in the destruction of the monster as well as assisting in its capture after it has been weakened.

You’ll have to accomplish a number of goals, including:

  • Cannons and ballistae are being used to attack Zorah Magdaros.
  • To keep Zorah Magdaros at bay, use a One-Shot Binder.
  • To climb onto Zorah Magdaros’ back, use a hitching post.
  • On Zorah Magdaros’ back, destroy Magma Shards.
  • Defeat Nergigante.


After the location has been set up, the task will begin with a cinematic depicting the arrival of the Zorah Magdaros.

You’ll need to use the adjacent cannons and ballistae to inflict damage to the Zorah Magdaros once it’s in range.


There will already be a loaded cannon available for you to shoot and replenish by collecting cannonballs nearby.

The cannons do greater damage, but they take longer to reload and can only shoot in one direction since they are already pointed in that direction.


Ballistae will also be available, although they will do less damage than cannons but will be able to aim and fire more rounds.

You must refill the ballistae you use, much like the cannon, by collecting ballista ammunition nearby.


The ammo stocks are limited, and each reload provides a certain number of shots; the cannonballs must be reloaded one at a time before releasing six continuous rounds, while the ballista will be more regulated, giving ten shots that may be launched one at a time.


You’ll be told to use a One-Shot binder indicated by a waypoint after the monster has received enough damage.


Use the One-Shot Binder with a ballista to fire the unique ammunition that will help you keep the monster down.


Once the monster has been pinned down, continue to inflict additional damage to it with the weapons around until it starts to break free.


When Zorah Magdaros starts to break loose, go to a nearby hitching post to be picked up and transferred aboard the monster.


You will be allowed to freely walk about Zorah Magdaros after you arrive, and you must identify the Magma Shards on its body.

The Magma Shards appear as a heat-emitting rock spike that must be destroyed in order to continue with the mission.

The first two Magma Shards may be discovered close together and can be destroyed in a matter of minutes.


Climb up the monster and up to its head to harm the next Magma Shard after you’ve shattered the first two Magma Shards.


After you’ve destroyed the third Magma Shard, you’ll find the final one in a hole along its back that you’ll have to leap down into.

To continue, destroy the final Magma Shard, which will cause Zorah Magdaros to change its position, allowing you to escape the pit.


As you climb out, a creature known as the Nergigante appears and interrupts the assault.


You must face the Nergigante and inflict as much damage as possible while avoiding its lethal strikes.

A cinematic will play after inflicting a certain amount of damage, and the mission will conclude with Zorah Magdaros fleeing.

Rewards for completing questsMHWOHB-16

You will be awarded with 4320 Zenny after you have accomplished all of the quest’s goals, and the Ballooning Problems quest will become accessible as you progress through the narrative.


  • While the Zorah Magdaros is still coming, try to utilize the cannons before the ballistae to inflict more damage.
  • When loading guns, your Palico will automatically assist you in loading the cannonballs, saving you time and making the process simpler.
  • The Magma Cores will spew lava, which you may avoid by traveling in between zones where there is no lava.
  • If the lava from the Magma Cores sets you on fire, you may roll about to extinguish the flames.

The zorah magdaros is a monster in Monster Hunter World. It’s one for the history books, and it can be found in the Ancient Forest.

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