Plague Inc. is a strategy simulation game where you play the role of a mad scientist who tries to infect the world with a deadly virus. You start by choosing your country and then use environmental factors, such as weather patterns and population density, to determine how many people will get sick and die from the disease.

Plague Inc. is a game where you have to create nano-virus and infect the world. The plague inc nano-virus walkthrough will help you get through the game quicker.

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The world may seem like a terrible place at times, and plotting methods to destroy it, such as via the Plague Inc nano virus, can be a lot of fun to relieve the stress of having to live in it.

At its core, that’s what makes Plague, Inc. so enjoyable to play, and Plague, Inc. nano virus, in particular, so challenging to master.

Here, you may unleash your inner mad scientist and build tiny micro monsters that will ruin the whole world. If your neighbor won’t stop playing music at all hours of the day and night, traffic seems to take an eternity, and your boss never thanks you for your brilliant ideas, use this guide to figure out how to kill them all with your nefarious tiny inventions!

What is the plague inc nano virus, and what does it do?

p[ague inc nano virus - what is plague inc nano virus

courtesy of NDEMIC Creations

Plague, Inc. is a game developed by Ndemic Games that can be played on a phone or a computer. At least the first time you hear it, it has a startling concentration. You don’t play as a hero attempting to rescue the world in this game; instead, you play as a disease aiming to destroy it.

In this game, you may select from a variety of diseases and species, but the Plague, Inc. nano virus is one of the most intriguing. You’re not dealing with an organic disease that has evolved and begun infecting humans; instead, you’re dealing with a lab-created piece of nanotechnology.

This goes right to the core of what makes the game so entertaining: the mad scientist aspect. You’ll have to develop and spread your nano virus across the world, just like all previous plagues, while also making sure mankind doesn’t find a method to stop you first.

How to Get Rid of the Plague, Including the Nano Virus

plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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You’re probably sold on ditching the human project with some of our own technologies at this point. After all, irony is beautiful.

However, this does not imply that the game is easy. In reality, it’s the polar opposite. Plague, Inc. nano virus is one of the game’s more difficult choices. If you’re not cautious, the game’s unique technological aspects may actually work against you.

As a result, make certain you follow the necessary measures to ensure the success of your nano virus. How do you go about doing that? Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

Here’s how you can get rid of the Plague Inc nano virus:

1. Decipher the Nano Virus

Plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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Let’s start from the very beginning. You must first unlock the nano virus option before you may play as a Plague, Inc. nano virus.

There are two methods to do this. Paying for it is the quickest and most convenient option. You can acquire whatever plague you desire, even nano virus, for a little price.

Unlocking nano virus via game play is a more difficult and time-consuming (but much more enjoyable) method. To accomplish so, you must first beat the game as a bacterium, then as a virus, then as a fungus, then as a parasite, and last as a prion. All of them must be completed at regular or higher difficulty.

That is, as previously said, the lengthier version…like, a lot longer. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to invest time on that trip or just want your nano virus outbreak immediately.

2. Compete with the research

Plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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It’s time to think strategically now that you’ve unlocked the Plague, Inc. nano virus option. There’s something you should know about this disease before you proceed beyond choosing it.

Human ingenuity is the greatest obstacle your nano virus confronts. Sure, every disease necessitates human study and attempts to discover a cure before it is eradicated. Unlike previous diseases in the game, though, you’ll be competing against human scientists for a “death switch” for your nano from the start.

This is when the game’s sci-fi aspect comes into play. Because the nanovirus is clearly the work of a crazy scientist. People are aware of it once it is created. That implies you’ll start working straight now. You’ll also need to plan beforehand.

3. Make Sure Your Genes Are Correct

Plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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As a result, since your plague is up against it from the minute it is created, you must devote more effort to getting it perfect from the start.

It all starts with getting the genetics correct during the formation phase. So, give your nano virus Metabolic Jump, Aquacyte (to save time attempting to travel to those faraway nations over the oceans), Genetic Mimic (to make your nano virus more difficult to treat), and Extremophile.

This combination provides excellent defensive and offensive capabilities, as well as the ability to purchase time and make the most of it.

4. Begin with a warm, populated, and well-traveled environment.

Plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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The goal is to spread rapidly and destroy as many individuals as possible. Some epidemics are like a long marathon in which mankind is gradually worn down. The Plague, Inc. nanovirus is a considerably faster runner.

So, to begin started, choose a nation that is warm, has a large population, and receives a lot of traffic to and from. That’s the formula for a wide spread in a short amount of time.

Consider making your first stop in countries like Brazil or India, which suit the criteria well and provide access to a large number of countries as well as plenty of opportunities for sea and air travel.

5. Make the Most of Your Nano Advantages

Plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

courtesy of NDEMIC Creations

The strategic disadvantages of playing as the Plague, Inc. nano virus have already been discussed, but the game compensates you handsomely for making things more difficult for you right away.

This includes far easier dissemination, cheaper symptoms (which you should definitely take advantage of), and much more environment resilience than other plagues.

Build your strategy around these characteristics, then top it off with a layer of unique nano powers. Code Fragment Interception is one of them, and it enables you to hack into broadcasts in the hopes of finding a cure. All human attempts to vanquish you are slowed as a result of this.

Get it as soon as possible, as well as Radical Elements Stabilized, which isolates the kill switch and gives you more time.

6. Make use of Plague Inc’s advice

plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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Obviously, this is not a simple game. If creating a nano virus to wipe off mankind were simple, some misanthrope would have done it long ago.

Instead, the game becomes more difficult, and it does so in an abrupt and unexpected manner. While you can plan for a lot of what may go wrong and right, you can’t always be ready for everything.

Sometimes you just need a little more assistance with the general strategy of the game. In such situation, it’s always a good idea to take a breather and read some Plague, Inc. advice.

These pointers may assist you navigate the general hazards of your approach and find your way out of the mess your epidemic has created. So, if mankind puts up a harder struggle than expected, retaliate with strategies that will derail any of their objectives.

7. Make use of the Plague Inc cheats

plague inc nano virus - How to beat the plague inc nano virus: 7 Steps

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When it comes to strategy, there are instances when it simply won’t cut it. When playing a fast game like Plague, Inc. nano virus, things may go wrong very quickly. And if anything goes wrong, it may quickly spiral out of control before you can react.

You’re going to be up against the ropes once mankind gets near to the death switch. The only option to react at that moment is to use Plague, Inc. hacks to alter the game. These hacks provide you an advantage by allowing you to really hack the system.

You, as a crazy scientist who invents nanoviruses, may definitely appreciate that skill.

Plague Inc’s Guide Is Even Better

Not everyone is enthusiastic about wiping out all human life on the earth, at least not with nanoviruses. If you truly want to wipe out mankind but want a different type of disease challenge, try one of these Plague, Inc. games:

  1. Play the Plague Inc. fungus and aid the mushrooms in their conquest of the world.
  2. Are you tired of people taking advantage of you? Allow the Plague Inc. parasite to repay them, as well as everyone else.
  3. Give the world a headache by infecting everyone’s brain with the Plague, Inc. prion!
  4. With the Plague, Inc necroa virus, make the mindless zombie apocalypse actual, where everyone isn’t simply figuratively braindead. They’re completely deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf Nobody ever pays attention to you. With the brain-controlling Plague Inc. neurax worm, it’s time to make them do anything you say, no matter what.
  5. Take a bite out of the Epidemic, Inc. shadow plague and see what a genuine vampire outbreak looks like.
  6. Take on the original plague and complete the game’s most difficult level: Plague Inc. bacterium super nasty.

Final Thoughts

There are many methods to enjoy satisfying your worst desires against your fellow humans. You may watch apocalyptic movies, read a world-ending novel, or just envision climate change annihilating us all without any assistance.

However, nothing surpasses playing the Plague, Inc. nano virus if you want to actively participate in humanity’s demise. This game, like all the previous Plague, Inc. plagues, is difficult, but it’s also a fun journey from now until doomsday.

So, take up the big job of putting a stop to humanity’s rule over the earth. Using the methods above to lead you to a calmer, simpler world without the rest of us can help you get that misanthropic aggression out, whether it’s a terrible day at work or a difficult week with the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Nano-virus do in Plague Inc?

The Nano-virus is the name given to the plague that spreads like wildfire in Plague Inc. It does not spread as quickly as other plagues, but it kills all humans within a day or two of infection.

How do you infect the world in Plague Inc?

The world is infected through the air, water, and food supply.

How do you beat nano-virus on Plague Inc?


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