If you are looking for a new game to play, Monster Hunter World is the perfect choice. It has everything that makes a good game, and it’s even better with friends!

The monster hunter world walkthrough is a detailed walkthrough for the Radobaan Roadblock in Monster Hunter World.

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Rotten Vale is the location of the quest.
  • 4th place in the quest

You and The Handler go to the Rotten Vale and locate a spot where you will clean the land and establish up camp.

There will be a huge beast known as a Great Girros waiting for you when you arrive, and it will be devouring a dead monster.

After you and The Handler have cleaned up the area, she wants you to go find the creature so she may examine it.

As you chase down the monster, you’ll come across another, bigger creature known as the Radobaan, which will obstruct any hunting excursions.


To begin this quest, you must first explore the region in pursuit of the Great Girros until you come upon the Radobaan.

Once you’ve met the Radobaan, you’ll need to hunt it down and kill it so that you may move about securely.

You must go to the Great Girros after slaying the Radobaan to see it.


When embarking on the trip, go to the right of camp to explore the Rotten Vale further.

If you abandoned the expedition to complete the quest later, you’ll need to hunt it down, which you may accomplish by looking for tracks in the area.


If you’re joining the expedition for the first time, a cutscene will show the Radobaan arriving, and The Handler will tell you that you’ll have to kill it.

This sequence will commence when you enter Sector 1 and will introduce the monster into the battle.


Begin battling the Radobaan to deplete its health to the point when it will flee by rolling to another adjacent location.


When the monster flees, chase it down and kill it before it has a chance to rebuild its armor.

The Radobaan will dig through multiple bones and emerge with new ones, covering damaged portions of its body if given enough time.


After you’ve slain the Radobaan, go further into the Rotten Vale and leap down to the region where there’s a lot of effluvium gas, which The Handler says is effluvium.


Once you’ve reached the deepest section of the Rotten Vale, keep going ahead until you reach the Great Girros.

You have the option of killing the Great Girros or just returning from the trip to complete the mission.

Rewards for completing questsMHWRRK-9

Despite the fact that this quest begins as an expedition, accomplishing the job of tracking down the Radobaan will finish the Radobaan Roadblock quest, earning you 4320 Zenny.

Following the completion of the Radobaan Roadblock quest, the Legiana: Embodiment Of Elegance quest will appear.


  • Before you may accomplish the Radobaan Roadblock assignment, you must finish the trip by hunting the Radobaan and locating the Great Girros.
  • Fighting the Radobaan can be a pain since it starts rolling every now and then and becomes more aggressive as you continue to do damage to it, so it’s best to keep out of the path when it does.
  • Stay out of its path as it’s going to roll, since this will stun you and cause you to suffer more damage later because it’ll try to attack you again while you’re susceptible.
  • If you leave the Radobaan alone for too long, it will begin to repair portions of its body that have been damaged.

The radobaan location rotten vale is a monster in Monster Hunter World. This guide will help you find the radobaan and how to defeat it.

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