Monster Hunter World is the latest installment in Capcom’s popular series of hunting games. With a new open world, improved graphics, and more content than ever before, it has been hailed as one of the best games in the series.

The royal relocation mhw is a walkthrough for Monster Hunter World. It includes all the basic information about the game and how to beat it.

  • Optional Quest is a kind of quest.
  • Wildspire Waste is the location of the quest.
  • 4th place in the quest

The Laid-Back Botanist needs samples from under a Rathian’s nest, but she won’t be able to get to them while the monster is on the loose.

The Rathian must be removed from the image in order for the Laid-Back Botanist to gather the samples, and the task falls to you.

In order to ensure safe access to the samples below the Rathian’s nest, you must go to the Wildspire Waste and hunt down the Rathian.

Information about the questMHWOP22-2

  • Hunting Quest is a kind of quest.
  • The goal is to find a Rathian.
  • Laid-Back Botanist is the quest giver (Quest Board)

Other monsters include:

  • Apceros
  • Gajau
  • Kestodon
  • Noios


Because the Rathian is typically located in Sector 2 or Sector 3, beginning in Southwest Camp (1) is an excellent place to start.

Go to Sector 3 or follow the scoutflies until you come across the Rathian, then assault it as quickly as possible.

After you’ve done enough damage to the Rathian, it’ll try to leave the area, perhaps heading to Sector 12 to rest.

To complete the mission, pursue the Rathian and kill it once and for all.

Rewards for completing questsMHWOP22-4

The Royal Relocation task will be completed after you have slain the Rathian, and you will get 4,320 Zenny as a reward.

Following the completion of the mission, the following cultivation equipment will become available:

  • Baitbug
  • Chillshroom
  • Blight of the Devil
  • Exciteshroom
  • Flashbug
  • Godbug
  • Mandragora
  • Nitroshroom
  • Parashroom
  • Web of Spiders
  • Thunderbug
  • Toadstool


  • While the Rathian has a tendency to fly about, it will eventually land and will be simple to track once it does, so following its trails as soon as possible is critical.
  • The Rathian can not only burn you on fire, but it can also poison you, so remember to roll by dodging to put out the flames and Antidote to counteract the poison.
  • The marsh region north of Sector 1 is the ideal location to look for the Rathian since it is closest to its natural environment.

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