The sinister shadows in the swamp scholar location is a monster hunter world walkthrough that will help you find all of the monsters and collectibles in this area.

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Wildspire Waste is the location of the quest.
  • 3rd place in the quest

You need to find a scholar who was separated from an escort after recently escorting the scholars and dealing with a specific Barroth issue in The Best Kind Of Quest.

It is critical to locate the scholar since the study that they are capable of giving will be crucial in the future.

You’ll need to follow the trails set out and look for any clues that point to the lost scholar’s rescue as quickly as feasible.


You’ve been entrusted with tracking down a missing scholar, and you’ll need to look about the region for any signs of a weird presence.

You will come upon a Jyuratodus later in the quest, which you must hunt down and kill.


When you initially start out, you’ll need to leave the camp location and look for signs of the scholar nearby.

Once you’ve located the scholar’s trail, you’ll be able to follow your scoutflies to additional tracks and eventually arrive at his place.


You will be near the scholar once you reach at a marsh, but you must continue following the scoutflies as they take you to sector 11.

You’ll see blue scoutflies indicating a strange monster that caused a lot of harm in the region along the route.


Once you’re close to the scholar, keep walking towards him since he’ll be indicated with a waypoint.

A brief sequence will play as you approach close to the scholar, and a Jyuratodus will emerge, and you will save the scholar.

The Jyuratodus is introduced in the cutscene, and you must hunt and kill it to complete the mission.


As soon as the cutscene ends, prepare for a battle and begin hitting the Jyuratodus to inflict as much damage as possible.

When you’ve done enough damage, the Jyuratodus will try to escape, but you may stop it by doing repeated damage and stuning it, enabling you to kill it right away.


If you give the Jyuratodus the opportunity to escape after doing a specific amount of damage, it will swim to the opposite side of the swamp or even up the tiny waterfalls.

Depending on how much damage you can inflict and how quickly you can deliver it, you may have to chase after the Jyuratodus one or two times.

The task will be completed after you have killed Jyuratodus.

Rewards for completing questsMHWSSS-8

Following completing the Sinister Shadows In The Swamp quest, you will be allowed to undertake the Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kodachi quest after a cinematic where you will be informed for the next task.


  • If you can stay out of the muck, the Jyuratodus will be a bit of a disadvantage, but battling it in its natural environment is still possible.
  • Staying near cliffs or other wall-like locations may hinder the Jyuratodus from moving correctly, allowing you to take advantage of easy shots or combinations.
  • Keep an eye out for roaming Gajau, since they can be very annoying if they detect you approaching.

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