In a world where monsters roam free, the brave hunters have to band together and work as a team to take down these ferocious beasts.

The tickled pink mhw location is a walkthrough for Monster Hunter World. It contains maps, quests, and other helpful information to get you started in the game.

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Wildspire Waste is the location of the quest.
  • 6th place in the quest

A strong Anjanath would have been discovered in the Wildspire Waste after looking for Rathian footprints, which is unusual since this is not its normal home.

The Chief Ecologist wants a field team to be able to study the Anjanath, but they’ll need your assistance bringing it down first.

Your mission is to hunt down and kill the Anjanath in the Wildspire Wastes, so that it may be examined by a field team later.


The goal of this mission is to track down and kill the Anjanath that is wandering the Wildspire Waste.


The Southwest Camp (1), which is near the marsh region where the Anjanath would be wandering, is an excellent location to start.

We may assume that the marsh region to the north of Southwest Camp (1) will be the easiest location to locate the Anjanath since it is prevalent in the Ancient Forest.


You may either go straight towards the marsh region or just follow the trails to find the Anjanath.

Begin battling the creature until you inflict enough harm on it that it flees to another location.


Dealing enough damage to it will drive it out of the marsh and towards Sector 6, where there is a possibility of encountering a Barroth.

Allow the Anjanath to battle the Barroth, or interfere to divert the Anjanath’s attention or inflict damage to both monsters.

When the Anjanath has taken enough damage, it will try to flee again, leaving the region and the Barroth behind.


If you inflict enough damage on the Anjanath, it will try to flee to the swamp, where it may rest.

If the Anjanath’s health isn’t severe, it’ll try to flee nearby, most likely to Sector 4.

If you can deliver a lot of damage before the creature retreats, you can kill the Anjanath.

The Anjanath will try to rest in the marsh and may be killed if followed down to its resting location.

Rewards for completing questsMHWTPK-7

You will get 9000 Zenny as a reward for killing the Anjanath, and the Old World Monster In The New World quest will be available after additional Rathian tracks have been discovered during excursions.


  • The Anjanath has the ability to burn you on fire, although this may be prevented and put out if required by rolling.
  • Use the Anjanath’s size to your advantage; if battling from afar, attempt to remain in places that are difficult to reach, or stay beneath or to its sides to make it difficult for it to attack you.
  • A Barroth may be found near the Anjanath, and you can have them battle each other to assist you decrease the Anjanath’s health.

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