In this tutorial, we will teach you how to hunt the Pukei-Pukei. You’ll need a lot of patience and practice to take on this monster.

The pukei-pukei location wildspire waste is a pukei-pukei hunt walkthrough for Monster Hunter World.

  • Main Quest is the kind of quest you’re looking for.
  • Ancient Forest is the location of the quest.
  • 3rd place in the quest

After securing the camp site during the Bird-Brained Bandit quest, the Pukei-Pukei that presents a danger must be dealt with.

You must track down the Pukei-Pukei who is protecting the site where a Zorah Magdaros shard has been discovered.

The academics will be able to study the proof that the Pukei-Pukei has been lurking about after you’ve dealt with it.

Walkthrough for the Other Main Quests

Click here to learn about the other major missions.


The goal of this mission is for you to track down and kill a Pukei-Pukei that has been roaming about the Ancient Forest.


It’s a good idea to start at Northeast Camp (11) since you’ll be closer to where the critter is breeding, and you’ll be able to follow its trail quicker from there.


Look around the area for its footprints and continue following them until your Scoutflies take you to the location where it is located.


You’ll ultimately come face to face with the agitated Pukei-Pukeit if you continue following the Scoutflies.


Begin inflicting as much damage as you can while maintaining the element of surprise, since the monster will not attack you right away if you arrive.


Once enough damage has been done to the Pukei-Pukei, it will try to leave the area by flying away.


You may either track it by keeping an eye on its course or scanning the surroundings for its tracks and following them to their new position.


There’s a high possibility you’ll come across the Pukei-Pukei near a Great Jagras, and the two of them will start fighting.

You may take advantage of the situation by waiting for one of them to weaken the other or confronting them directly.


If the Pukei-Pukei survives the assault from you and the Great Jagras, or only the Great Jagras, it will try to return to its nest.


Approach the nest and attack it while it is vulnerable, delivering the last blows to guarantee you kill it and accomplish the task.

Rewards for completing questsMHWUPP-12

After completing the Urgent: Pukei-Pukei Hunt, you will get 2520 Zenny and will be able to participate in the quest The Best Kind Of Quest to continue the narrative.


  • The Pukei-Pukei is renowned for being able to inflict poison on you, which may severely deplete your health, therefore carrying antidotes is a must.
  • You may either follow the Pukei-Pukei by keeping an eye on where it flies off to or trace it down by looking for its tracks.
  • Allowing the Pukei-Pukei and Great Jagras to battle will allow you time to prepare for the Pukei-Pukei to be defeated later.

The pukei pukei translation is the name given to the new monster in Monster Hunter World. It is a large, bird-like creature that can shoot fire from its mouth.

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