The future of Warframe is bright, but the game’s developers are planning for it to be even brighter. This guide will help you get on board with Warframe and its latest updates.

The best atlas build 2021 is a guide for Warframe. It has been updated to reflect changes in the game since it’s release.

Atlas is a titan-class brawler Warframe with powers linked to earthly resources and strong combat tactics.

Due to his sturdiness and combat ability, as well as his ability to perform offensive and crowd control skills, he is an excellent choice for melee battles.

What is the best way to get Atlas?



Atlas’ blueprint is a prize for completing “The Jordas Precept,” which also unlocks the Jordas Golem Assassination mission (Archwing), which awards his components.

Atlas may also be bought for 275 platinum on the market, which is accessible via the orbiter.

Atlas Prime is a fictional character who appears in the


Atlas Prime is the upgraded version of Atlas, with more armor, energy, shield, and sprint speed.

Atlas Prime-containing relics include:

  • Lith D1 is the blueprint.
  • Axi A6 Neuroptics
  • Meso E3 chassis
  • Neo A3 (systems)

Other Warframe Builds may be found here.



(Abilities of Atlas)

Atlas can perform powerful combinations, conjure earthly material to block and smash foes, transform opponents into stone, and call earthly minions to battle with him.

Atlas has the ability to gather debris, which is dropped by petrified opponents and Rumblers when they die.

Rubble heals Atlas for 50 health or grants him extra armor, although this effect fades over time.

Atlas is immune to being struck down on the ground due to his strong condition.

1) A mudslide


Atlas makes a strong strike by dash-attacking an opponent and striking them, inflicting damage on them as well as surrounding foes.

Each strike will trigger the next, forming a chain of attacks with the final hit capable of pushing opponents back.

By dumping debris, petrified opponents will give extra life and armor.

Atlas will be immune to harm throughout the charging.

This is a highly strong and entertaining ability since it allows you to easily close up on opponents or even kill them all by yourself with repeated casts.


(Landslide cast by Atlas)


Path of Statues is an Augment Mod that allows Landslide to leave a path that petrifies opponents, turning them stone for a period of time.

Tectonics is the study of the movement of the earth’s crust.


Atlas conjures a rock wall to keep opponents at bay and deflect their fire, enabling him and his friends to remain safe and gain an edge.

When you recast the ability, the rock wall will change into a boulder and roll towards opponents, inflicting damage in the area.

When the bulwark is transformed into a boulder, the spell Petrify may be used to make it roll faster, farther, and inflict more damage.

Tectonics may be used to block paths and cut opponents off while waiting for them to move together so that they can be recast into a boulder and destroyed.


(Atlas creates a wall by casting Tectonics)


(Atlas recasts Tectonics to make a boulder out of a wall)


Tectonic Fracture is an augment mod that allows Atlas to build up to three barriers and prevents them from becoming boulders.

3) Make a mess


Atlas fires a burst in front of him, turning opponents to stone and rendering them immobile for a period of time.

Enemies slain while under the influence of Petrify will drop debris, which Atlas may pick up.

This is useful for crowd control since it renders opponents very susceptible and provides a simple way to kill them.

Rumblers may be petrified to replenish their health, while bulwarks can be petrified to enhance their speed, distance, and damage.

Casting this on multiple opponents and killing them while they are petrified is a simple method to gather debris.


(Atlas’ Petrify spell)


Petrify is augmented by Ore Gaze, which allows opponents to be scanned into the codex and have a 25% chance of dropping extra treasure when slain.

Rumblers (No. 4)


Atlas conjures two Rumblers, stone-like elementals that battle beside him and assist him by launching missiles at foes or crushing at close range.

Rumblers will battle until they die or are unsummoned, and when this occurs, they will also dump debris.

Enemies within range of Rumblers will be converted to stone and will be subject to the same effects as his Petrify ability.

This ability gives Atlas two strong Rumblers that battle effectively and may divert opponents’ attention away from Atlas and his friends, which comes in handy in a variety of circumstances.


(Atlas is killing opponents with his Rumblers.)


Rumblers’ ability to produce just one Rumbler with enhanced stats is changed by the Augment Mod: Titanic Rumbler.

Builds that Have Been Suggested



This build focuses on boosting Atlas’ ability strength while also providing him with a high level of efficiency with just a little decrease in duration.

Landslide’s damage will be increased, and its energy cost will be lowered, with a shorter combo time.

When transformed into a boulder or exploding, Tectonics will have greater health and inflict more damage.

Petrify will use less energy and last for a shorter period of time.

Rumblers’ damage, health, and armor will be boosted while their energy consumption is reduced at the expense of a shorter battle duration.

This build is great if you want to do as much damage as possible with your skills, and if you can master the timing of when you cast your abilities and how you play.



(Atlas uses the ability Landslide)

Build that is well-balanced


Atlas may have improved stats for all of his abilities with the Balance Build since it doesn’t concentrate on a single stat but rather increases them all.

With this build, Atlas can easily utilize all of his abilities since he has no negative stats and a balanced quantity of them.

All abilities will gain in power, duration, range, and efficiency, making the build suitable for both novice and experienced Atlas users.


(Atlas joins Rumbler in battle.)

Enhance your efficiency


The efficiency build boosts all stats somewhat but restricts them in certain ways in return for a high level of efficiency.

Atlas can cast his abilities frequently and utilize them with tactics that demand continuous casting or recurrent usage of his powers with this build.

This build works well with a variety of playstyles and allows Atlas to cast his abilities more successfully than he usually could.


(Atlas using a variety of skills)



Atlas is a really enjoyable Warframe to play, not to mention a very strong one.

His incredible combinations enable him to destroy opponents while also making him almost invincible, enabling him to land blow after blow.

For both defense and attack, the ability to call a bulwark and convert it into a boulder becomes very important and situational.

When there are a lot of opponents, Petrify is a fantastic method to cope with crowd management, which may assist Atlas and his squad a lot.

Rumblers is a highly important ability since it not only gives you crowd control when you cast it, but it also gives you and your team the advantage of having two strong fighters on your side.

Atlas is primarily a melee Warframe since he is a brawler, but with the addition of his abilities, he can be utilized for a variety of strategic kinds of play.

The atlas rubble heap build is a guide that was released by the developers of Warframe. It will teach players how to build their own Atlas character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlas good Warframe 2021?

Atlas is a Warframe that you can use in Warframe 2021.

What is Atlas good for Warframe?

Atlas is a Warframe that can be used to carry items, and it has some other abilities.

How can I get Atlas 2021?

Atlas 2021 is not available for purchase.

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