Banshee Build 2021 is a Warframe build created by the Warframe community for players who have just started playing. It provides a lot of survivability and defense with its shield, armor, and health.

The banshee prime build is a guide for the Warframe game. It includes tips and tricks for new players, as well as information on how to play the game.

Banshee is a Warframe who earned her name from her abilities and their similarity to that moniker. She uses sound to destroy her opponents.

Her talents allow the player to have various playstyles with her powers, making her excellent for both aiding teammates and inflicting damage oneself.

What is the best way to get Banshee?



Before her blueprints may be reproduced for fabrication, Banshee must be studied in the Tenno Research Lab at the Dojo.

She may also be bought for 225 Platinum on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Prime Banshee


Banshee Prime is the most powerful version of Banshee, with increased basic armor and energy.

Banshee Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Meso T2, Neo H1, Neo N7, Neo T1, Neo V7, Axi C4, Axi K3 Vaulted: Meso T2, Neo H1, Neo N7, Neo T1, Neo V7, Axi C4, Axi K3 Vaulted: Meso T2, Neo H1, None are available.
  • Vaulted: Lith B5, Lith V5, Meso S4, Neo K2, Neo S7 neuroptics None are available.
  • Meso B2, Neo B1, Neo B2 Vaulted Chassis None are available.
  • Systems: Neo B4, Neo B5, Axi B1, Axi B2 have been vaulted. None are available.



Banshee can use sound waves to blast opponents away, follow adversaries with sound waves, control the ambient sound in a location to conceal her existence, and unleash earth-shaking pulses.

Her passive ability suppressor makes her weapons undetectable to opponents, enabling her to sneak up on them.

Sonic Blast


Banshee summons a powerful wave that knocks opponents out and disables them for a brief period while they recover.

When Banshee is surrounded, outmanned, or wants to get rid of a few opponents, this works effectively.

Sonic Boom may be used to reposition opponents and even drive them off the battlefield or into pits where they would perish.

(You can see Banshee utilizing Sonic Boom in the picture below.)



Sonic Fracture is an augment mod that reduces enemy armor for a set period of time.



Sonar not only makes opponents visible on the battlefield, but it also puts weak areas on them, causing critical strikes to be compounded for even more damage.

This may be used to determine the location of adversaries, as well as their origins and destinations.

Banshee may use this to figure out where opponents appear and use that information to her advantage while farming tasks with a group.

When hitting opponents with weak areas, sonar may provide massive quantities of critical damage, which all players can benefit from.

(You can see Banshee casting the Sonar ability in the picture below.)



Resonance causes opponents destroyed via weak places to disclose weak spots in other foes, enabling Sonar to spread to several enemies.



Silence stuns opponents and dims their eyesight, preventing them from identifying your location based on the noises that would otherwise warn them.

This ability is excellent for crowd management and may also be used in missions for a covert approach.

(You can see Banshee casting Silence in the picture below.) )



Finishers such as sneak assaults and striking stunned opponents inflict 300 percent more damage with the Augment Mod.

Quake in the Sound


Banshee emits sound waves that harm opponents in her immediate vicinity.

Sound Quake causes opponents to stumble every few seconds, causing them to take damage and allowing others to strike.

Banshee may use Resonating Quake to inflict a huge amount of area damage without having to channel the ability.

This ability may be very helpful for wiping out a wide region of many opponents.

(You can see Banshee utilizing Sound Quake in the picture below.)



Instead of channeling the ability, Resonating Quake enables Banshee to blast out a pulse that spreads outward, inflicting 20x greater damage.

Also see Frost’s Build.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Strengthening the Resonating Quake


Sound Quake is used extensively in the Resonating Quake Strength build to deliver enormous damage to opponents within a reasonable radius.

This build works well and does a lot of damage to close opponents. It’s best for people who prefer to cast abilities from a short to medium distance, and it’s best for maps with many pathways or tiny maps.

Due to the high damage output of the ability, this build can quickly clear tiny rooms or regions.

Sonic Boom will drive opponents farther back and inflict more damage than it is supposed to, while Sonar and Silence cover a larger area but have a shorter duration.


(At close range, Banshee uses Sound Quake.)

Balanced Resonating Quake Build


When concentrating on Sound Quake, this is a better balanced design that allows it to reach farther yet do less damage.

Casting Sound Quake with this version will cost considerably less and go farther than with the previous variant in return for delivering less damage.

Because of the great efficiency, abilities will use less energy, allowing you to perform more skills, particularly Sound Quake.

This gives Banshee the ability to cover greater regions and destroy targets from medium to long range.

Sonic Boom, Sonar, and Silence will all last the same amount of time, but Sonar will have a slightly lower critical multiplier benefit.


(Banshee uses Sound Quake from a safe distance.)

Build a Resonating Quake Range


This version does less damage than the others, but it enables Sound Quake to cover a wide area and even strike targets that the player is unaware of.

Due to the power and range of the strike, this may be utilized to quickly complete lower level missions and even solo intercepting missions.

As a consequence, Sonic Boom, Sonar, and Silence will have a much increased range, and although Sonar and Silence have a short duration, the distance they impact opponents compensates for it.


(Banshee uses Sound Quake to strike opponents from a great distance.)

Strengthen Your Resonance


When opponents are destroyed by being struck in their weak area, the resonance build uses Sonar in conjunction with the Resonance mod, enabling the ability to spread to other foes.

This build has a high critical multiplier and a good duration, allowing it to survive long enough to spread to additional opponents.

The build’s disadvantage is that it requires more energy to cast in exchange for extremely high critical damage.

The ability’s range is modest, making it suitable for melee and close-range weapon fighting.

This is excellent for boosting Banshee’s and her allies’ damage output.


Build with a Resonance Balanced Resonance


The Resonance Balanced build is identical to the previous style, but with less ability strength in return for greater range and lower energy cost.

With the addition of Resonance for Sonar, this build enables you to easily cast most of your abilities with excellent range and great ability strength.

When Sonar is thrown or spread by other opponents, the primary goal of this design is to enable you to utilize it again with a good range to impact many foes.

All of Banshee’s other abilities were balanced in terms of power, range, duration, and efficiency as a bonus.

This setup is ideal for utilizing Sonar to deal with melee opponents at a distance, making it much simpler to reach and spread.


Build a Resonance Range


This build focuses more on range while still providing good ability strength, similar to the earlier versions that focused on using Sonar with the Resonance mod to give a boost to it.

This enables Banshee to utilize the ability to impact many opponents at extremely great ranges, as well as causing the spread of the ability to extend farther.

This setup will show almost all opponents on the battlefield and will be useful for all weapons of all ranges, including sniper rifles.

This enables Banshee or other players to shoot opponents from distance, providing them a tactical edge, as well as inflict massive amounts of damage without allowing the adversary to approach.

As a consequence, the range of all Banshee abilities will be considerably enhanced, and they will have a considerable deal of ability strength while maintaining regular energy requirements.


(Banshee sniping a Sonar-affected opponent)



Banshee is a frame that may help friends while also inflicting a lot of harm.

Banshee can hold her own whether supporting herself or the team, particularly with her crowd control based abilities and the ability to inflict heavy damage with them.

Banshee is one of the finest Warframes for effectively removing opponents from maps.

The warframe banshee 2021 is a build guide for the Warframe game. This build includes a list of all the items that are needed to make this build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Banshee a good Warframe 2021?

Banshee is a good Warframe, but not the best.

Is Banshee good Warframe 2020?


How good is Banshee Prime Warframe?

Banshee Prime Warframe is a good weapon.

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