The Baruuk Build 2021 Guide is the ultimate resource for the Warframe community. It contains all of the information you need to know about how to build your very own Baruuk.

The baruuk steel path build is a 3-piece Warframe set that is designed for the Baruuk Build. This build will be used in PvP and PvE combat.

Baruuk is a Warframe that resembles a peacemaker and a monk who is capable of both restraining and unleashing his fury when it comes to bloodshed.

He is a Warframe with a wide range of skills, including the ability to deliver large levels of damage and crowd control to his opponents, as well as the ability to lead on the frontlines owing to his evasion and sturdiness, making him very tough to destroy.

What is the best way to get Baruuk?



Little Duck, who can be found in a backroom in Fortuna, sells Baruuk’s main blueprint and component blueprints for Vox Solaris standing.

To buy Baruuk’s blueprints, you must have a level of Agent or above.

On the orbiter, you can purchase him for 325 platinum and receive a pre-built Warframe.

Other Warframes’ Abilities may be found here.



(Abilities of Baruuk)

Baruuk can become so elusive that bullets flow through him, put opponents to sleep, conjure blades that defend him by harming surrounding enemies, and use his Desert Wind exalted weapon to release his inner strength.

When the meter is empty, his passive ability gives him a Restraint meter, which increases his damage resistance by 50%.

The meter will be affected by the abilities performed, decreasing it and giving him the bonus, as well as providing energy for his Serene Storm ability.

Using the Elude, Lull, and Desolate hands to harm opponents will result in a decrease in the meter, enabling him to utilize his Serene Storm ability, allowing him to use the Desert Wind weapon later.

1) Elude


Elude is a toggled ability that requires a small amount of energy to activate and then drains energy until it is disabled or Baruuk runs out of energy.

Projectiles will phase through Baruuk while elude is active and will not harm him.

There is a particular angle from which he is shielded, which must be remembered in order to prevent being injured suddenly.

This ability allows Baruuk to charge at opponents or back up from a battle while remaining untouchable, giving him time to recuperate, prepare his next move, or wait adversaries out, among other things.

While the Serene Storm ability is active, Elude may be active, providing Baruuk a significant boost in survivability.

When Elude is active, his Desolate Hands ability’s range is doubled, enabling the daggers to strike opponents from a greater distance.

Baruuk’s Restraint is reduced by 0.6 percent for each strike that is avoided.


(While Elude is engaged, enemy projectiles phasing through Baruuk)

2) Lull


Baruuk throws forth a wave that slows opponents before lulling them to sleep, leaving them susceptible to finishing moves and simple to kill.

This ability restores their alert level and may be utilized to subdue opponents, giving you and your squad the upper hand.

This may be an excellent method for Baruuk to cope with crowd management when on missions, and it will help both him and the squad.

If you attack the opponents, they will wake up, but if they are hit with Desolate Daggers, they will stay asleep.

When enemies are put to sleep, Baruuk’s Restraint is reduced by 0.81 percent.


(Baruuk casts Lull on his foes.)


(After Baruuk casts Lull, enemies fall asleep.)

3) Hands of Despair


Baruuk is encircled by hovering daggers that each provide 10% damage reduction and will hunt out opponents within a set range before launching at them.

Hit opponents will be disarmed, and damage will be dealt in a limited radius surrounding the target.

When Elude is active, the range of Desolate Hand’s daggers will be doubled.

For each opponent disarmed, restraint will be decreased by 1.6 percent.


(Baruuk does damage to opponents with Desolate Hands active)

Serene Storm (No. 4)


Baruuk releases his full strength, granting him the Desert Wind and using the empty or decreased Restraint bar as a meter to determine how long the ability will be active.

While this ability is active, Baruuk may equip Desert Wind, which grants him strong strikes that spread out waves across a long distance.

Desert Wind’s strikes have a 50% base critical chance, a 200 percent critical multiplier, and a 10% status chance, and may be increased by equipping modifications to the exalted weapon.

The primary strike and the waves from the attack are the two attacks that allow for a lot of damage up close.

During the ability, Desert Wind receives the following benefits based on his actions:

  • Baruuk performs a spinning uppercut that forces opponents to float for a short amount of time.
  • When you block, opponents are drawn towards Baruuk.
  • Slam Strike: slams opponents back with a slam attack.
  • Slam Strike (Holding Block): draws opponents towards Baruuk with a slam attack.

Restraint will build up while the ability is active, and when it reaches maximum capacity, the ability will stop.


(With Desert Wind, Baruuk attacks and sends forth a wave.)


(Baruuk uses Desert Wind to perform a sliding attack)


(After a Desert Wind spin strike, enemies are hoisted into the air.)


(After blocking with Desert Wind, the enemy’s trail drags behind him.)


(Use Desert Wind to slam opponents back with a slam strike.)


(Use Desert Wind to slam an enemy while holding a block.)

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


Baruuk’s Balanced Build focuses on enabling him to utilize all of his skills while still having adequate energy and good effects.

The build’s duration, efficiency, range, and strength have all been raised to a reasonable level, allowing it to be used in a variety of tasks.

This is a very basic construct that can be used by anybody to gain a feel for Baruuk’s skills or for those who want a simple build that they can tweak later.


(Baruuk fights opponents with a variety of powers)



The Strength Build is designed to deliver a large amount of damage using Baruuk’s abilities, allowing you to inflict more damage with a shorter time.

With Baruuk’s Desolate Hands and Serene Storm abilities, this does a lot of damage.

 Desolate Hands will have more daggers and provide a significant damage reduction benefit, as well as additional projectiles with which to strike opponents.

Serene Storm’s damage reduction will be increased, making it easier for Baruuk to live while it’s active, especially when combined with other protective abilities or buffs.

This build not only improves Baruuk’s damage output, but it also enhances his durability by increasing the affects of all of his abilities.


(With Serene Storm activated, Baruuk kills opponents.)

Build a Crowd Control System


The crowd control build may be used as a support or utility construct to help Baruuk and his squad by slowing and putting opponents to sleep.

Baruuk can easily impact a wide area with Lull and utilize any other abilities that may assist or continue striking from there with the build’s increased range and duration.

This not only helps with one ability, but with all of them, since duration and range may influence several of them, making this a more strategic build than a simple damage build.

Being able to slow down opponents and ultimately put them to sleep is a great way to start a battle and may alter the course of missions in unexpected ways.


(Enemies who are under the influence of Lull)

Build a Bruiser


Baruuk’s Bruiser build is more of a survival build, enabling him to utilize his skills to a degree while staying durable.

It also enables him to keep his Elude ability active for longer, and this build, along with his other abilities, may be utilized recklessly or wisely.

This is a more sophisticated version of the balancing construct, focusing on melee or extremely intensive frontline fighting.


(Baruuk engages in combat with his foes)



Baruuk is a pacifist with a dark side, as he mostly concentrates on being a Warframe focused on avoiding harm and stopping opponents from striking.

Regardless of chosen playstyle, Baruuk is a very valuable Warframe, particularly when properly modified, since he can both absorb and deal out a lot of damage.

His powers make him very powerful, and his Serene Storm ability is the cherry on top, since it does a lot of damage, impacts a large area, and does a lot more.

The baruuk build reddit is a guide that includes all the information needed for players of Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Baruuk Warframe good?

Baruuk Warframe is not a good warframe.

Does Baruuk need a stat stick?

I am not sure what a stat stick is.

How do I farm Baruuk?

You can farm Baruuk by completing the game and getting all of the achievements, which will unlock a new character.

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